Romanian girls are very charming and most of the time not after your money (Note: This is popular Romanian singer, Antonia)

Talking about girls in Romania is very difficult, as there are many possible approaches and generalization might not work, as each girl has her own personality and purpose in life and ways to achieve it, but after receiving a comment from Eric, I decided to try and tackle this delicate matter and write this Romanian Girls “guide” and hopefully helping all those interested in the matter know if they can find true love in Romania or they’re just going to get burned and taken advantage of.

First things first: 99% of the girls that I know are amazing persons who would always put love above financial gains and would not even accept the idea of receiving a monthly “allowance” from their boyfriends.

99% of the girls that I know are strong, independent individuals who are able to make their own money or just make it work with the help of their family.

So most likely, you will be just as I am and meet one of the millions of girls out there who want nothing than a genuine relationship based on mutual love and trust and you will easily find true, honest love in Romania.

But not all Romanian Girls are like this and there’s a very small percentage (just like it happens in every country) that is looking to gain as much financially from you and not really into your charm and good looks.

Obviously, this article will focus more on this type of girls and highlight some of their traits so you can stay well away from them.

How to identify Romanian girls who want to take advantage of you

There are always some signs that are there with girls that are more interested in getting your money (and remember, since Romania is a relatively poor country, most foreigners can be considered rich by Romanian standards: our medium wage is about 370 EUR or $490!)

Have in mind that these “signs” are not always a proof that your Romanian girl is only interested in your money, but chances are that she is:

– Good looking girls that invest a lot in their beauty. I know a few girls who invest all the money they get on fancy clothes, visits to the nail & hair saloon often and all sorts of body enhancements in order to look as good as possible and get the attention of the people with money.

They dress to attract all the eyes and, very important, they play hard to get. They want to make you believe that it’s your win if you manage to get into their good grace and get that date! Generally, if she seems to be out of your league and still interested in you, you might have to wonder what her real intentions are.

– She is surrounded by single ladies who seem to have the same dressing and living habits. A group of Victoria’s Secret model lookalikes is most likely a group of girls not looking for true love. Otherwise, they’d certainly not be single. Or at least some of them.

– Clubbing is their life. Meeting girls in the club is not really the best way to find the love of your life. If you’re not looking for commitment, the clubs are what you have to visit, but otherwise, be very cautious with girls that like to spend all their nights in the clubs.

– She never has the intention to pay for anything and orders the expensive(ish) products. This is another sign that she might not be interested by anything else but money.

It is customary in Romania for the man to pay for the drinks (and/or food if applicable), but it’s also common sense that the girl should at least offer to pay for her share, even if she knows or expects you to pay for it. So if she doesn’t even bother to look at the bill, be careful!

– She has products that she cannot afford. The comment that inspired me to write this article talked about a girl that just finished college, had no job and no plans to get one soon, yet she had an 80,000 EUR apartment fully paid (this is a humongous sum here in Romania) and driving a 2011 BMW, and it was all paid out too.

Unless her parents were incredibly rich and supported her, that money came from taking advantage of other men’s weaknesses. So always be on the lookout on things she can’t afford.

It doesn’t have to be apartments and fancy cars, it can be just expensive jewelry and designer clothes. When you’re earning 300 EUR per month, it’s very difficult to but nothing but genuine Armani bags.

– She asks for money. This should be on the top of the list. If she asks for money or subtly hints that you should give her some money, she might not be the soul mate you are looking for.

– She’s not always there for you. Although times are changing in Romania too, usually Romanian girls are very dedicated to their partners and extremely loyal.

There are no reasons for her to spend nights out on her own, be unavailable for hours (without a real reason) or refuse to introduce you to her friends.

– Eating out. Again, times are changing, but most of the people living in Romania are not used to eating out a lot. Fancy restaurants are generally out of the questions.

If she insists to eat out a lot – or do any activities that aren’t so common here in Romania (visiting other countries during the weekends, taking short vacations, ordering expensive items), she might not be your true love.

