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If you’re planning to visit Bucharest, setting up base in a nice & cheap hotel near the the Bucharest Airport (Henri Coanda Airport aka Otopeni airport) would be a good idea, especially if you’re not going to spend too much time in the city and/or you’re not planning to spend a lot of time exploring the city center. But even if you do, a taxi ride from your hotel to the city center should not cost more than $5, so it’s all still good and cheap.

There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing your hotel near the Bucharest airport and I did some research so you don’t have to and I am sharing with you what are, in my opinion, the best hotels near the Bucharest Airport Henri Coanda. These are generally cheap hotels (at least compared to what you’d have to pay in other Western countries), but the main things that I took into account were their quality and opinions of people who stayed there, as well as proximity to the airport.

We’ll start with the closest hotels near the Bucharest airport which are not actually in Bucharest, but in Otopeni (since the Airport is in Otopeni). Again, it’s just a $5 ride to the city center and the whole thing’s basically a suburb of Bucharest, so you have nothing to worry about. Here are my suggestions:

Hotel Denisa

01 hotel denis
02 hotel denisa

This is a really cheap, but high quality three star hotel that also has a small bar & restaurant in case you need to grab something to eat or drink. It also has a nice and cozy entertainment area where you can test your billiards, table tennis or darts skills, while the small but charming outdoor space is great for connecting with nature. The rooms are clean and modern, equipped with TV and minibar, as well as air conditioning, plus high quality free WiFi internet. One of the best things is that the hotel also offers FREE airport transfers – just make sure you let them know you need one and you’ll have a car waiting for you at the airport! It’s one of the best rated airport hotels on with a great 8.6 rating out of 10. A good choice so click here to check out the prices & availability for your date range and book it right away!

Hotel Otopeni

03 hotel otopeni

04 hotel otopeni

A bit more basic, which makes it extra cheap, the Otopeni Hotel is perfect for you especially if you like red tones (as they have a lot of it!) The quality of the services and rooms is high as well: rooms are well equipped and clean, with nice bathrooms as well as air conditioning and cable TV. They also offer free airport transfers as well as the option to order an early breakfast to go, while their staff is friendly and they can speak English. It’s not a luxury hotel, but it’s nice, clean and you’ll surely feel welcome there. So click here to check it out & book it right now!

Angelo by Vienna House

05 hotel angelo

06 hotel angelo

Even though there’s a complete mixture of names & nationalities (a hotel with an Italian name, owned by Vienna House in Romania), this is a really good hotel for those looking for a bit more luxury. The 4 star hotels has soundproofed rooms with air conditioning and free WiFi internet, as well as minibar, safe and tea and coffee making facilities. They also offer free shuttle service, as well as a lot of other goodies, like sauna and fitness center, a la carte restaurant, laundry & dry cleaning and much, much more. It also looks really good and has a “Fabulous” rating on – so click here to check it out and book your room now!

Rin Airport Hotel

07 rin hotels

08 rin hotel

If you need even more facilities during your stay, then your best bet is with Rin Airport Hotel – a 4 star hotel that has a beautiful spa area with an amazing indoor pool, as well as hot tub and fitness facilities – all included in the price. The rooms are huge and beautiful, with minibar, air conditioning and free WiFi, while the hotel itself has two restaurants and two bars. They are also just meters away from the Waterpark Otopeni (one of the largest and best aqua parks in Romania) where guests can use lounge chairs and parasols free of charge. A really, really good hotel that offers everything you may want, so click here to check it out & book it at the lowest price.

If you really want to be in Bucharest, hotels in Baneasa area are your best choice based on their proximity to the airport. Here are my recommendations:

Hotel Baneasa Parc

09 hotel baneasa parc

10 hotel baneasa parc

With an average score of 9 out of 10 based on 76 reviews on, Hotel Baneasa Parc is definitely a great choice for a hotel that’s close to the Bucharest airport and also in the city. They offer airport shuttles as well (but for an extra fee) and have an amazing garden. The rooms are good for a 3-star hotel, with air conditioning and free WiFi included. Those who love tennis can also play a match or more since the hotel also has a tennis court. Click here to find out more about it & book it!

