5 Best Books about Romania You MUST Read [2023 Update]

If you want to move to Romania or just plan to visit the country, but you don’t know a lot about it, you should check out one of my recommended books about Romania below.

The advantage of a book (especially if you choose the traditional, paper product) is that you can carry it around at all times, independent of an internet connection and it has all the info you need in an easy to access structure.

Today’s article will help you check out 5 of the best books about Romania, instantly available on Amazon, where you can learn a lot about this country, from its history to how things are today or top things to visit and even learn a bit of Romanian.

In other words, each of these books will provide extremely useful information about living in Romania or traveling to this beautiful country, each with its own unique approach and area of expertise, as you will see.

The number of books about Romania overall is pretty low and they might be lacking here and there in terms of up to date information a person moving to Romania might need.

However, the recommendations below are still pretty solid and you’ll learn a lot about this beautiful country especially if you are old school like me and still prefer books.

I did select the best on offer and I am sure that, despite the low pool of titles to choose from, you will still learn a lot about the country from these books.

Or just stick to reading this blog – it’s free and I do my best to keep it as up to date as possible. Your choice.

(Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this article)

City Compass Romania: Bucharest & Beyond

This is a really complex book about the life in Romania and things to do in the country.

It used to be updated yearly, but the latest version I could found was this 2020 one. Still good overall.

It focuses mostly on Bucharest, but has a lot of useful information about the rest of the country as well.

Featuring everything from finding a place to live, navigating the nightlife, discovering the cuisine and peasant markets, or living green to Romanian art and more, this is a professionally written book by the folks behind Romania-based website Romania Insider.

Definitely check it out here.

The Rough Guide to Romania

This is also a guide book that gets republished regularly – so make sure that you do get the latest edition (the one I linked to below, at the moment). Here’s the complete description of the book, as published by its authors:

“Discover Romania with this comprehensive and entertaining travel guide, packed with practical information and honest recommendations by our independent experts.

Whether you plan to go bear and wolf tracking in the Romanian wilderness, visit the opulent Peles Castle in Sinaia or go kayaking on the Black Sea, The Rough Guide to Romania will help you discover the best places to explore, eat, drink, shop and sleep along the way.”

This comprehensive guide reviews all the top hotel and restaurant options for every taste and budget, and includes informed background on Romania’s history, wildlife, literature, music, and, of course, Dracula so it’s perfect for those looking to travel here.

Click here to check it out.

Romania Explained to My Friends Abroad

books about romania 03

A Romanian’s approach to describing Romania for people abroad, interested in either moving here or visiting.

See Romania from a Romanian’s point of view: the author has been working with National Geographic Romania for over a decade, so he’s somebody who’s seen a lot of our country and has some great stories to share.

As described by the author, “Romania explained to my friends abroad is not an exhaustive, academic paper on Romania; nor is it a travel guide.

I’m a simple journalist and this is just my own private Romania – a subjective puzzle of all the things I know from experience to be interesting for foreign tourists.”

This book was published in 2016, so it isn’t the most up to date one you can find, but due to the unique approach, the book is still fun to read and still accurate.

You can check it out here.

Insight Guides Romania

One of the more recent additions to the series of books about Romania, this one definitely offers a lot of eye candy thanks to the beautiful photos of the country that its authors have included.

But it’s not just eye candy! You also get important information about places to see in Romania, including in-depth, color maps, historical and cultural insights, key tips about visiting the country and much, much more.

While this isn’t extremely useful for those looking to relocate to Romania, for those interested in traveling here, it will be pure gold!

You can check it out here.

Taste of Romania

books about romania 05

You can’t know everything about a country unless you know a lot about the country’s cuisine, and this book features 150 mouth watering Romanian recipes that you will surely fall in love with.

The advantage with this book is that you don’t really have to come all the way here to test the delicious food it shares with its readers!

Check it out here.

Bonus: Michelin Romania Map

And a bonus title for you, the Michelin Romanian Map. A must have if you plan a trip to Romania, as this updated map gives travelers an overall picture of their route, with practical road and travel information; and city maps containing extensive street indexes orient them quickly so they can find their way to their destination.

In a world where Google Maps is on everybody’s phones (or an alternative to it, that is), old school physical maps seem to be pointless… until you run out of battery in a country whose language you don’t speak, with no idea where you actually are.

Better be safe than sorry, that’s what I always say!


These would be the best books available right now to teach you more about Romania and help you uncover its secrets, as well as well known facts or things to see/do in the country.

I’ve been planning to write my own guide to Romania for several years now, but never got past the listing of the chapter titles.

So until I finally manage to get my own book ready for you, the ones above will definitely work great!

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  1. Loved Romania Explained! Much more than a ‘mere’ travel guide. And therefore not important that it is a little older. Things don’t change that quickly, not even in Romania.


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