– She acts like a Prima Donna trophy. The more beautiful she is, the easier to act like this. This generally means that she will do her best to let you know that it’s your win if you’re dating her.

She will play hard to get, she will be very moody, she will openly let you know that she’s high maintenance, she will expect gifts from you (yet she won’t buy you anything) and generally, she will make sure to let you know how lucky you are to fave found her.

These would be things to be aware of when looking for your Romanian true love. Not all the signs must be present for her to be interested only in your money, and it might still mean that she really loves you even if all the signs are present.

Try to use your common sense a lot and remember: most of the girls here in Romania are simple, loving and great persons, so the chances of finding a scammer are really slim as long as you keep your eyes open. Good luck!


  1. Hi Calin
    I want to thank you for the Romania Girl’s Guide. I think I have found a Romanian lady in the 99% category. I have known this lady for over 18 months, and we have a great friendship. Our obstacles are distance, some 15,186 kilometres to be exact, and the fact that it is so hard for a foreigner to find work there. Any helpful hints on the latter would be great.

    BTW….. the new layout for the blog is outstanding.


    • I am glad to hear that, Shawn! Hopefully you will somehow be able to get past these obstacles. I will do some research on jobs for foreigners, but it’s indeed not easy as far as I know too. Also glad that you like the new layout of the blog!

  2. To misquote Shakespeare: “Vanity, thy name is woman.”
    You struck gold with Wife Romanian as she is a keeper! I went to her site, and I see having a baby is not so easy!
    Personally, I’ve gotten to the age where a woman is first a friend, then a companion. And she understands I am not a love-sick puppy (or an older dog, in my case;-) If things go well, great! However, she will understand there are no “friends with benefits” or my being her “Sugar Daddy.” I avoid women of that ilk like I would Ebola!
    Can’t wait for your installment of “Renovation–Hell!”
    Take care,
    ~Teil (USA)

    • Thank you, Teil! The thing is I got very lucky too! I have a great husband and he is an awesome dad and my best friend! And yeah, a baby is not that easy, but my life improved to a degree that makes any bump in the road seem so little. I can’t even remember the hard parts we went through! πŸ™‚

  3. Another very good article. I would challenge the 99% quite honestly in Romania & say it was more like 20%, at most 30%. I’ve been lucky mostly to stay in that zone but I know 3 of the wrong type to every one of the right type.

    However, here is one of the most amusing & most accurate guides to women available today. Universal, not restricted to Romania. Very very true as well as ingeniously funny.

    Look & learn

    • Thank you! Maybe you’ve been terribly unlucky, or maybe I was very lucky :)) We still need some more opinions on this to find the right percentage of non-scamming ladies in Romania πŸ™‚

  4. My name is made i like Romania so much that I will love to stay there and work as a soccer player later start a family can you led me to a good online site may who know I can meet my wife soon or introduced me to a nice lady over there thanls

    • Hello Ade,

      Nice to see that a Brighton player is visiting this blog. I hope you’ll have a great stay in Romania! Regarding your other question, I wouldn’t worry too much as I am sure you will have no problem meeting nice ladies as a football player here in Romania. Good luck!

      PS: What team will you be playing for?

  5. Would just like to add, watch out for the video chat hostesses/ camgirls. I recently fell for one and then she started asking for gifts/money. I sent her quite a bit asking her to quit being a camgirl and to come live with me where I could provide a more fulfilling life for her. Once she realized I wasn’t going to be sending anymore because I confronted her about it, all of a sudden the relationship changed and we broke up… watch out for those gold diggers/ pro daters!

    • also, I found out she lied about everything. Said she was single, but she actually had a child and a boyfriend/husband. Half the time I was on skype talking to her I was actually talking to her boyfriend. Turns out she was a paid girl giving me the ‘girlfriend’ experience. She is currently on vacation with another one of her ‘boyfriends.’ be careful folks! Always meet in person before sending money any financial assistance. I should have known better but now I know!

