The Best Blogs about Living in Romania

Right now, we’re on our own adventure across Europe and there will be some time until I’ll write a new article on this blog.

However, I know that you’d like to keep reading, so I have scheduled this article just for you: to help you get your bits of information about Romania and living in the country, as well as expat life, by sharing the best blogs about Romania.

I haven’t listed them in a particular order – some are younger, some are older, some are better than others and some are even completed (as in the expats have already moved away from their Romanian adventure), but they are all about Romania and great reads for those looking to find out more about the country, the way of living here and especially how people from other countries experience the highs and lows of living in Romania. So check them out:

Romania Insider

Probably the best known source of Romanian news, information and also some guides and expat stories. If you want to stay up to date with the latest happenings in Romania, this is the place for you. You can find the blog here.

A Year in Romania

This blog is now defunct, but it still has some nice stories from an Ph.D. who spend one year in Romania: read to find our her opinions about the country, experiences and much more! You can access her blog here and see how one year of living in the country was like.

Eye on Romania

A funny, well-written blog from an expat that claims that he’s more Romanian than real Romanians. Nice points of view and overall some great reads await you there! Check it out here.

Discovering [What I Don’t Know] about Romania

A blog detailing the experiences of a Fulbright teacher that spent 9 months in Romania. Check it out here.

Bucharest Lounge

A more personal blog, but one that manages to capture some extremely interesting aspects of life in Romania. Written by a Romanian with a fresh voice (and some great photos). Check it out here.

Bucharest Expat

A new blog focused on living in Bucharest, but also captures a lot of Romania. A good source of information for people planning to move to Bucharest – and you can check it out here.

Expat in Romania

A blog whose title says it all: written by a guy who was born in Romania, raised in Canada and now back in Romania. Read it to find out if Cluj is the best city in the world, why Americans hate Romania and why Romanians hate Romania more than anybody else. Here.

There you have it – I hope that you’ll find a ton of interesting reads to learn even more about Romania!

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7 thoughts on “The Best Blogs about Living in Romania”

  1. Hi Calin–wherever you are! Where’s Waldo (Calin) or Dora (Wife Romanian) the Explorer? I hope Jr. is enjoying the trip, too!
    Nice list of info blogs. Here’s another one that has a lot of days-gone-by pix from your country: ~Teil

    • Hello, Teil! Thanks for the new recommendation, the blog is really interesting and has a ton of articles.

      We just arrived in Trieste right now, but the rainy weather is keeping us inside. However, from what we’ve seen so far, the city is just amazing. Eric, the Jr, caught a cold but he’s handling it well (and apparently passing it over, too). Hopefully the sun will be up soon and we’ll kill the viruses at the beach đŸ™‚

      • Hi Calin: I’ve heard Trieste is quite wonderful. Soon you’ll be in Rijeka, if I’ve got your itinerary right. I am glad you and yours have managed well so far–colds, etc., notwithstanding. Keep on enjoying your trip. I am sure you’ll have much to share in June!
        Best, ~Teil


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