20 Reasons Why I Won’t Lend Money to a Friend (Anymore)

We’ll start with a simple word of advice: DON’T! Don’t lend money to your friends. And I have here 20 reasons why you shouldn’t do it! I was the “good guy” on numerous occasions and I wanted to help. I had and I still have friends that are not doing that well financially and who … Read more

How to Calculate Your Website’s Worth When Selling

So, you think that your website is probably worth a little over $1 Million, right? Unfortunately, that’s probably not true (but, hey, maybe it will someday!) Until you get there though, I say we should first learn how to honestly calculate the true worth of your website, if you’re planning to sell it! In case … Read more

I Am a Dad Now & Back to Blogging

It’s been a very quiet month here at Romania Experience and the biggest reason for this radio silence is the arrival of my first child into this world. Since he decided it’s time to come one month sooner than anticipated, there were a lot of things to do in order to make sure that he … Read more

Setting the First Monthly Budget, Romanian Style

Never in my life until now had I set a monthly budget. Usually, it was reckless spending (or not so reckless when the funds were not here) and checking the balance at the end of the month to see if there’s anything left. Here, in Romania, this is how things usually are: we don’t have … Read more

A Romanian’s Quest to Improve His Net Worth to Western Standards

I never thought about the concept of putting a net worth over a person’s head. Not until today (aka the day I started this blog) when I stumbled upon somebody’s blog, a place where they were reporting on their quest to increase this given net worth. Finances, stats, frugal living, saving money and many, many … Read more