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September Income Report, Spendings and Great Reads

With September gone, it’s time to look under the hood of my blogging career and see how things changed compared to last month. Also, we’ll look at the spending report Romanian-style proving once again that living in Romania is extremely cheap: this was our cheapest month since I started keeping track of my finances and definitely my new interest for the world of personal finance and reading all the great blogs out there helped me achieve this goal.

So the total income from blogging this month (I own 4 blogs that make me money, plus Romania Experience which is not :D) was $1730. It is still a LOT lower than what I used to make before selling my flagship blog but it’s also a pretty big increase compared to last month.

So things are going pretty well right now and even though the growth is not as fast as I’d wanted it to be, there is a growth to be happy with.

Here’s the September blogging income breakdown:

Blog advertising: $1704.41
Affiliate sales: $26.64
TOTAL: $1731.05

My affiliate income this month is very low this month because I completely suck at generating affiliate income. I am working to fix this and I am preparing a niche site to see if I can do it. If all goes well, I really hope to raise affiliate revenue to over $150 per month by December.

Otherwise, the increase in blog advertising income is connected to an increase in traffic that came naturally. However, I am not sure that’s going to stick so October is still a mystery for me. I hope that it will go at least as well.

In terms of spending, this was our best month ever and budgeting, having shopping list and being generally careful with our spending had the following result (for two adults and 1 two month old boy):

1. Food: $238.87
2. Utilities: $170.74
3. Fun & Entertainment: $86.69
4. Health: $18.21
5. Baby Romanian: $0
6. Misc: $120.11
TOTAL: $634.62

As you can see, this month we spent nothing on Baby Romanian. We already have every consumable that he needs and my wife manged to get to almost exclusively breastfeed him, so we are not spending on formula either (we still have 2 cans left which hopefully we’ll never use completely).

It was also my birthday, hence the increase in the third category, but most of the guests also brought in something for the little fellow, so he already has all the clothing and toys that he needs. And at this young age he doesn’t need much.

All in all, I am proud of our spending this month and I can only hope that we can keep it up. But the holidays are coming…. ouch!

Finally, let’s check out some of the great articles of the previous month. There are so many great ones that I have enjoyed reading, but the following deserve a place on this list:

– Suburban Finance talked about Marriage, Combined Finances and Working Together

– Fellow Romanian blogger Ramona taught us how to make our blogs use less resources over at Dojo Blog.

– The Frugal Farmer had a great article on things to buy out of the season to save money.

– Jon Haver had a pretty amazing guest post on My Money Design on how Personal Finance blogs could make a ton of money

– Debt and the girl shared with us 20 Truths You Learn in your 20â€ēs

– Over at Modest Money, there were some great tips on how to get the best price for your car.

– And, finally, over at Done by Forty, we are asked a difficult question: Is it Moral to Let a Sucker Keep His Money?

That’s all folks, it has been a pretty long post here and I need a break!

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  1. Congratulations for a wonderful month. Your ad revenue is nothing to be ashamed for, in Romania people would kill for this money 🙂

    Thank you for mentioning my article, am happy it’s useful.

    1. All foreigners who visited Romania (that I personally know) fell in love with it, so I am sure you’d love it too. Probably expenses wouldn’t be as low, but I am sure it would still be worth it! 🙂

  2. Good job with the blogging income…I need to learn more about that. Wow how did you spend $0 on Baby Romanian? You bought diapers in bulk? Cloth diapers? We had most things also but picked up things here and there. Recently we had to buy different bottles/nipples because Baby LRC had been exclusively breastfed but when mommy went back to work, he REFUSED to drink from a bottle so we’ve been trying different ones to see if he’ll like them more.

    1. Thanks, Andrew. We bought a lot of diapers the previous month and I think we still have a week’s worth left 🙂 In our case, mommy is still at home and still breastfeeding so we didn’t have to use the bottle in a long time. And I guess we were extremely lucky that nothing unexpected popped up… :))

  3. Wow, those are outstanding figures in terms of your online income and household expenses. You are keeping true to the personal finance principles 🙂 Am sure you will keep doing even better! Wish you the best.
    Thanks for liking and mentioning our post, much appreciated.

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