Best Hotels in Mamaia, Romania for a Perfect Summer Vacation

Mamaia is the most famous seaside resort in Romania and a great choice for spending a perfect summer vacation near the Black Sea. And today I am here to share with you the best hotels in Mamaia, Romania that won’t see you break the bank, but will definitely score high on the “aww, it’s awesome!” scale.

Being the flagship destination in Romania, Mamaia is a bit more expensive than any other resort on the Black Sea coast in Romania, but it’s really worth it. The best of Romania’s seaside is to be found here and this is the place to be if you visit the country for the first time (at least during the summer).

And you can still find lower prices than in most other summer destinations, especially if you plan your holiday early and book your stay at least a few months before. Plus, now that you have my advice below with the best hotels in Mamaia, things should go a lot smoother.

So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out which are the best hotels in Mamaia, Romania – I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed and you will also manage to keep costs under control! Also, I recommend you to check the prices for all the hotels listed below as some might have special deals or offers that I wasn’t aware of when ranking them below.

Hotel Milano Blue

The only 3 star hotel on this list, Milano Blue really deserves its spot here. The location of this hotel is perfect, right near the beach, with spectacular views over the Black Sea. Even more, it’s in the Southern part of Mamaia, which is a great location (close to Constanta or the nearby Waterpark).

The hotel itself is small and charming, but the rooms are still decently sized and in a really good condition. Not all of them offer sea views, so make sure to ask for them in order to enhance your experience there.

It also doesn’t have a pool, but the beach is just across the street, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, you know that you get some of the best services in the resort, as well as a perfect price/quality ratio, as Hotel Milano Blue is one of the highest rated in Mamaia.

So if you don’t mind not having a pool and having a slightly smaller room (compared to the 4-star hotel rooms), then this one is definitely the best choice for you and the best 3 star hotel in Mamaia.

Click here to check it out now.

Splendid Hotel, Mamaia

Although it doesn’t really say much when you look at it from the outside, this hotel is indeed… Splendid! I still haven’t met anybody who stayed here and wasn’t impressed with… everything.

The only problem that I have with this hotel is that it lacks an outdoor pool. They do offer an indoor one, which is really nice indeed, but I prefer an outdoor pool. But at least the beach is close!

The hotel itself has been recently renovated and improved and looks even better than before, but the quality of the services and the food remains the same. The rooms are much better now with updated furniture and a more extravagant style, with modern appliances and amazing views: either towards the sea or the nearby lake Siutghiol.

But I believe that the photos above speak for themselves!

To book your stay or to find out more, click here.

Vega Hotel

07 hotel vega
08 hotel vega

This is a hotel that really cares about its guests and the staff here does everything possible to keep you entertained and satisfied. The management does the same, so you will often be surprised with live concerts (usually famous Romanian bands) or other events.

Their private beach – situated right near the hotel is also amazing, filled with huts and a fully equipped beach bar. However, I personally love the pools and the outdoor space – you can still hear the sea from the pool, but not get sand all over!

The rooms are spacious, bright and beautiful. Not all have a sea view, so make sure to ask for one because otherwise you’re missing on a fabulous view that really makes each day more pleasant. Honestly, now, those views are basically everything you need when you’re near the sea. Simply spectacular!

You can book your stay right now by clicking here.

Arena Regia

05-arena regia
06 arena regia
07 arena regia
08 arena regia

In my opinion, this is one of the best hotels in Romania, not only Mamaia and a perfect choice for a holiday you won’t forget. We’re talking here about a five star resort so it’s a bit expensive – but if you indeed afford it, look nowhere else, book your holiday and prepare for a truly unique, amazing and luxury stay!

The arena itself has been turned into an amazing open air restaurant, you have an infinity pool and a Roman-themed interior pool, beautifully decorated rooms and all the reasons to be excited if you pick it as your destination. And even if you don’t, make sure you visit – it’s one of Mamaia’s and Romania’s most amazing destinations!

The only downside is that it’s not in a prime location: it’s situated in the North of Mamaia, which is the less developed part, but this means that it’s a bit more silent and less fast paced. And you still have the pool, the beach and lots of restaurants nearby anyway.

Click here to check it out and book it.

Nyota Hotel

One of the newer hotels in Mamaia, this one is slowly becoming one of my favorites thanks to its style and the quality of services. It’s not right on the beach, but the good thing about Mamaia is that all hotels are a stone throw’s away from the beach anyway.. and the hotel also offers both sea view and lake view rooms and they are truly spectacular!

Nyota has a nice – albeit somewhat small – pool, but also a private beach. Free private parking, rooms for families, excellent WiFi and good breakfast… everything you can wish for. And since it’s a new hotel, everything is in tip top shape and taken care of.

The rooms themselves are what I truly love: they are spacious and very modern, which is how I like it. The design is awesome in the common spaces as well and it’s pretty obvious that attention has been paid to all details. A beautiful hotel that I love!

If you want to book it or find out more, check it out here.

Nayino Resort Hotel

Another new hotel in Mamaia whose name resembles the one recommended above. They could even be owned by the same company, because they’re equally great and amazing. But this one is situated in the North of the resort, where everything’s calmer and less noisy.

The hotel has a beautiful pool and a nice, colorful design, being also perfect for families. They have a private beach as well if you prefer the sand, and the food is absolutely amazing there. Truly delicious!

