100 Books to Help You Make Money… for Pennies


I am extremely careful when it comes to recommending products and I know that there are no such things as “make money fast” schemes that actually work. And whoever tells you otherwise is telling a lie. But in this case I really managed to stumble upon a little treasure: 100 amazing books and products that are almost free of charge.

The collection of books and products is just $10 (discounted from its original value of $197). No matter how you put it, 10 cents per book is an amazing deal. And I have already managed to spot some really nice titles there which have the potential to improve our earnings and in the end make us more money. Here are some titles out of the 100 that really made me curious:

– Internet Marketing Starts Here
– Adsense Cash Crave
– Viral Marketing Unleashed
– Copywriting Basics
– Mining Your Fortune on the Internet
– Outsourcing Secrets

…and many more (I’ve selected these products from the first 50)!

What makes this collection even more amazing? You can resell all the products that you purchase, offer them for free or do whatever you want to do with them.

So to be honest, I am really considering not only reading most of these books (some seem to be pretty crappy, but it’s still great value!) and then offer them as free incentives for e-mail subscriptions and so on. You get full resale rights and you are free to do whatever you want to with them. Sounds too good to be true, in my opinion.

However, I know that I have spent hundreds of dollars in the past on products that promised to make me rich and they never managed to help me. This one comes on as is basis and at worst it will be another $10 down the drain. But I am sure that there’s actually a lot to learn from many of these books and simply the fact that they can be reused makes some gears inside my head to start moving.

You can check out this apparently amazing product here. It’s an affiliate link, meaning that I will make a small profit if you decide to purchase too, but the price you will pay won’t be higher. And if you do decide to purchase these books, I really am curious to find out if they were indeed helpful.


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