I Don’t Have the Daily Habits of the Rich… Do You?


A few days ago I read an article written by J. Money and it got me thinking: in the article, the habits of the rich were shared, according to Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. I had no idea that somebody went that far as analyzing the habits of rich people, but here we have them! Unfortunately for me and probably some of you, things are not looking that good – I don’t have the daily habits of the rich. Maybe that’s why my earnings suck?

So here are the 6 daily habits of the rich and how I fail at (most) of them:

1. Early Risers (44% wake up three hours before their 9-to-5 job). This means that they’re waking up at 6 AM. I used to get to sleep close to that time back in college and today if you wake me up before 8 AM I’m going to be groggy all day. My body simply needs rest and if I am unable to offer that, I am tired and unable to work. Pretty simple.

2. Keep a Running List of Tasks – I do scribble “to do” things on post its I have around the laptop, only to find them weeks later and say “Well, yeah, it would’ve been great if I did this a few weeks ago!” However, since I don’t have such a busy schedule and being self-employed has 95% of my work on my laptop, I mentally build a plan for each day and I am usually able to follow it.

3. No Long Lunches – Here is a total win for me. 15 minutes is the most I need to devour my lunch. Which is pretty fast, but afterwards I use to rest for about 45 to 60 minutes so… oops!

4. Calorie Counting – I am kind of doing this too as I am looking to lose weight, but I am not too hardcore about this either. I agree that a healthy body means a healthy mind, more energy and more power to work. I know that from my own experience after losing about 40 lbs… but this still doesn’t mean that I count every little bite I take. Come on!

5. No Gossiping – This I don’t do. I don’t gossip. I don’t have who to gossip with, so problem solved!

6. Limited Internet – that would mean no income for me since my job is exclusively online. Of course, they are probably referring to stuff like “wasting time on the internet” which I generally do during my work hours. Although I do tend to get lost on 9Gag or a similar site every now and then and get angry afterwards at my failure to stay focused on what I do.

I did some extra research and apparently, the rich have even more habits which were not mentioned in that article. These are:

– Self improvement: this is something I always do, trying to learn new things, trying to polish my skills and trying to make myself better at what I am doing.
– Set goals (5 year goals), with the secret here that they keep re-working on their goals to keep them relevant. I do have some goals on my own, some written on paper and I really hope that I will be able to reach them in less than 5 years!

And of course, there are probably a lot more habits with more details in the Rich Habits book. Apparently, I don’t live like the rich and for sure I am not rich. What about you? Do you share common daily habits with the rich?

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  1. Ha! Surprisingly, I do have a lot of those habits. I tend to get up early, I don’t really limit my internet that much but I don’t have television. I have never taken a lunch “break” in my entire adult life!

  2. I have done a lot of goal setting in the past. I now find that I have to focus just on one thing at a time or else I cannot give it my full commitment. At the moment I have a monthly earning goal for this financial year to see whether I can earn more than I have since I started being self-employed.

    • My first year into self employment was pretty sad, but now I am happy I continued doing it and I have faith. I have started recently to set up some long term goals, we’ll see where that goes.

  3. I do follow few of them but not fully. I wake up early so that I can spend time with my family. Limited internet definitely No. If I do then I will run into debts as my entire work depends on internet. Not necessary we should follow each and every habit of rich, few definitely we can follow


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