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Guide to Men in Romania: What Are They Like in a Relationship?


Today, we’re going to talk about the characteristics of a Romanian man and what to expect from a relationship with a man in Romania. And not every man, but a Romanian, of course!

Since I am a man and I might be biased, I actually asked my wife to honestly describe the situation based on her own experience with Romanian men, as well as the discussions she had with her friends. I am only translating her words with no comments of my own, to keep things as objective as possible.

I personally wrote about women in Romania a while ago – and especially how to separate the “real deal” from the scammers and I encourage you to read that article again to see what you’re up against.

With these in mind, let’s get straight to business and see what it’s like to date a Romanian man and what to expect from one!

Characteristics of Romanian men

It’s very difficult to put them all in the same bucket, as there are various types of men in Romania, sometimes with completely different traits: some better than others, some ticking all the boxes in the “douchebag” category, some being the perfect gentleman.

But if you were to put a stamp on them, I would say that Romanian men are usually simple people – not in a bad way, but from the fact that they have a few strong characteristics that they wholeheartedly follow and nothing else.

Romanian men are generally the type that believe that men and women are not created equal, that men should do some things that women don’t – and vice-versa. Men don’t cook, men don’t clean the house, men don’t wash the dishes, just like women can’t change a lightbulb, paint the walls or hammer a nail.

All these, while, paradoxically, they don’t expect women to stay at home. No, they can surely work to provide for the family.

The difference? When Romanian men return home from work, they lie on the couch to watch TV or play a game or drink a beer, while the woman (also just back from work) prepares dinner and washes his clothes.

Of course, this is a horrible generalization and fortunately not all Romanians are like this, but when you ask me to describe a Romanian man, these are the first thoughts that come to mind.

Are Romanian men that bad?

Fortunately, no. The younger generations have a more modern mentality and the younger they are, the better things are, in general.

Sure, there might be a few generations before the old ways, the misogynistic ways are completely gone, but things are better and changing for the best. So Romanian men are not bad. Some are.

I would go as far as saying that you should first look at the music they are listening. Do they blast manele music loudly from their speaker, call you “princess, jewel, my life, my soul” or anything like that? Run away from them, because they’re no good!

They don’t have to listen to classical music, though. But there is a thing about the people who enjoy Romania’s controversial genre: the moral values that they have are usually what most people – your average woman, for example – would stay away from.

They usually come hand in hand with domestic violence, alcohol consumption, lower education.

Sure, they might probably be perfect for a night or two, but a long term relationship would probably turn out badly. Emotionally and physically draining.

The looks of a Romanian man

Most people don’t know that Romanians are an interesting kind of people. Despite the geographical location of the country, Romanians have latin roots, so you can expect to find here the passion and the appeal of your Italian or Spanish man.

However, you should also remember that, despite the latin roots, there have been almost two thousand years spent under the influence of the nearby people, mainly the Russians.

So when it comes to looks, I would say that most Romanians look more like Russians or Bulgarians and Serbians than your macho Spanish man. But they still have that fire burning!

They’re usually not too tall, nor short, they have they features more cut off than rounded and most of Romanians have brown or black hair with darker colored eyes. They definitely have their charm with them and can easily put you under their spell.

Romanian men are starting to care about their looks and physical condition more and more. Most of the younger people will spend a lot time working out, using creams to keep their skin smooth, shopping for clothes that look good and visiting the barber shop regularly.

While you start seeing more and more of that “dad bod” especially after they pass a certain age (mid 30s, I would say), they still remain in a decent shape and if you’re looking for a partner, you will have no problem finding a gorgeous one, no matter their age.

What it’s like dating a Romanian man?

In most cases, Romanian men do their best to be a great partner. They are more old school, the “let me open the door for you” type, the “I’ll pay for the bill” type, the ones that give you their jacket when you’re cold and give you small gifts to show you that they care.

Those who don’t really look for a long term relationship are usually more direct: with so many easy ways to find a partner, those who are not looking for something serious will sometimes skip the pleasantries and just invite you home, then move on.

But those who are looking for more long term commitment, are usually dedicated to making things right, even though that “man of the house” mentality can get annoying sometimes. Plus, prepare for some jealousy from them – at least until they build up that much needed trust.

