Nuclear Danger in Romania: Is There Any?

nuclear danger over Romania

Today, we’re discussing the very unlikely possibility of a potential nuclear danger in Romania in the event of a nuclear bomb being dropped in Ukraine or the almost impossible scenario of Russia starting a nuclear war. This is not the … Read more

Retiring to Romania – Pros and Cons

retire to romania pros cons

Romania is considered by more and more people as a great country to retire to. This is because of the low cost of living (despite skyrocketing prices), its natural beauty, the fact that it is an EU member and hopefully … Read more

Stray Dogs in Romania: Are They Still a Problem?

group of Romanian stray dogs

In the past, Romania managed to become (in)famous worldwide thanks to its stray dog problem (among other things, of course). It wasn’t uncommon to see groups of stray dogs roaming the streets and even attacking pedestrians. This “fame” was earned … Read more

Bulgaria vs. Romania: Which Country to Choose?

bulgaria vs romania

The two neighboring countries, Romania and Bulgaria, are usually fighting for the last spot in EU’s charts: from minimum and average salary, to corruption and quality of life, it’s becoming a habit to see these two countries at the bottom … Read more