What Is the Speed of Internet in Romania in 2024? [Answered]

  • Romania’s internet infrastructure is highly developed, offering fast broadband speeds (178 Mbps) and decent mobile internet speeds (51 Mbps), even in remote areas.
  • Despite falling behind in European rankings, Romania still offers reliable and fast internet, with cities having speeds much higher than the national average.
  • Romania’s main internet provider offers very affordable plans with high speeds, at very low monthly rates.

Romania was once one of the top countries in the world in terms of internet speed.

While that’s no longer the case – it’s not even the top country in Europe when it comes to the average internet speed, it’s still doing extremely well. Much better than most, actually.

Romania’s average internet speed is 178 Mbps (broadband speed) and just 51 Mbps in terms of mobile internet. The internet infrastructure in Romania is very developed and reliable, offering top speeds even in remote areas and villages.

The numbers above are based on my own experience using internet services in the country in various cities, and a village. I’ve combined that with the data on Nomad Not Mad regarding internet speed in Europe, as well as official SpeedTest statistics.

In other words, you won’t be ever disappointed with the speed of Internet in Romania, be it broadband/cable or mobile internet, even though it’s starting to lag behind other European countries.

Expect the actual internet speed to be much faster in the cities, and under the average in most villages.

At our village house, for example, we have an 100 Mbps plan for cable internet, although mobile internet speeds are indeed lower – and there are areas without mobile signal.

That’s still pretty good and I really don’t think you need more for regular, daily use.

Romania internet speed: Broadband tests

The main internet provider in Romania, Digi, has two super cheap, yet very fast internet offers available:

  • for 30 lei/month (€6), absolute minimum speed of 200 Mbps, but on average 450 Mbps.
  • for 40 lei/month (€8), absolute minimum speed of 200 Mbps, but on average 850 Mbps.

Super fast internet at VERY affordable prices. Here’s a screenshot of the offer available on their website (but you do need to sign a 2-year contract):

digi internet offer
Digi’s amazing internet offer in 2024

The interesting part is that these prices are the same since 2022, despite the huge inflation that affected Romania and resulted in increased prices all over the board.

My tests in the city where I lived in, Drobeta Turnu Severin, I have the cheapest plan available and never felt the need to upgrade, as the internet was always blazing fast.

Here is how my latest speed test looked like. More than decent!

broadband internet speed

It’s also well above the country’s average, which further shows that it’s the villages with poorer connection that draw it down a bit.

Mobile internet speed in Romania

Romania is one of the top countries in Europe when it comes to fixed broadband internet performance, but things are completely different when it comes to mobile internet speed.

Here, Romania is not even in the top 10 European countries, as we’ve seen above. Romania only scores an average of 51 Mbps in terms of mobile internet speed, not able to grow much in the past few years.

The reality will most likely be different for you, though. If you will stick to the cities, you will once again score much better numbers.

For example, here is the result of a speed test I ran on my mobile provider (on mobile, I am with the Orange company which managed to score a pretty solid 85.62 Mbps mobile internet speed score):

mobile internet speed Romania

While the speed is definitely not similar to that of my broadband connection, it’s still really good and well above the average, allowing you to do all your work on a mobile internet connection.

However, this speed does drop a lot when I’m at the village house – as low as 5 Mbps in some areas.

This further proves that you’ll get much, much better speed of internet in Romania in the cities.

The big bonus of the broadband connection – low prices for such a solid performance – it’s fortunately valid when it comes to mobile data plans too.

For example, I pay 5 Euros / month for the plan that I use – one that gives me the speed you saw above.

I also get unlimited calls in Romania and the EU, no matter which provider I call, as well as unlimited text messages, 200 International minutes for phone calls outside the EU and some 20 or 30 GB of data each month (not sure, because I never used it all).

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Even though, when we’re talking about absolute averages, the country is starting to lag behind in worldwide charts and EU rankings, Romania still provides blazing fast and reliable internet on both mobile and broadband connections.

The cities and touristic places that you are most likely to visit will all offer internet speeds that are well above the average and even in villages, you will still get at least decent speed.

Combine that with a low cost of living and very cheap plans and you only have reasons to be happy.

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  1. We have 300 speed, but to tell you the truth, I don’t think it’s any different from 100. It works fast, and that’s all l care about. The prices in Romania are quite reasonable. We have a bundle plan with cable and cell, and landline and l think it is still cheaper compared to how much we were paying in the states, so l’m happy. It’s great for nomads.

  2. I wanted to upgrade to 1,000 during their Black Friday sale but then I thought… why? I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever with the speed here so… why pay more for something you don’t really need? 🙂 Yes, I agree, anything over 100 Mbps is really good.


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