Sea View Apartment for 250 Euros per Month? That’s Possible in Romania!

How much do you think you’d have to pay for renting an apartment with an amazing view over the beach and the sea? Well, yeah, I know that the question makes little sense now because I’ve already offered your answer in the title, but you have to think about it for a while: sea view isn’t cheap… unless you’re in Romania!

That’s true! It’s not uncommon here to find a beautiful place for rent for so little money. The listing I am sharing with you today is, in my opinion, unbelievable: we’re talking about a one bedroom apartment with a decent size, completely furnished and equipped (including flat screen TV’s and air conditioning), with a view to kill for: the beautiful Black Sea, literally a stone throw away from the beach.

The price? 250 Euros per month. Or, as the listing says – 249 Euros, because that probably sounds even cheaper.

Here are some of the photos from the listing you might find here. I say “might” because the place will probably rent quickly. When I found it, I surely spent a few minutes contemplating if it would be completely crazy to rent that place!

sea view apartment 01
The apartment is recently built (or maybe just recently renovated) and it certainly offers enough storage space
sea view apartment 02
Ah, this amazing view!

sea view apartment 03
The bedroom is really large by Romanian standards
sea view apartment 04
The “space shuttle” shower, as our new friends from the US use to call them
sea view apartment 05
You can’t really get any closer than that!

Really, that view is absolutely breathtaking – just imagine waking up every morning to see that! If you love the sea like I do, that would certainly be a dream come true! And since it’s Romania that we’re talking about, it is not expensive! I’d even go as far as saying that it’s the cheapest sea-view you can get in Europe and I’m sure I wouldn’t be completely wrong.

In other words, if you have a dream to come here – for the sea view or for the mountain view or for whatever view you prefer – why not do it? Do it now, when the prices are low because nobody knows how things will be in a few years.

I personally don’t think that an unexpected boom will increase the prices or the cost of living… but why not act now? Look again at the apartment above and get your answer!

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10 thoughts on “Sea View Apartment for 250 Euros per Month? That’s Possible in Romania!”

  1. Wow! Just stunning!!! I wouldn’t mind waking up to that view on a daily basis :-). It’s very modern, spacious, and a killer view that would surely cost at least half a million in L.A!!!! You really are trying to entice all of us to just do it, aren’t you.. :-). Great find!!!!

    • Well, I was just looking (as I usually do every now and then) at the places and I almost did it myself :)) So I had to share, maybe somebody actually does it 🙂 Plus, the apartment is very close to Constanta, which is a big plus (shopping-wise)

  2. Hello Calin: Ah, Kem Kem has resumed her #1 status–yea!!!!
    Very nice view. What city is this apartment located in, please? I figured it’s on the Black Sea–duh;-) BTW: why is it called the Black Sea? It looks pretty blue to me–ha, ha!
    Being very, very, skeptical, how long a lease at this price? I wager the owners jack-up the rent during the “in-season,” yes? (I would, too if I were the owner;-)
    Even in the shower, alone, I would prefer a curtain instead of the see-through “space shuttle shower.” I guess I am just too modest;-)
    So with the lowered gas prices, are you noticing more cars on the road? Are cars allowed on this beach, like Daytona Beach, FL? The sand looks packed down enough for cars. Are there any other effects (good or bad) about the lower petrol prices.
    How safe do you consider the railroads in Romania? Germany just had a very bad train accident. They have one of the best RR systems in the world, yet this kind of accident still happened. The USA has also has their share of RR accidents–mainly due to a crumbling infrastructure. I figure Romanian trains are slower and rely more on human intelligence than computers, so maybe they are safer;-) I think are we are becoming too dependent on “technology” and not reliant enough on good old human intelligence. (Sorry for veering off-topic!)
    Thanks for posting this very enticing rental with pictures.

    • Hello Teil,

      Indeed, the prices are for long term rental – most likely one year. During the season, since this apartment is in Mamaia, the most popular beach destination, the same apartment can rent for 1,500 – 2,000 euros per month (which I consider insane and completely unrealistic, to be honest).

      Regarding the gas prices – they are not so spectacularly low as they are in the US, nor did they go down a lot, which is reason for many debates in the country. Either way, I don’t think traffic has been influenced by this and I don’t really think that a lower or higher price would have a real effect on traffic.

      I’ve heard about the Germany accident – in Romania, trains are way slower but I don’t think I could call them safer. There have been no accidents or bad accidents recently, probably thanks to the slower speed. Any means of transportation is risky and accidents happen, even in advanced countries…

  3. That is a beautiful apartment. I wonder why it is so cheap? Maybe it’s one of those frauds where several prospective tenants send in deposits only to find someone is already living there! Sorry for that evil thought. As Romania continues to grow in prosperity, I would think the rent would go up, something to consider when renting. One can always look for another apartment, I guess.

    • That apartment is offered by an agency and in Romania contracts are still signed in person, during face to face meetings. Deposits and rent are usually paid in cash and I doubt that many people in Romania would actually pay the deposit before being given the keys. So the chances of it being a scam are very low.

      That’s how prices actually look like in Romania – this is indeed a bit of a bargain, but it’s not unusual to see something like this. It’s also an apartment in Mamaia, which is the most popuar summer destination, but mostly dead for the rest of the year, so during the winter months people will have to go to Constanta for much of the shopping and entertainment. Plus, the price is for long term rental. It might also be just for the off-season months, which is something people try to do for the extra money, but nobody really wants to go the the seaside during winter 🙂 Either way, I highly doubt it’s a scam and many similar properties with similar prices can be found in Romania and even near the beach.

  4. Hi Calin:
    We’ve been at the beach sooo long (ever a month)! I’ve sand in my hair, bed linen, and my nether regions;-)
    Can’t we go some place green and maybe hilly in Romania?
    Hope all is well!
    ~Teil (USA)

  5. Hi Calin,
    Well, I hope you feel better!
    I used to spend my childhood summers in Ocean City, MD (on the Atlantic).
    I definitely had my fill of sand, sea air, and sun burns!;-)
    I hope your being busy brings in Lei (or is it Leu?) for you;-)
    Looking forward to your next posting with bated breath!
    Take care!
    ~Teil (USA)


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