Smaller and more homey, Nayino offers decently sized rooms that are clean and in good condition. The staff there is very friendly and they also organize all sorts of nice events to keep the guests happy and entertained. A really good place to be – relaxing, calm and beautiful.

If you like what you see and read, why not find out more? Click here to book your stay at Nayino or to find out more.

Hotel Opera

Last but not least, we have this beautiful hotel to consider for your vacation in Romania. It is built right on the beach, with a private pool and a private beach… and truly spectacular views over the Black Sea.

This is one of the fancier hotels in Mamaia (read: expensive), but for all the right reasons: the rooms are huge and amazing, everything is in a great shape and the design of the rooms is really nice and modern as well. And the fact that it’s right there on the beach is a huge bonus in my books.

This is one of the highest rated hotels in Mamaia, so you know for sure that you’re going to the right place if you choose this one for your stay. You won’t be disappointed!

You can book your stay right now by clicking here.

So, these would be my recommendations when it comes to the best hotels in Mamaia. There are other good choices too, as well as some less inspired ones, but I am sure that if you go with any of my top picks above, you will have an amazing holiday in Romania!

What hotel rating to choose in Mamaia?

And before we go on to check out my list of top cheap hotels in Mamaia, let me offer you a few tips: five star hotels will offer, obviously, the best experience, but you might still be a little bit disappointed. I personally consider them horribly overpriced and only an option if money is not an issue for you.

Three star hotels are very tricky here as it’s like a coin toss: you can get something really good, or something really bad. They are extremely cheap, but you don’t want a failed or ruined holiday because you chose the wrong hotel.

That’s why I personally recommend going for a four-star hotel in Mamaia. This is the best best that still keeps prices in check and also offers the highest possible quality of services and better rooms, staff and everything else. Plus, it’s always a good idea to go with the recommendations of somebody who has actually been there (so look at the general reviews for a hotel) and don’t choose it just based on the photos or without doing proper research.

When is it best to visit Mamaia?

If you want to get the most out of the beaches and the Black Sea (as well as Mamaia itself), you should’t visit before the 1st of June. This is when the season – and the summer – officially start, so you will have better chances at great weather and everything will be open in Mamaia.

However, if you plan to visit in June, expect the weather not to be very warm – and the sea water temperature to be pretty low. Prices are also lower throughout June because of these reasons.

Starting July, things get better. You usually get plenty of sunshine and the water is starting to get warm. It’s actually the period of mid-July to mid-August that’s considered the best for visiting the seaside resorts in Romania. That’s also the high season, so prices are at their highest during the time.

I personally recommend visiting in mid August (to the end of the month). The sea temperature will be at its highest and even though the days are starting to get shorter, you’re still getting plenty of sunshine.

Also, even though September is officially considered off-season, due to the recent weather patterns in Romania, the last few years saw incredibly sunny and warm Septembers – and also pretty dry. This means that you have more chances, now than ever, to still enjoy great weather if you visit in early September (say maybe up to the 15th or so).

If you have additional questions about Mamaia, don’t hesitate to let me know by sharing your comments below.

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  1. Wow! They look beautiful!!! I was watching an awful, just awful Nicholas Cage movie a few days ago. It was set in Bucharest. It is just gorgeous there… I think the Arena looks fantastic, as does Splendid.. πŸ™‚

    • I watched The Expendables 3 the other day and some of it was set in Bucharest and I was impressed too (however, I believe than any movie that is set in Romania is an awful one). From all, the Arena is my favorite as it certainly packs a punch in terms of looks.

      • I agree, pretty much every movie filmed in Romania is bad..just horrible. I have seen quite a few of them, because they are mostly low budget action stuff..but l like corny..

  2. Darn! #2;-o
    BunΔƒ Calin: You ought to work for the hospitality industry. I am a simple soul, so I would opt for the “Splendid,” too. It doesn’t seem so Las Vegas/Disney over-kill. The beach sure looks inviting. No waves for surfers? How clean is the water? No nasty critters–large or small?
    What is Mamaia like in the off season? Are there casinos? Is the city “dead” in the winter? What are the transportation options: land/sea and air?
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Teil (USA)

    • Hello Teil, maybe offers will start popping up after this article :))

      Hotels in Romania are still not very impressive as most of them are refurbished communist ones, but some are doing their best. It can be a LOT worse, too πŸ™‚ We have great beaches in Romania – wide, sandy and nice, with shallow waters on large areas – it’s really nice for those visiting, as the water is clean and no nasty critters that I know of. However, surfing is not an option here on the Romanian seaside.

      Regarding Mamaia during the off season, it’s mostly dead, like the rest of the coast πŸ™‚ I haven’t checked out the transportation options, but depending where you come from, the plane would probably be the fastest way in, with trains coming in second.

  3. Hi Calin:
    We in the USA are bombarded by Trivago ads for places to stay.
    If I were a Romanian in advertising the country, I’d develop TV ads
    touting Romania as a wonderful place to visit. It’s a no-brainer.
    I understand Tarom might restart Transatlantic flights, too.
    Just got snow in Seattle-Tacoma,
    Teil (USA 2019)

    • I think that the government creates ads to encourage tourism in Romania, but I never know if they ever get aired anywhere πŸ™‚ Hopefully they do πŸ™‚

      I’ve heard that Tarom had their first profitable year in 2018 after over a decade of being in the red, so hopefully things are starting to move in the right direction with them… we’ll see how things go this year.


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