Romania’s Best Music Festivals (That Only Take Place Here)

Music festivals are back after a long and unwanted hiatus that started back in 2020. However, starting 2022, we can once again enjoy unique music festivals in Romania – and I’m going to list them all below.

Compared to 2016 when I wrote the first version of this article, the number of music fests that only take place in Romania has increased – and I would say that their quality has increased too.

Many of these festivals started very small several years ago, but grew quickly, becoming amazing attractions and crowd magnets over time. Some are starting to be known in Europe also, drawing in a diverse crowd and I am sure this trend will continue.

So if you are looking for a unique music festival to join, I’m listing the ones you can find in Romania below – also with estimates on the dates when they take place. (As you can imagine, most of them are during the summer months).

The great news is that you still have a bunch of great options in different times of the year and I am here to help you choose wisely the best music festival in Romania.

How will I achieve that? Well, I will list the best (in my opinion) below and you will choose the ones that you like. Or just try to tick them all off your list and decide afterwards which was the best!

Untold Music Festival


One relatively young music festival (started in 2014), Untold grew insanely and became Romania’s top electronic music festival and one of the biggest and best festivals in this part of Europe.

Taking place in Cluj Napoca, sometime in August, when the weather is perfect for spending time outside, the Untold music festival brings on stage important names from the electronic music world.

Info: In 2022, the Untold festival will take place between 4-7 August.

In 2022, expect a line-up of hundreds of DJs and artists, including David Guetta, Don Diablo, G-Eazy, Major Lazer, Above & Beyond and much more.

Previous editions brought on stage big names like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Avicii or Afrojack.

Expect large crowds (around 300,000 for each of the previous editions) and tons of fun. This is definitely one of the must go places if you’re into music festivals!

You can find out more about the Untold music festival in Romania on their official website. Make sure to also visit Check in Price for the best places to stay in the area and more travel-related advice.

Electric Castle


Many people consider Electric Castle as the best music festival in Romania and I have a really good opinion about it as well.

Just like the Untold fest above, it takes place close to Cluj Napoca. But this time, close to a Baroque castle, hence its name.

Mixing multiple genres (including rock, indie, hip hop, electronic and reggae), this festival is extremely popular in Romania and Europe, managing to bring together over 100,000 people to celebrate and enjoy great music.

It usually takes place sometime in June, so the weather is great, while the artists performing are usually top notch.

Info: In 2022, the Electric Castle festival will take place between 13-17 July.

This year, some of the artists performing on stage are Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz, Deftones, Disclosure and Peggy Gou.

Some of the big names that performed in previous editions include The Prodigy, Skrillex, Fatboy Slim, Die Antwoord, Thievery Corporation, Dilated People and more.

You will also have a chance to listen to many Romanian acts and you might even find yourself dancing near a Romanian celebrity – as many have joined the crowds to enjoy the Electric Castle music festival lately.

If you want to find out more about this festival, you can do so on its official website.

Plai Fest


We’re moving away from Cluj Napoca but remain somewhat in the area: Plai Fest is a festival that takes place in Timisoara sometime in September.

This is a really interesting project, as it is completely organized and run by volunteers, being the biggest festival in Europe that’s ran by volunteers.

Although the artist lineup is not as impressive as that of the previous two festivals, the fact that it’s run completely by volunteers and that there are complementary cultural events (like workshops, movie viewings and such) make it an important festival in Romania and an experience you should reward yourself with.

I would say that the vibe here is very, very relaxed and friendly and you can always discover great acts to fall in love with.

For example, the 2022 line-up includes DakhaBrakha, Richard Bona & Alfredo Rodriguez Trio, Aynur,Yemen Blues or Tre3mentions. I’m only familiar with only one name on this list – but this doesn’t mean that you won’t have heaps of fun!

Info: The Play Fest takes place between 10-12 September in 2022.

So why not find out more about it if you’re interested? Click here to visit its official website.

Summer Well


Another festival that grows in popularity every year and brings more and more music lovers together is Summer Well.

The festival takes place in Buftea, which is near Bucharest and is usually held during the second weekend of August.

Info: In 2022, the Summer Well Fest takes place between 12-14 August.

The atmosphere there is usually amazing – for those who love nature, that is – and the lineup of artists performing there is more and more impressive every year.

For example, some of the artists that performed in the past were The Chemical Brothers, Hurts, Milky Chance and more.