Romanian men know that they are expected to make the first step and generally will, but they won’t mind if you do it instead, on the contrary, this is something they enjoy. Or at least be a bit more obvious that you’re interested – some don’t get the hint on the first or third try.

But, despite their flaws, they are generally committed to keep you happy and they will usually do their best to make sure that you are well taken care of. They value the concept of family and more often than not you will find men who are looking to start a family and give it their best.

The biggest problem with Romanian men, in my opinion, is the lack of education. People who are uneducated usually have no will to evolve, to get better, to improve and they are stuck under a certain treshold that can make a long term relationship with them a challenge.

Romanian men are usually stubborn and can rarely be convinced that there’s another way that their way and unfortunately they’re not always right. They do their best, but whenever there’s no dialog and decisions are not at least discussed prior to be made, things can turn bad.

It’s not something that they do on purpose just to make you feel bad, nor a proof of the fact that they don’t trust you – it’s just the way they are. Or many of them, at least.

Just like anywhere in the world, there are better people and worse people out there. Stereotypes don’t always work, and human beings have this particularity of being extremely complex.

So I would say that if you were to pick one at random, you have equal chances of finding that douchbag that smells nice but hasn’t taken a shower in days, who’s ready to abuse you when he gets drunk and expects you to live in his shadow; or finding that genuine, perfect guy, who really understands you and does everything they can to keep you happy, really values your opinion and is a great, lifelong partner.

It also depends on where you’re looking for your Romanian man (or where you find them): if you do your “search” in a club or while swiping on Tinder, chances are you will find men who are more shallow and not interested in longer term relationships.

Men you meet at work, at friends’ parties or especially online sites can be better material for long term relationships. It all depends on what you’re looking for, actually. But the truth is that whatever you’re searching you can find them!

Now – switching over to you. What do you think about men in Romania? Were you lucky to find one of the good guys, or the experience(s) you had weren’t that good yet?


  1. Romanian men sound like quite like macho, metrosexual men. I would have a hard time with the whole macho stuff, even though they do share that with Spanish, and Italian men to some extent. It’s kind of interesting how younger men are almost as interested, if not obsessed with clothing and makeup as much as women. That l find a bit weird, but l suppose all the advertising eventually has an effect with its constant bombardment. Swearing, drunk… that would suck.

    • I fortunately am at least a generation behind the obsessions for clothing and makeup and I don’t regret a thing, haha. The biggest problem in my opinion (I wanted to keep that for myself and from the article since it wasn’t “mine” – but now that I have the chance to say it I will)… so as I was saying, the biggest problem in my opinion is that this obsession for looks is a bad thing because it replaces the obsession for learning and personal development. We end up having a bunch of pretty to look at sculptures… but empty on the inside.

  2. A very interesting article from a woman’s perspective. One English note: “How are they like?” sounds very awkward. Better is “What are they like?” “How” already has the sense of “what kind of______” or “in what way…” in it so pairing “how” with the “are like” expression sounds a bit repetitious. Also possible could have been: “How are they?” although this could get confused with asking about the state of their general health. If you are interested, I found a very good grammar discussion about “How?” versus “What….like?” that is far more educational than my explanation. https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/220454/how-vs-what-like. Keep up the interesting articles! I am sure Calin is one of the “great catches” among Romanian men who never shirks housework obligations.

    • Stuart, thanks for letting me know about this! Now, when I read it again, it sounded awkward but when I wrote the article initially, no alarms were triggered in my brain 🙂 It is difficult to think in a foreign language rather than translate from your own… but I am doing my best and I am always happy to be able to improve and hopefully learn not to make the same mistake again 🙂

      Regarding me taking part in housework obligations… yes, I don’t shy away from those and I also cook from time to time (less often recently, that is true). But I am the one in charge with cleaning the dust and vacuuming and I actually find the entire process of cleaning the house quite relaxing… (not that much so when 5 minutes later you see that your son re-created the mess)

      • I have the vacuuming, dish washing, take-out-the-trash, rinsing and hanging up the laundry (my wife can only bring herself to throw the clothes and detergent into the machine and press the start button), and driving duties in my family. Yes, I’m virtue signalling… You can delete the first half of my first comment about English grammar if you wish.


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