Is Romania Bike Friendly? [FULL Answer]

is Romania bike friendly

Today’s article – and the answer to the important question in the title, whether or not Romania is bike friendly, doesn’t come from personal experience, unfortunately, as I can’t ride a bike. But I have many friends who do and … Read more

What Is Romania Like in the Winter?

winter in Romania featured

I am updating this article about winters in Romania during an atypical nearly winter day: the sky is clear, the sun is shining and even though the temperature is of 16 degrees Celsius, it’s still warmer than usual. In the … Read more

Best Areas & Districts to Stay in Bucharest

best areas to stay in Bucharest

Since Bucharest is such a large city – and the biggest tourist attraction in Romania – I’ve decided to share with you the best areas to stay in Bucharest. I believe that the recommendations in this article will be perfect … Read more