Best Cheap Hotels in Bucharest Close to the City Center (2019 Update)

When visiting Bucharest, choosing a hotel located close to the city center is your best bet if you want to be close to the main attractions and especially the beautiful old town. Although hotels in this area are usually more expensive specifically because of their prime location, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find some cheaper options too!

And this is exactly what we’re going to talk about today: the best cheap hotels in Bucharest that are centrally located and still offer great quality for the money, so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Romania’s capital city and be close to all the hustle and bustle.

There is one thing to have in mind, though: since prices fluctuate based on many reasons (especially the season and the time of the week), I can’t share the exact prices for rooms, so you’ll have to check for yourself. However, I did my best to find and share the top hotels that offer a fair quality/price ratio.

So without further ado, let’s check out the best hotels in Bucharest that are close to the city center!

Liad Hotel

The cheapest hotel on our list (unless some special deals go live for the others), Hotel Liad isn’t the most beautiful place you’ll ever visit – I have to be honest about that. But it’s located in a really good area, just a few minutes of walking away from the University / Universitate area and less than 10 minutes of walking away from the old town with all its pubs and restaurants.

So, yes, you will probably spend very little time in the hotel anyway… And when you do, the bed will be comfortable, the room will be clean – and that’s all that matters. Save some money here and spend them on great things while exploring the city!

You can book your stay at Liad Hotel by clicking here.

Hotel ibis Palace of Parliament

Things are improving quickly in terms of looks with the Ibis Hotel situated near the Palace of Parliament. It’s actually right across the street from it, with many rooms offering a view of Bucharest’s Mammoth Building.

Apart from the premium location, the hotel is modern and looks great, offering a high quality stay, no matter how many days you choose to spend there. And if you pick this hotel, you must select the optional breakfast as well since it’s absolutely delicious!

Book your stay at Hotel ibis Palace of Parliament here (Make sure you get this one as there’s another near the train station – good as well, but not centrally located).

Novotel Bucharest

Situated in a prime location, but still in a silent area, this hotel is just minutes away (of walking!) from most of the attractions in the city, including the old town, Cismigiu park, the National Museum of Art and much, much more.

This is also a 4-star hotel, meaning that you’re getting premium services and a large, beautiful room too, all at a great price. You simply can’t ignore it!

Click here to book your stay at Novotel right now

Relax Comfort Suites Hotel

Although situated on a busy street where it might get a bit noisy, especially if you’re getting a room facing the street and you keep the windows open, this hotel is also located in a prime spot. It is surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants, as well as all the attractions in the city center.

The rooms look really good and modern, with comfortable beds and all the amenities you need. Highly recommended both by myself and the reviewers on

You can book your stay at Relax Comfort Suites Hotel by clicking here

Food for thought: If you’re just passing through Bucharest, maybe you just want to be near the airport instead for convenience. If that sounds better, you can check out the best Bucharest hotels near the airport here.

Hotel Duke Romana

If you’re looking for alternatives, Hotel Duke Romana could be one of these. Although not as centrally located as the others – or at least not as close to the main attractions (but still within minutes away from many), Hotel Duke is situated really close to the Romana metro station, so you’ve got yourself covered at least when it comes to public transportation.

On, I see it listed currently as a 4-star hotel, while its official website lists it as a 3-star hotel, so most likely the latter is true. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad hotel, though. It has glowing reviews and the rooms don’t look bad at all, even though they don’t seem to be extremely modern either. But for a budget hotel, things are still looking good!

Book your stay at Hotel Duke Romana here

These would be my recommendations. There are other options, for sure, but they are also more expensive. However, I am sure that you’ll find any of these hotels highly enjoyable, with an amazing price / quality ratio, so you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you’ll have a great stay and you’ll enjoy Bucharest fully. Don’t forget, if you need some pointers regarding the things to see once you get here, you can check out my article about the top 10 things to do in Bucharest. Enjoy your stay!

