Where to Eat in Timisoara: Best Restaurants in the City

where to eat in timisoara

One of our favorite things when traveling is exploring local restaurants and fortunately Timisoara has a lot of great places to eat. While I haven’t tested them all, I might have visited one too many even before I considered writing this article. But it’s all for the greater good, so now I am here to … Read more

Vampires in Romania: How Were These Legends Created?

vampires in Romania

Many people might not know where Romania is on the map, but most likely they do know that it is the country of Dracula and vampires. This is one of the stereotypes about Romania actually and today we’re going to learn how these legends were created. The truth is that in modern day Romania, not … Read more

Is Romania a Dangerous Country or a Safe One? (2021 Update)

Is Romania Dangerous or Safe

Many people still believe that Eastern European countries are dangerous countries to travel to or live in. But this is no longer the case (for years). With Romania being part of the group, I’ve decided to update today’s article and tell you whether Romania is a dangerous country or not. And I will include brand … Read more

Romanian Girls Guide: Finding True Love in Romania

Romanian Girls Guide

Talking about girls in Romania is very difficult, as there’s always a risk to generalize when it’s not the case. Each girl has her own personality and purpose in life and ways to achieve it, but after receiving a comment from Eric, I decided to try and tackle this delicate matter and write this Romanian … Read more

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Romania?

Most Romanians drink water directly from the tap, even though in some places it is rumored that tap water is not safe to drink. And today we’re going to talk about this important subject: is tap water safe to drink in Romania? I have to start by saying that the price of bottled water in … Read more

20 Amazing Romanian Foods You Must Try in This Lifetime

You can’t have a blog dedicated to a specific country without talking at least a little bit about its cuisine, right? Fortunately, Romania has some amazing foods that anybody in the world would love – and today I’m here to prove that to you. Even though at least some of these traditional Romanian foods can … Read more

Romanian Superstitions List: From Evil Eye to Broken Glass & More

Romanian Superstitions

Romanians are very superstitious people. There are hundreds of superstitions in Romania (if not more), with many of them valid in certain regions of the country only. The nice thing about the Romanian superstitions that I will share in today’s article is that they’re mostly funny. And when it comes to the bad ones, there’s … Read more

How to Say Merry Christmas in Romanian (and Happy New Year)

If you’re planning to spend the Winter holidays in Romania and want to impress locals with your knowledge of the language (swearing doesn’t count!), you might want to know how to say Merry Christmas in Romanian, or maybe how to wish somebody a Happy New Year. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about all … Read more

5 Best Books about Romania to Learn Everything about the Country

If you want to move to Romania or just plan to visit the country, but you don’t know anything about it, you might be interested to check out a book about Romania if this blog doesn’t manage to answer all your questions. The advantage of a book (especially if you choose the traditional, paper product) … Read more