Crystal Palace Hotel

11 hotel crystal palace

12 hotel crystal palace

Even closer to the city, but still close to the Otopeni airport, this four star hotel is built to impress. And it does impress as it also has an average 9 out of 10 rating on, based on 226 reviews. In other words: it’s amazing! All rooms feature free wireless internet, individually controlled air-conditioning, minibar, safe and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Guests have free access to the Health Club, including a fitness center, a sauna and a hot tub. They also offer airport shuttle service for an extra fee. A beautiful hotel that’s worth checking out – so click here to find out more & book it!

I am sure that you have enough great suggestions to pick a perfect place for you to stay at next time you visit Bucharest. I hope you’ll have an amazing stay!


  1. Hello Calin:
    Oh no–where’s KemKem?!?!?
    Sort of a change of pace. Now I feel I have to go to Trivago to check these out–ha, ha! I wonder if the in-room mini-bars are as expensive as in the US. For instance, $8 to $10 beers or sodas, $5 candy bars, $2 bag of nuts, etc. I learned the hard way NOT to use the mini-bar! I just haul my a** to a nearby convenience store and buy all the munchies I need, at a very reasonable price.
    So any plans for the subway to expand a line from Bucharest city center to the airport? That seems to be what a lot of major cities are doing.
    So, how’s the weather in Drobeta? Is it more or less typical for this time of year? (I am looking more and more at your lovely city as a place to live–eventually.)
    I hear your government has pledged a lot of money to Moldova. That makes sense–you need that country to be maintained as a buffer to Vlad the Putin! Still, it’s sad that the Moldova’s “government” was so corrupt as too “lose” the billion or more $.
    How’s your new PM doing? Who has more “power”: the PM or President Iohannis? (I need a little Romanian civics lesson.;-)
    So off I go to Trivago!
    Thanks for this interesting presentation of accommodations in Bucharest!

    • Hello Teil,

      I am happy you enjoyed these hotels, and also to hear that you’re considering Drobeta Turnu Severin as a potential destination – it’s been a winter with great weather, completely different from what we were used with. I can only hope this continues… 🙂

      The minibar goodies are indeed more expensive than what you can buy in the store, but not as highly priced as the items in the us.

      Regarding the subway line, they are trying to do it and there have been talks for years, but nothing happened. Building new subway lines is an extremely slow process in Bucharest…

      I’m not following politics that much, so I can’t really say about Moldova or the new Prime Minister, but I haven’t seen anybody complain too much so he must be doing good. The PM is more active, but it’s the President that has to approve everything that the PM comes up with so I would say that the President has the upper hand here.

  2. Ha, I stayed at the Rin Otopeni last May for a night until I could get to my apartment and it was good. I accidentally left my phone in the lobby and went back a few hours later and they had it safely kept for me. For my trip this May the Rin was booked so I am staying at the Denisa for a night. I was hoping it would be on your list and it is.

  3. Hello Calin,
    Wife and I have enjoyed what you”ve listed about that variety of hotels collection close to Henri Airport. However we interested to stay into a flat place surrounded by a beautiful gardens and lovely walk area. Basically we go with Baneasa Hotel, and if you would we like to see more of those Hotel Types as Baneasa .
    Regards Emad

    • It’s difficult to find that near the hotel, as most are made in the “concrete jungle” so very, very difficult for gardens and nice walking areas. I will be working on another article for hotels in Bucharest and there will be a lot more hotels with nice views and gardens on that list.

  4. Haha! Neil’s just lucky l was pretty much wifi free for the week :-). Oh..I love the look of the Angelo with the bold colors. I always try and book a hotel close to the airport when we have an early flight. It is almost always cheaper too (except for London 🙂 ). Amazing the value you get at these hotels, the 3 star looks like 4..Cool!

    • Yes, I am surprised to see that hotels in Romania are starting to look really, really nice. Glad you enjoy them! You know now where to stay in case you decide to visit Romania – although I’d go somewhere more central for more days…

  5. Thank you for all this great information. I read every post that you write. I am considering a trip to Bucharest, and I am wondering what the best time of year to visit would be. in your opinion?

    • Thanks for visiting, Steve! I personally think that the good weather months would be the best choice for a visit to Bucharest and most of Romania. Anytime between the beginning of May to late September would be great, although I’d go for June and early July when the weather is nice but not too hot and the risk of raining is minimal. May can be a bit colder, Mid July and August can get insanely hot and during September there’s a bigger risk or rain.

  6. Ok an update. The Rin Hotel is better than the Denisa in my opinion. The Denisa has nice people and good food but the Rin has better rooms.


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