You might know this guy as Dracula. Real name: Vlad Tepes

Probably most of the people in this world wouldn’t be able to find Romania on the map, while there are still many who probably never heard of this country. And if it weren’t for vampires and Dracula, probably even fewer people would’ve known about it. Which means that, if it somehow never existed, things wouldn’t be much different, right?

Well, that’s definitely not the case!

I stumbled upon an extremely nice YouTube video that I am sharing with you, titled “The World Without Romania“. Spend five minutes to check it out below and see that this country has indeed contributed a lot to the modern world (just like, I am sure, most countries on this planet have). I know it’s more of history lesson than anything, but it certainly is one of the most enjoyable ones about Romania.

So here’s the video “The World Without Romania” (and we’ll talk more about this afterwards):

For those who don’t have the patience to go through it, I am listing some of the fun facts about Romania that can be learned in the video above, and what would actually mean to the world if this country never existed.

Check them out below, but make sure to look at the video as well!

– the fountain pen was invented by Romanian inventor Petrache Poenaru

– Stefan Odobleja is the “father of cybernetics”. Today’s computers? They started here!

– Insulin has been invented by Romanian scientist Nicolae Paulescu. Just imagine the world without it!

– Henri Coanda invented the world’s first jet plane

– The first history of religions book was written by a Romanian author, Mircea Eliade

– The Romanians were the first to play baseball. Oina is the name of the game, invented back in 1364 and it is extremely similar to modern day baseball.

This video, of course, doesn’t cover all the interesting facts about Romania, but it’s a good start!


  1. Calin:
    Great video! Without Romania, there’d be no C. the Romanian either;-)
    Also one can’t forget the great playwright Eugen Ionescu;
    the “Master of the Pan Flute,”Gheorghe Zamfir; one of the greatest composers of the 20th Century, George Enescu; famous director and screenwriter Ioan Negulescu (aka Jean Negulesco), Hollywood greats Edward G. Robinson and Johnny Weissmuller; tennis great Ilie “Nasty” Năstase. The list of great Romanians seems endless.
    Keep up the good work!
    ~Teil (USA)

    • Indeed, all countries have some really special things about them and now it’s so easy to have our kids see them.

      Regarding modern baseball, it’s pretty interesting today: oina (or baseball) are very unpopular in the country, which I consider really strange.

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