What Is the Best Place for Christmas Gift Shopping?


Although it might sound strange coming from a person that’s working from home and claims that he can play with the free time available, to him, I don’t really have the time to go gift shopping. Especially with Christmas getting closer and closer and with the stores getting filled more and more with people doing the same thing. So I wonder… what is the best place for Christmas Gift shopping?

In my case, I am trying to stay away from your regular stores. This doesn’t mean that I create my own gifts at home. Although I understand all the emotional implications and I appreciate the effort, I was never into homemade gifts – no matter if I am on the giving or receiving end. So what does it mean? It means that I go for the lazy option: online shopping.

I live in a small city in Romania, which means that quality shops are few and prices a bit higher than in the competitive Bucharest, for example. And since I won’t do the 5 hours drive there to buy my family some nice gifts (sorry, family!) and I won’t spend a fortune more in my city, I’ll go for online shops.

Until last year, I did what every Romanian would do: shop in Romanian online stores because, well, there’s no delivery fee and… they’re Romanian. But it all changed when Baby Romanian made us look into buying stuff for babies. Advised by a common friend with a newborn, we took a look at Amazon. We were shocked to see that the products that we wanted to purchase were in some cases up to $40 cheaper and the delivery costs were not as big as we feared they would be. It’s true, we did the shopping from the UK Amazon store because ordering from the US would’ve been more expensive, but you get the point.

Ever since then we started doing more and more shopping online – and this time from other European stores, even though Amazon remains number one simply because there’s everything there. As a tip if you want to do it and you don’t qualify for free shipping, select in your searches only for products sold by Amazon in order to reduce the shipping costs to a minimum.

So this year I have already started to keep an eye on Amazon for deals and discounts – and to be honest, for some inspiration because I’m not sure what to buy just yet. Their Christmas Store is absolutely delightful and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you have your budget set. And it’s a lot more comfortable getting the gifts delivered at home instead of waiting in line after hours of cluelessly wandering around for Christmas gifts.

What about you? Have you found your perfect place for Christmas Gift shopping? What is your opinion on buying the Christmas gifts online?


  1. Now that we’ve moved out to the country, we do much more of our shopping online. When you figure in gas costs, it often outweighs the shipping costs for most online stores, so we just order and have it shipped to the house – LOVE the convenience of online shopping!


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