October 2013 Income Report and Spending Report

I’m a bit late with the monthly reports here at Romania Experience and unfortunately it’s not because I made a fortune and decided to buy my own island in the Carribean… Actually, it’s pretty much the opposite, with October being a pretty crazy month in terms of unexpected expenditure – after last month’s record low, this month we had some trouble when it came to keeping the money into our pockets.

In terms of income, I am happy to report a small growth again, but it’s a lot lower than what I would like it to be. It was also caused by a temporary boost of traffic one of my other blogs got and I expect November to be actually lower…

But here is my income report for the month of October 2013 (number are pre-tax):

Blog advertising: $1870.19
Affiliate sales: $29.64
TOTAL: $1899.83

My plan to increase the affiliate sales numbers has been a total failure and that is saddening because that would be passive income and passive income is good, ha. However, I’m still over my goal to make at least $1,250 net per month (this month, after taxes and paying the business-related costs, we’ll stay at around $1,350).

Unlike the previous month, October was a really bad month in terms of expenses. We spent a total of zero dollars last month for Baby Romanian’s needs and this month was completely different.

We also needed an emergency repair in our house and also had to spend some extra dollars on some great deals at our hypermarket. Fortunately, this means that our food costs should be lower in the coming months (we’re really stocked up on pasta, rice, tomato sauce and some canned food) so we’re not too worried.

But here are the October expenses:

1. Food: $349.12
2. Utilities: $188.62
3. Fun & Entertainment: $77.48
4. Health: $66.01
5. Baby Romanian: $189.14
6. Misc: $288.55
TOTAL: $1158.92

Although we still managed to stay under budget, we did spend some $500 more compared to last month and if you look at it from this angle, it’s pretty scary. And now in November we have wifey’s birthday, her mom visiting for a weekend, at least one trip to a nearby city with my mom for some investigations… and we already have the ingredients for a really scary November in terms of expenses. But I am still confident that we’ll manage to keep it under control.

So… this is it for now! How was your October in terms of income and spending?

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  1. It was a crazy month for us too. Both of us spent more than $1600, which is CRAZY for our wages here. Anyway, November will surely be ‘easier’, since we managed to solve most our problems already. We’re no back to aggressively saving money for the upcoming birth of Dojo Jr 🙂

    1. We’ve realized that babies are not that much of “money eaters” as some make them sound, especially during the first few months when you’ll get clothes and toys and all sorts of little gifts from friends and family 🙂 We really bought very, very little in terms of clothes until Baby Romanian was three months old.

      1. I definitely agree…babies are expensive but not as expensive as some people claim. We bought some clothes for Baby LRC because it is getting colder and we didn’t have enough long sleeve and clothes for that weather. Is your blog income just for this blog? I think you guys are doing great and I’m sure the income will increase in the future.

        1. I have no idea how come I missed your comment so far, Andrew. This blog is generating just a couple of dollars per month – my income is, unfortunately, from all the blogs that I own 🙂

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