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15 thoughts on “Best Cheap Hotels in Bucharest Close to the City Center (2019 Update)”

  1. Hey Calin,
    Bucharest or bust, eh?
    Could NOT, would NOT want to live there,
    but a visit now and then is okay. This article
    is quite a nice overview of where-to-stay
    options for the capital.
    Thanks for your insights!
    ~Teil (USA)

  2. Good morning Calin,
    I see big protests in the capital and around the country against government
    corruption and legislation. (Of course, ALL governments are corrupt to some extent.)
    My questions revolve around violence or lack thereof. Do the protests ever
    get violent with the protesters using Molotov cocktails, rocks, truncheons, etc.?
    How do the police respond–are they armed? Or are the Romanian protests
    much more peaceful with no extreme violence on either side?
    (Of course the overthrow of Ceausescu was violent, but he and his wife got
    what they deserved after having ravaged Romania and its people for so many years.)
    Just curious, as the protests in the USA can get REALLY violent!
    ~Teil (USA)

    • Teil, these protests are still small compared to what happened in early 2017, but there are still a lot of people gathering. The principle behind the protests is to keep them peaceful and prove a point with that – all important voices on social media and TV channels, from people taking part in the protests, ask people to stay calm and keep the protests peaceful.

      There was some violence during the last protests, but it was caused by small groups (called “ultrasi” which are the hardcore fans of soccer teams in Romania) and many voices claim that they were actually sent there by people with interests to see the protests becoming violent.

      However, those were isolated incidents and the current protests are as peaceful as possible. When they do get violent, police promptly responds with tear gas grenades and brute force, though.

  3. These all look like great places to stay in Bucharest. We actually considered the Ibis :-). My tastes however runs toward the unaffordable :-).. haha! I think l really wanted the Kempiski Hotel which was way out of my comfort zone. In the end, we got a nice place on airbnb but l would definitely consider the Ibis again. I loved Bucharest, crowds and all :-).

    • The Ibis does look like a great find for the price range. There are surely much better options for those who have the budget, but these are still really good choices for sure. I am happy to know that your good opinion regarding Bucharest hasn’t changed as time passed by 🙂

  4. Great Informative article. Keep them coming. I looked at them all on Google street view right now as I have been in most of those areas.

  5. Hi..i have question not related to this article but i need to much money the groom brother should give his brother on his wedding?

  6. I am so so glad that I came across this post. I was searching for a similar list from few days as I am about to visit Bucharest in the next month. Really an informative post! Thank you! 🙂

  7. Calin:
    Still the Ibis for me! Cheap, clean, and brekkies, too.
    So, off topic: climate change in Romania–hotter or colder; wetter, or drier? Don’t like Death Valley heat, and don’t like South Pole cold. Prefer more rain and healthy green forests and full lakes and rivers, than frequent droughts, brown dead forests (and fires!), and muddy remnants of lakes and rivers–FOR SURE!!!
    Looks like civil unions are a no-go. Can’t understand why there’s so much opposition. I mean the LGBQT community isn’t hurting anyone. It’s not as if they are planning to convert everyone, and take over the country. Still, as the young people take more role in government, things will surely change for the better.
    It’s the older folk like me who are so set in their ways–ha, ha!
    Spring is here: this and Fall are my favorite seasons. (Too bad there’s no place where there are not six months of each.;-))
    Stay well!

    • Hello Teil, it seems that I really managed to strike it with Ibis 🙂 I am happy about that.

      Regarding the climate change, it is difficult to say exactly how it affects the country: last year in March we had heavy snows, this year we had summer temperatures every now and then. So I think that all we can say is that weather is becoming more and more unpredictable these days…

      Yes, hopefully the younger people will be able to change things for the better. All these take time – I was recently reading an article that in 1995, a lady was sent to prison for trying to seduce another lady. So things have definitely changed since then… but change does take time. A bit too long in some occasions.

  8. I still choose Ibis as well :-). Gorgeous, but l did like our AirBnB apartment that we stayed in, except for the elevator if you remember :-). We both still have such fond memories of our visit to Romania and l definitely want to see that colorful town on our next visit.

    • Yes, I remember the horror elevator as well. I wasn’t aware of the fact that they still exist… and work without a problem 🙂 Next time you guys visit, maybe you stay at Ibis, then. They definitely have modern elevators.


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