The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Constanta

best areas to live in Constanta romania

Constanta is a beautiful city located on the Black Sea coast, well-known for its pleasant climate and the numerous archaeological treasures reminding of ancient Tomis. It is also a bustling economic and cultural center, which offers numerous opportunities for a high standard of living. I have already shared the best things to do in Constanta … Read more

Top Things to See and Do in Constanta, Romania

Best things to do in Constanta

Constanta, historically known as Tomis, is the largest port on the Black Sea coast and a popular destination for summer holidays. Pleasant temperatures, combined with the refreshing breeze of the sea, draw vacation-goers and tourists from all over the world. While visiting this historical coastal town, you will most likely fall in love with its … Read more

Best 9 Neighborhoods to Live in Cluj-Napoca (with Maps)

where to live in cluj napoca

With one of the largest populations from all cities of Romania, Cluj-Napoca is also the place where people come to live for the largest variety of reasons. But which is the best neighborhood to live in Cluj Napoca? This is what we’re going to talk about today! Cluj is one of the four major academic … Read more

14 Best Things to See and Do in Cluj Napoca in 2021

top things to do in cluj napoca

Cluj-Napoca, the Heart of Transylvania, or the Heart of Ardeal. This is how the town is best known in Romania. It is one of the four best academic centers in Romania, as well as an important business center. But besides these and many other interesting facts, the place is also one of the most beloved … Read more

Living in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania: Guide to the City

Drobeta Turnu Severin is not the first city that you hear when people are talking about visiting Romania or relocating here. But this is my home town, actually and I consider it a very underrated one. You have a lot to see here, living in Drobeta Turnu Severin is cheap and the city itself is … Read more

Is Romania a Third World Country?

Is Romania a third world country

Most people know very little about Romania. For most of them, Romania and Transylvania are the same thing: a place where vampires live, Dracula still rules the lands, hordes of stray dogs roam the streets while beggars and poverty and orphans are hidden behind the concrete walls of ugly communist buildings… Is Romania a third … Read more

Is Romania a Dangerous Country or a Safe One? (2021 Update)

Is Romania Dangerous or Safe

Many people still believe that Eastern European countries are dangerous countries to travel to or live in. But this is no longer the case (for years). With Romania being part of the group, I’ve decided to update today’s article and tell you whether Romania is a dangerous country or not. And I will include brand … Read more

How to Say Hello & Thank You in Romanian (& Other Greetings)

How to say hello in Romanian

Today, it’s time to hone up your Romanian language skills with some words that you will most likely use during your stay here, even if you’re only visiting for a few days. This means that I will teach you how to say “Hello” in Romanian, but also “Thank You” and various other similar greetings and … Read more

How to Get a Residence Permit in Romania (and Renew It)

how to get residence permit in Romania

No matter if you are an EU or non-EU citizen, you are legally allowed to stay in Romania no more than 90 days. If you want to spend more time in Romania, you will need to get a residence permit – today, we’ll learn everything about that. NOTE: This is a lengthy article with many … Read more