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Blogging has been my job since 2008. Not once since I started my uncommon career have I stared at a blank page for as long as I did before being able to finally start writing here. Asking for help is … Read more

Martisor: Romania’s Amazing Celebration of Spring

Martisor in Romania

The short version: Mărțișor in Romania is a traditional celebration that marks the arrival of spring on March 1st. It involves the gifting of small trinkets tied with red and white strings, symbolizing the past winter and the coming summer. … Read more

Romania’s Celebration of Love: Dragobete

Dragobete in Romania

Key takeaways Did you know that Romanians have their own “Valentine’s Day?” We do, and it is called Dragobete – a unique, special celebration of love and spring renewal, celebrated each year on February 24th. I briefly touched on the … Read more