  6. Happens everywhere and not just in Romania. I met my Romanian wife over internet and sent money. I then got on a plane to go meet and we are currently married and i am planning to retire to Romania. Like anything be careful and smart but amazing and bad things can happen in life. The Romanian woman like all woman are awesome. Just saying..

  7. Romanian women have ugly manners,low levels of education,are easy to be angered.Dont believe the junk propaganda of youtube and sites which show Romania in bright colours !
    adevarul umbla cu capul spart ! says an ancient wise saying in Dacoromanian language.
    the truth is extreme to make it moderate is to lie !

    • You forgot to add “some” at the beginning of your comment. If we are to go with old saying, there’s another one: “Fiecare padure are uscaturile ei,” translated as “Every forest has its rotten trees”. I am sorry that you had such a poor experience in Romania and I can only hope that by the time you leave, something positive will happen, something to make you change your mind.

      • Well dude! From my GreekItaliki arvanite arumanian age 34 180 cm blondish decent mannered well clothed trendy old fashioned PhD in Geography of Tourism Romania National University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Bucharest.. I assure u most Rumanian women and men ages 20 till 50 LACK PROPER MANNERS ARE EASY TO BE OFFENDED HAVE NARROW MINDED HORSE GLASSES AND DONT SYMPATHISE EVEN THOSE European folks or non European folks who helped them in harsh times…. Take ur Romania and Romanian absurd selfish insecure depressed self proclaimed DacoRomanian Byzantine Orthodox Demographically collapsing folk from my soul and mind..AS SOON AS IN 2018 A MAJOR UNREST HAPPENS HERE IN THIS PERIBALKAN REGION ..I can finally take my life in my own hands and leave for my own dreamland Maltia Argentinakia etc..I dont need West Europe North America Australia New Zealand they are collapsing demographically and later this implies also political social economic collapse..Ciau Yasas Democracy this empty of meaning Greek word as of 2018..democracy says Not anybody is obliged to follow official internet sites or mass media insight of controversies like Cold War Nuremberg Trials Ww1 Zionism Marxist Experiment etc..I disagree I get called names from Tatar Turk and their narrow minded equally arrogant physically mentally violent Romanian brothers; BTW Romanians are Slavs and Sarmatians rather than Thracian Italic Illyrian sons of Rome ! I am more likely to have those genes above plus Armenian Berber Egyptian Hispanic etc..I have an aquiline type of nose Cleopatra or Syrian Hala Basha Gorani model…I am also tall slender I am not bald obese by my age standards like other European men! Have a nice day.. I don’t know if u have Rumanian ancestry citizenship or a Rumanian ephemeral supermodel changed ur mind to make such praise of Romania..BTW Romanian women age fast many smoke in public drink coffee use mascara make up are money materialist obsessed and treat their kids badly very often..not my common sense realustic opinion or insight but also others ; by the way I speak better Rumanian than others its written imi not i- mi OK? even aliens spell better the grammar this boring language than Romanians who live here or left forever capisci endaxi phile amigo?

      • Without proper punctuation marks or paragraphs, your reply is almost impossible to follow, so I was only able to read between every other line.

        But I must say that the cons of women drinking coffee and wearing make-up really made me smile. πŸ™‚

  8. Where can I share photos of a real scammer.
    Yes for nearly 3 years I have had a great friend called Luminita Ionita 40 from Valcea.
    All seemed great to me until I discovered she was going on multiple holidays every year for money, just a cheap escort, lying to me she with family that why phone not work,
    In March this year she has lumps removed from her breasts which I paid 7000 Euro for because I loved her,
    As soon as surgery recovered I find how much she has been lying to me,
    Only sent about 25000 Euro in 3 years,
    Ok my fault and money is gone , that’s life,
    But I want to warn others of this lady,
    Put her photo on the internet so all can see her.
    Just a sucker for a beautiful lady, She tells to many lues


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