US Elections: Want to Move Out of the US? Romania Is the Hidden Gem for You!

It’s funny that I am writing this article immediately after publishing one about Romania’s dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Coincidences aside, I am astonished to see the reports that are crowning Donald Trump as the new US president.

This is an extremely important event, which could change the way the world looks. This could be a turning point in history, or it could be nothing.

One thing I am sure it is, is the crowning of hatred in the world. It’s as if the world opened their arms and hearts too fast and they got somehow tired. They didn’t know how to keep on doing this.

See the raise in popularity of extremist parties in Europe. See the Greeks electing their left extremist president. See Britain making a similarly stupid move by choosing Brexit. See the president elected in the Philippines.

And I am sure that there are more and more examples which, in the end, show that the world is ready to get back in time. Which is sad.

But for now, all that we can do is hope for the best and have fun. Memes regarding President Trump have started to flood the internet and a piece of news I initially thought to be written by the satirical, fake news website The Onion is apparently true.

Reported by NPR among many other websites, the news says that Canada’s Immigration Website has been down for hours due to huge volumes of traffic coming from America. Americans who, following the news that President Trump is about to become a reality, started to seriously consider immigration.

Google search traffic for terms like “Canada immigration,” “Canada” and “move to Canada” has increased in the United States, while an article published on Business Insider titled “How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen” has over 9 million views and growing.

But why move to Canada? Move to Romania instead! And this is no joke that I’m telling, even though Romania might be a country you have never heard of. But now it might be the time you hear about it and consider it a better option. Even better than Canada, because it’s at least a few times cheaper.

Romania is beautiful!
Romania is beautiful! (by Nicu Hoandra)

In case you didn’t know, Romania is a country in Europe – Eastern Europe, that is. The country is part of the European Union, which means that if you get here, you can travel freely to any countries in the Union (like France, Germany, Italy, Spain and so on).

The country is also one of the cheapest in the European Union. For example, renting a two bedroom apartment can cost as little as $300 per month (like this apartment with a beautiful sea view).

A good, three course meal for two in a restaurant could cost you $20 and everything else is a few times cheaper than in the US or Canada. You can actually live a comfortable life here for under $1,500 per month per family.

We actually shared the story of an American family moving from the US to Romania and enjoying every moment of it (and they still do!).

If you really want to consider it (and I think you should), read this article written by an American citizen on why you should do this. Then read more about the cost of living in the country and yes, know that there’s no typo involved there and the prices listed are correct. You could even find stuff that’s cheaper than the average we’ve listed!

Lonely Planet has also considered Romania the best travel destination in 2016, so you have a lot to see here and there are indeed a ton of things you would enjoy about the country.

So, if you’re really considering moving, why not consider Romania instead of Canada or a different option?

It could be better than them all, the hidden gem you didn’t know anything about so far! We have a complete guide on getting a residence permit here, so make sure to check it out!

So yes, there are options if you want to get away!

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10 thoughts on “US Elections: Want to Move Out of the US? Romania Is the Hidden Gem for You!”

  1. Hi Calin:
    Now is the time you should offer your $ervices to make this happen! You could make a nice piece of change helping people “transition.” You could partner up with a fellow countryman–a lawyer?– who is an expert in relocation to Romania. I don’t have the $ now, but Romania is still a place I am seriously considering.
    As for Trump, I didn’t vote for him and I did NOT vote for Hillary. I am a Jill Stein supporter. Alas, the way US politics work (?!) she did NOT stand a chance.
    I am giving Trump the benefit of the doubt. We do need a change–we’ll have to see how things work out.
    Thanks for the very timely blog entry!

    • “For the small sum of $999,99 I will help you get here!” I’ll start writing my business cards 🙂

      I surely hope that the world won’t be a worse place starting now and, having in mind that there is an army of people behind Trump, I have high hopes that things won’t be as bad as some make them sound. Time will tell – and hopefully it won’t be too late 🙂

  2. I worked my heart out for Hillary Clinton, so you can probably imagine how I am feeling right now. If Trump does just half of what he has promised, the world will be a very different place. For instance, he believes NATO is a protection racket where the USA should demand money from European countries for our protection. He wants Japan to build nuclear weapons and defend itself. He wants to round up all 11 million illegal aliens in the USA and deport them to Mexico. He doesn’t care what Vladimir Putin does, as a matter of fact, Trump admires Putin greatly. Global warming doesn’t exist and it’s all a Chinese plot to weaken our economy, so fire up those coal-fired electric generators! Forget all the free trade agreements. But this is all “old hat” and it didn’t phase his fanatic supporters one bit. It might turn out it was all a hoax and Trump will be the biggest pro-business President we ever had. Those who have, will get more, and the “deplorables” will be left holding the bag again. I love Romania, but I think the language barrier there is a bit bigger than in Canada.

    • If I learned something from Romanian politics, is that politicians would say anything just to get their votes, then do as their staff and (hopefully) common sense dictates. We’ll see how this goes – we can only hope that he won’t do much or any of all the crazy things he promised.

      And nice thing about the language barrier 🙂 It could be considered a nice challenge, though!

  3. The way our governmental structure is formed in the USA things can not change too drastically no matter who is elected president. Probably half the country hated the changes Barak Obama made and Trump will change those back. Other than that he will not be able to do much else. If NATO is re-negotiated I think it will be beneficial for Romania who is already allowing the U.S. to have a base and missiles strategically placed. This being said I will continue my plan to spend half of every year in your wonderful country.

    • That sounds great, Timothy! I too believe that on a global scale, things won’t change too much. Hopefully the current wave of race & origin related violence will soon vanquish and no harm will be done.

  4. Yep! People will say anything to get elected. Like you l know change is very slow to come, if it does with all the internal fighting between political parties. I am not sure why the world seems to be regressing but l find it sad indeed. I think the election really put a damper on our first few days in Bangkok. I felt like l was floating in a haze and was nauseous not just from the smell of the place but from what l was seeing unfold. I hate meanness and to see such hate from people breaks my heart. I hope like you say this will go away quickly.

    • I am sorry that it has affected your stay in Bangkok… we should all try to put this behind and look at the future. There are still more nice people than bad ones left in the world and so many beautiful things to see and do!


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