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  1. Salut! Am vazut ca ai obiectivul sa ajungi la $10000 net worth anul asta. Asta se refera la averea ta, daca am inteles bine, nu si a sotiei?

    Pe la ce suma ai ajuns, nu ai un progres lunar, ca sa vad cum a variat progresul tau de la o luna la alta? 🙂


      1. I actually wanted to send you a private message, to contact you. But the form took too long for sending the message. And then with the second form below, I didn’t notice that I’m actually writing a comment instead of a private message.

        I know what net worth is. But there’s a difference between personal net worth and household net worth. But I think you are referring to your own personal net worth.

        After I sent you the message I noticed that you have a couple of months with your monthly expenses and income. I was mostly interested in a table that you update it on a monthly basis with your net worth. This table can contain your monthly income and expense data, if you wish it so.

        Thank you and keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. I plan to move later this year from Houston, Texas to Romania (probably Iasi) to continue my retirement. I know that my $3,700 per month pension and Social Security will go a lot farther. I spent a week last summer in Transylvania and 2 weeks in April in Iasi.

    I read something recently about problems receiving Social Security payments in Romania. My payments are deposited to my checking account at a major bank (Chase) and I have ready access to the funds with my Visa debit card. It seems that this arrangement will work in Romania?

    Is there a checklist of what I should do, and when, leading up to the move?

    I read here that “‘Wandering Earl’ (the travel blogger) was denied another Romanian residence visa”. What is this all about?

    1. Hello… I am sure that your monthly pension will allow you to live like a king anywhere in Romania, and the debit card fix can certainly work without a problem.

      I don’t have an article on what one should do prior or after the move to Romania – that’s a good idea for an article!

      Finally, Wandering Earl has been denied a new Visa because the authorities no longer wanted to accept his reason for its request (which was that he was a blogger promoting Romania through his blogs) – that worked once, but apparently things have changed and unfortunately the people that were supposed to give him another Visa didn’t agree with that reasoning.

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