June Budget


I hope that we have learned a lot from our last month’s budget and that we are ready to create this month a budget that is realistic and hopefully in the right direction when it comes to help us spend less and save more. With a child incoming, it’s a must to learn how to save as much to have as much as possible for the little fellow 🙂

These being said, here is how we’ve divided the budget for June 2013 (for 2):

Food: $325
Utilities: $177
Gas: $60
Entertainment: $150
Healthcare: $190
Misc: $150

TOTAL: $1052

Some people might think that I am crazy by setting the monthly budget for June lower than the May one, despite the huge disaster it proved to be, but I have to remind you that not only we’re going into “more savings mode” this month, but we are also removing gifts costs since no birthdays or special occasions are on the horizon. So yes, I really believe that this month’s budget is realistic and I really hope that we can stick to it.


    • Things can get pretty cold during the winter months, but October and sometimes even November can have OK weather (15 – 20 degrees Celsius or 59 – 68 Fahrenheit). Usually the coldest months in Romania are January and February.


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