Net Worth Goal for 2013: Reach $10,000


I am extremely excited! There’s just one day left and my experiment for the month is about to begin: I have set the budget and I’m ready to follow it in order to make sure that we minimize spending and work on saving more money to increase the net worth – something that I consider not the reflection of one’s “value” but actually a sign of how good one can perform if s**t hits the fan!

After checking out once more the post about my original net worth and seeing that I have a goal of reaching $1 million net worth… some time, I decided that it’s best to set some more realistic goals and do my best to achieve them. Therefore, I have set my net worth goal for 2013 to…


This means that I should increase my net worth with $3,500 which in many countries might sound like a goal for half a month… but in Romania things are slightly different and $3,500 is a lot of money! I also believe that it’s a goal that I should easily achieve this year, despite a lot of spending being planned for the future – my wife is pregnant with our first child and this means a lot of money to be spent on furniture and baby stuff… But we’ll see and hopefully at the end of the year I will be able to check my first successful major net worth goal and see that I did it. Maybe I can even get past this a little bit… but let’s not get too dreamy!

So now that things are all set up and already a bit more realistic than they were before, let’s hope for a great year ahead and let’s hope that the first obstacle, the month of May 2013, will be one that we’ll successfully pass!


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