August Round-up: Best Reads & Plans for a Better Month


August was here in our Romanian household a pretty bad month from a financial point of view: after selling my flagship website for six figures, earnings dropped drastically from an average of over $10,000 per month to a fraction of that (but more on this in an upcoming article). It was something that I was anticipating, although I wasn’t really prepared for such a blow. Once you get used to that ton of money pouring into your pockets, it’s disappointing when you have a really bad month. But hopefully all will work out just great and by the end of the year we’ll be back in business again (although I really hope September will be better).

Until then, let me share with you some inspirational posts that I read last month on the blogs I follow. I really had to trim the list down after realizing that 28 articles would be too much and stick to a “top 10” list so yeah… there was a ton of great content to be read in August over at other personal financing blogs!

1. Jeremy at Modest Money shared 5 blog linking strategies to now avoid. A good read since many of us are working at making our blogs bigger and better!

2. We’ll stick with the blogging world for a bit more as Thomas has a great interview with Jim Wang of Bargaineering, a personal finance blog that was sold for millions!

3. As I dream of becoming a digital nomad, it was truly inspiring to read Pretirement story: Making the move to Mexico over at Pretired.

4. Nick also wrote over at Pretired about the best mortgage term which, as you probably imagine, is not the classic 30 years!

5. Since I am planning to buy a house as soon as possible, I found this article over at Making Sense of Cents about how much house we really need really interesting and thought provoking.

6. In case you thought that Fantasy Football is a waste of time, Money and Potatoes tries to prove you wrong with what fantasy football can teach you about personal finance.

7. Budget Blonde had a really fun Infographic over at her blog, about superheroes and their credit rates.

8. Joe asked a nice question over at Retire by 40: What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

9. Again, an article that went really well with my personal plans of buying a house: How to Save Money for a House, tips from Glenn at Monster Piggy Bank.

10. Finally, Holly over at Club Thrifty shared her secret formula on keeping the expenses low. Don’t go there if you think you can’t live without cable TV, though!

I hope that September will make it just as difficult as August did it for me to choose just 10 great articles to share with the world!



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