Retiring to Romania – Pros and Cons

retire to romania pros cons

Due to the low cost of living, its natural beauty, the fact that it is an EU member and hopefully a Schengen member in the near future, Romania is considered by more and more people as a great country to retire to. Today we’re going to go through the Pros and Cons of retiring to … Read more

Where to Eat in Cluj Napoca: Best Restaurants and Pubs

best places to eat in Cluj Napoca

With so many restaurants to choose from in Cluj, you might be wondering which are the best in the city. And that’s what I am here to answer today. But first, a warning: don’t read this on an empty stomach! You’ll probably regret it! Back to today’s topic, Cluj Napoca has a plethora of amazing … Read more

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Brasov

best areas to live in brasov

Looking for the best neighborhoods to live in Brasov? You’re at the right place, as today I am going to talk exactly about that. And since Brasov is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Romania, but also one that expats love, you must stay in the best areas of the city! Just like … Read more

Best Castles in Romania: You’ll Love Visiting Them

best castles to visit in Romania

If you’re up for a magical vacation within medieval times filled with stories and legends, then you’ll love visiting the best castles in Romania that I prepared for you in this article. No. 3 – the Peles Castle – is by far my favorite; I would visit it every summer, if I could. But you … Read more

Where to Eat in Timisoara: Best Restaurants in the City

where to eat in timisoara

One of our favorite things when traveling is exploring local restaurants and fortunately Timisoara has a lot of great places to eat. While I haven’t tested them all, I might have visited one too many even before I considered writing this article. But it’s all for the greater good, so now I am here to … Read more

Where to stay in Timisoara: Best Hotels for the Money

where to stay in timisoara

If you’re visiting Timisoara, let me tell you that you’ve made an amazing choice, and there is no way that you’ll get bored in this city! But to get the most out of it, where you stay is extremely important. And this is exactly what we’re talking about today – the best hotels for the … Read more

Best Winter Holiday Destinations in Romania [2021]

best winter destinations in romania

If you’re planning to visit Romania during the winter, I’m here to help by sharing the best destination for a perfect vacation here. Romania has plenty of cities and regions that may seem very attractive, but are they really the best choice for the winter season? Most of them are, but today we’re going to … Read more

What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Oradea? [Answered]

best neighborhoods in oradea

Oradea is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, and one of those places where most of the neighborhoods tell their own stories and have their own unique vibe. So, if you decide to move to Oradea, whether it’s for your studies, for work or simply because you fell in love with the city … Read more

Top Things to Do and See in Brasov, Romania

top things to do in Brasov

Brasov is one of those amazing cities in Romania that is a perfect destination no matter when you choose to visit. To make it even better, I decided to share the top things to do and see in Brasov. Whether it’s the middle of the summer or the season of skiing, Brasov is always amongst … Read more