Hello there and thanks for dropping by! My name is Calin and I am your host here on Romania Experience – the only place where you can find everything you need to know about visiting Romania, moving here or retiring to this beautiful country.

I am born and raised in Romania, so I know a lot about this country and I am sharing all that knowledge through the articles published on this blog. I have the spirit of a digital nomad, so I know – or at least I hope that I know – what travelers are interested to find out about a new country.

I have also been in close contact with people who have moved to different cities in Romania from all over the world – and even helped a few make the move here as smooth as possible. So I know a lot of details in this area as well!

So what other source of information regarding everything you need to know about Romania could be better than a Romanian? I guess it can’t get any better than that, but if you think otherwise and have suggestions on what I could do to improve this blog (particular topics you’d like me to write about on this blog), don’t hesitate to contact me using the Contact page and let me know! I will be more than happy to answer.

And in case you’re wondering, here are a few random things about me

  • I have married the love of my life in June 2011 and we’re both learning the ropes of family life and adult life
  • I have a beautiful son born in July 2013, who is my absolute everything. I love my little fella to tears!
  • I am self employed and my earnings can vary greatly from one month to another. But I am that kind of a person who can’t stand the idea of spending 8 hours per day in a cubicle, having a crappy boss and wasting their life for a low salary (as it is usually the case in Romania).
  • I have recently managed to tick off an important achievement in my life: together with my wife, we’ve bought a house! It’s actually a homestead (aka farm house) in a very poor condition that requires a lot of work to be turned into a house, but it’s something I look forward to with excitement: growing my own vegetables will not only be fun and healthy, but will also help us cut off some costs and save more. I’m talking about our village house often on this blog, so follow our journey!
  • I earn my living from my blogs – although Romania Experience is barely paying for hosting expenses. But I get more from this blog than monetary gains: I know that I can be useful and that alone matters a lot to me!

So this would be it. You know a bit about me, but it’s this blog that matters the most. So read on and find everything you need to know about Romania here. And if it’s not here, please let me know so I can right the wrongs! 🙂