This year, the line-up includes Arctic Monkeys, Nothing But Thieves, Jungle, Future Islands and Alice Merton.

Although it’s not (yet) as popular as the festivals above – with around 50,000 participants each year – this is a great choice for music lovers who don’t mind spending some time surrounded by nature.

Also, it’s proximity to Bucharest gives it a big boost. If you’re looking for nice accommodation in the area, I wrote about the best centrally located hotels in the city here.

Find out more about this music festival on its official website.


Neversea fest
Image via Facebook

During the summer, one of the biggest and best unique music festivals in Romania takes place in Constanta, on the beach. It brings a diverse line-up of artists, with a focus on electronic music.

Usually taking place in July, the Neversea fest grew tremendously over the years, also thanks to the fact that it takes place in the heart of the summer season.

Info: The Neversea fest takes place between 7-10 July in 2022.

Among the artists you will be able to listen to this year, we have Alan Walker, Alesso, Azteck, B Jones, Black Eyed Peas, Brennan Heart, Borgore and many more.

You can get all the details about this festival on its official page.

ARTmania Festival

ARTmania festival
Photo via Facebook

An interesting concept for a musical fest, ARTmania combines art and music – all around the rock culture. So you’re getting a lot more than music – art exhibitions, book launches and movies too.

The first edition was back in 2006, but since it’s a bit niched down, it never grew as large as the ones above. But for those who love rock music, it’s a must!

It takes place in Sibiu, usually in late July and it is a must visit for those who are into rock music.

Info: In 2022, ARTmania Festival takes place between 22-24 July.

Bringing on stage well known – as well as lesser known – names in the rock music industry (including local Romanian acts), ARTmania will feature this year acts such as Meshuggah, Merciful Fate, Transatlantic, Cult of Luna and much more.

And if you find yourself in Sibiu, make sure to find some time to explore the best things the city has to offer, too.

You can find all the details about this unique Romanian music fest here.


SAGA Festival
Image via Facebook

A very young music festival in Romania (having debuted – surprisingly, I would say, in 2021), SAGA will definitely become one of the biggest and best in the country.

It takes place in Bucharest, in early June usually. In 2022, the SAGA fest takes place between 3-5 June on the National Arena stadium.

Despite its young age, the festival brings together some big names in the music industry. This year, for example, you can see the following bands performing (among many other): Acraze, Afrojack, Deadmau5, Tiesto or Mike Williams.

There’s also a stage dedicated to local talent, as well as one for more underground artist.

You can find all the official data about this new music fest on its official website.

Garana Jazz Fest

garana jazz fest
Its amazing location (via Facebook)

We’re switching over to some jazz music and a great music festival taking place in a small Romanian village – Gărâna.

Even though not as big as the others on this list, it’s a place where you can relax and listen to amazing music, surrounded by nature. It’s also one of Romania’s longest running music festivals, being born in 1996 and taking place sometime in July.

Info: Garana Jazz Fest 2022 takes place between 12-15 July

There are usually three stages in the small village, including the one in the La Rascruce Inn, where the first edition took place so many years ago. It’s really, really nice!

The lineup of artists is impressive, including heaps of big names from all over the world. For example, this year, you will be able to listen to Liv Warfield Band, Arne Jansen Trio, Svante Henryson’s Back to Base, Verneri Pohjola Quartet, Charles Lloyd & The Marvels and many, many more.

Check out the official website of the music festival for the complete line-up and more details.

Wrapping up

These would be the best music festivals in Romania, in my opinion. The best thing about them is that they all happen in a relatively short timespan, so if you plan your journey carefully, you can mark them all on your list this year – and see an important part of Romania while doing so!

Have you been to a music festival that takes place only in Romania? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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  1. I had no idea Romania had so many festivals????. Pretty cool. I am a bit old for music festivals. I’ve always liked going to concerts of artists that l enjoy. Billie Idol, The Cars, Hall and Oates etc. it’s nice to know there are choices. People love their Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals ????

    • A bit too crowded, music a bit too loud for me too 🙂 Plus, I don’t really dig electronic music in most cases, but there are surely a lot of people out there who do. And with my back problems, the idea of spending one night (or more) sleeping on the grass… doesn’t sound amazing! 🙂

  2. I think you’ve got the party-pooper senior set here. Music festivals aren’t my thing either. But maybe I could be persuaded to go to the Plai Fest by Timisoara. There seems to be a lot on offer there besides music. Just one more side to Romania I didn’t know about.


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