Romania Covid-19 Summer Update: Nobody Cares Anymore

Romania Coronavirus Update: Summer 2020

It’s been a bit over three weeks since Romania relaxed most restrictions regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The country is in a state of alert since May 15th, and every two weeks more and more restrictions are lifted. But nobody seems to care about them anymore. The day prior to Romania switching to a more relaxed … Read more

We’re Going to Live in Budapest for One Month

Tomorrow is a big day for my family! Tomorrow, we’re jumping on a train that will take us to Arad (it’s a 5 hour trip), spend the night there and then get on another train to Budapest. Yes, it sounds just like the beginning of our last year’s adventure in Europe (wrote about it here, … Read more

Romania, Colectiv: The Tragedy that Started a Revolution

You’ve probably heard already everything about the tragedy that struck Romania the Friday before Halloween. It was a truly horrible and unbelievable moment: a well known club in Bucharest, named Colectiv, burned down during a band’s album launch party. Everything happened extremely fast inside – some fireworks that were used on stage ignited the soundproofing … Read more

Around Europe by Train: Part 4 (Zagreb & Belgrade)

Welcome to the last part of our amazing vacation that we had around Europe this year: we visited 9 cities in 30 days and you can check out our impressions as follows: Budapest and Vienna, Munchen, Verona & Trieste, Pula & Rijeka and finally, today, our last leg of the trip: Zagreb and Belgrade. Even … Read more

Around Europe by Train: Part 3 (Pula & Rijeka – Croatia)

It’s time for part 3 of 4 in the mini-series that covers our Vacation this year around Europe. After we did enjoy some great time in Germany and Italy, it was time for Croatia to be checked off the list of countries that we have visited – and we went for Pula & Rijeka (alongside … Read more

Around Europe by Train: Part 2 (Munchen, Verona & Trieste)

After checking out Budapesta and Vienna in the previous article, it’s time to move forward with our 30 days vacation around Europe and our next stops were Munchen, Verona and Trieste. It was actually Munchen that started our entire vacation since a good friend of my wife – a mother she met online – was … Read more