Save During Black Friday: Buy Needs, Not Wants


So, with Black Friday just a few days away, you might get ready for the shopping frenzy and budget busting. Well, hopefully you won’t do that because Black Friday is actually that time of the year when you should take advantage of the sweet deals to buy stuff that you really need, not to end up spending money randomly on things just because they are cheap.

With so many stores and retailers offering so many goods during the Black Friday madness, you might be tempted to make a lot of purchases. However, just take some time, breathe a few times and think honestly: do you really need the items that you want to purchase? Don’t you already have a dozen and a half pairs of socks and more t-shirts that you need? Do you really need a new TV and smartphone. And do you really have the time to waste waiting in line and getting bullied by angry mobs looking for the biggest discount?

I am surprised to see that sales during Black Friday go up every year and stocks never seem to be enough. That’s because we are made to believe that we’re indeed scoring a great deal. But are we really? Probably if somebody was to make a study, 90% of the stuff bought during Black Friday is part of the “wants” category and not something that we really need. In other words, money thrown away.

Pro tip: Instead of standing in line and getting angry for whatever you want to buy, why not keep an eye on Amazon or other online retailers? They also have amazing deals during the Black Friday madness and you can do all the shopping from your comfy chair at home.

So if you have debt to pay or savings to be made, make the smart choice this holiday season and save during Black Friday: only but the things that you need, and not the things that are on sale just because they are cheap!


  1. An anti-consumerism magazine I used to subscribe to, Adbusters, started a campaign to change Black Friday to “Buy Nothing Day”. It’s pretty cool, and I think you might like it, C.

    I’m with you though. I’ll be buying no gifts or other consumer goods on Friday (though since I’ll be in an airport waiting for flights, I’ll probably buy some mediocre food). 🙂

    • Nice idea! I ended up buying nothing on Black Friday (because here in Romania they decided to host it one week early) and I am not upset at all. I’d love some mediocre food in an airport, though, as it would mean I’d be going somewhere :))


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