And We’re Already Over Our May Budget!


My new life has begun, officially, on April 26th, when I have started to keep track of everything we spend and have a plan of sticking to the May budget that I have set earlier on. However, doing this is, as many of you probably know, a real challenge and we’re already over the May budget!

Fortunately, I am not talking about the entire budget for May (that would’ve been a disaster), but we have already are double over the Utilities budget. Of course, this is due to some unexpected events: usually, my mother pays half of the electricity bills and this month she realized that she didn’t have the money for it, so we had to pay for the entire sum.

As a result, our utilities bill is already at 230 USD (compared to the $113 that we had planned for the month). The sum should stay at this number, though, as no more payments are expected to be made this month. Hopefully!

In terms of general spending, things are looking a bit better. Until now, we have only spent the following:

– $20 on food (the truth is that we still had a great chunk left to eat from last month and today is the day of the visit to the supermarket)
– $13 Miscellaneous

But as I said, today is supermarket day and a lot of our food budget and gifts budged will vanquish… but hopefully by the end of the month we’ll manage to keep a decent “over the budget” bill.


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