Bulgaria vs. Romania: Which Country to Choose?

bulgaria vs romania

The two neighboring countries, Romania and Bulgaria, are usually fighting for the last spot in EU’s charts: from minimum and average salary, to corruption and quality of life, it’s becoming a habit to see these two countries at the bottom of all charts. However, this does not mean that either Bulgaria or Romania are countries … Read more

Retiring to Romania – Pros and Cons

retire to romania pros cons

Due to the low cost of living, its natural beauty, the fact that it is an EU member and hopefully a Schengen member in the near future, Romania is considered by more and more people as a great country to retire to. Today we’re going to go through the Pros and Cons of retiring to … Read more

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Brasov

best areas to live in brasov

Looking for the best neighborhoods to live in Brasov? You’re at the right place, as today I am going to talk exactly about that. And since Brasov is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Romania, but also one that expats love, you must stay in the best areas of the city! Just like … Read more

What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Oradea? [Answered]

best neighborhoods in oradea

Oradea is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, and one of those places where most of the neighborhoods tell their own stories and have their own unique vibe. So, if you decide to move to Oradea, whether it’s for your studies, for work or simply because you fell in love with the city … Read more

20 Romanian Expressions that Sound Really Funny in English

We have already learned how to say various things in Romanian – from Hello to I love you to Merry Christmas – but what about some phrases and expressions that are unique to the Romanian language? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article: 20 Romanian expressions that make absolutely no sense in … Read more

Stereotypes about Romanians: Are They True or Not?

stereotypes about romanians

I’m sure that, like all of us, you heard a lot of things about Romania and why you shouldn’t visit this dangerous or scary country – so I figured out it would be interesting to demolish – or discuss – most of these myths, by selecting top stereotypes about Romanians and arguing whether they are … Read more

Guide to Men in Romania: What Are They Like in a Relationship?

Today, we’re going to talk about the characteristics of a Romanian man and what to expect from a relationship with a man in Romania. And not every man, but a Romanian, of course! Since I am a man and I might be biased, I actually asked my wife to honestly describe the situation based on … Read more

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Timisoara [2021 Update]

best neighborhoods in timisoara

Your job, your studies or simply a short vacation to escape your daily routine can determine your decision to search for the best neighborhoods to live in Timisoara. But if you don’t know the town well, this choice can become overwhelming as there are over 25 neighborhoods to choose from. And, of course, there are … Read more

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Iasi

where to live in Iasi romania

Located in the Moldavia region of the country, Iasi is a great city to choose in. You have it all around here: from a busy nightlife scene to great tech hubs and job opportunities, universities and even quieter neighborhoods. It’s impossible not to find an area in the city – one that you will thoroughly … Read more