Hello there! I am a self employed Romanian guy around 30, dreaming of becoming a digital nomad while, at the same time, improving his net worth in this uncertain world – a net worth of just $6,500 (when this blog was born). And I am here to share with you all the details of my trip – I’ve got to make it to at least 1 million, so it will probably be a long ride. I’d like it to be really short, but it rarely happens as I want it to be.

I am planning to share here all the details of my adventure to save more money and raise my net worth, as well as a sort of a personal diary combined with the true Romania experience which will hopefully become a great resource for expats. We’ll talk about self employment and website related “make money” stuff since this is what I do, so there’s clearly a bit to learn for everybody. Yes, I know that blogs should have a specific niche and focus on it from start to finish, but I am sure that we can have an interesting mix for everybody.

Here are a few more things about me:

  • I have married the love of my life recently (in June 2011) and we’re both learning the ropes of family life and adult life
  • This August my wife will give birth to our first son and we’re both extremely excited about this. His upcoming birth is what makes me think more about the future and about saving some money for the good of our entire family
  • I am self employed and my earnings can vary greatly from one month to another. But I am that kind of a person who can’t stand the idea of spending 8 hours per day in a cubicle, having a crappy boss and wasting your life for a low salary (and all of these kind of go with any job description here in Romania). This also taught me about self discipline, something that’s extremely important if you want to make the next step and increase your net worth.
  • I have recently managed to tick off an important achievement in my life: together with my wife, we’ve bought a house! It’s actually a homestead (aka farm house) in a very poor condition that requires a lot of work to be turned into a house, but it’s something I look forward to with excitement: growing my own vegetables will not only be fun and healthy, but will also help us cut off some costs and save more
  • I’ve also just recently got my driver’s license (yes, I’m almost 30 and just got the driver’s license) and I am still horrified about driving the car as I don’t feel comfortable about that yet. Hopefully I will very soon re-read this and laugh at how much of a chicken I was

And that would be it – that would be me in some very few words and this would be the beginning of my story. The story of a guy whose native language is not English and hopes to improve it as much as possible with the help of this blog, but most important the story of a guy who wants to succeed and make sure that he doesn’t end up throwing money on the window just because he can.