I Am a Dad Now & Back to Blogging

It’s been a very quiet month here at Romania Experience and the biggest reason for this radio silence is the arrival of my first child into this world.

Since he decided it’s time to come one month sooner than anticipated, there were a lot of things to do in order to make sure that he has a really long and happy stay here on Earth. And in the case of preterm babies (he arrived at week 35 instead of 40), things are a bit more difficult…

So despite us having to spend a few more days in the hospital to make sure that he’s ready to tackle the world outside, despite us having to spend a lot of unplanned money on the hospital bills and despite us both freaking out that he came so early, everything went pretty smooth and he’s now gaining weight like a little giant and doing extremely well. And this is exactly what every parent wants to know about their newborns.

So… here is the little fellow in case you’re curious to see him:

baby romanian
Baby Romanian, just a couple of days after his preterm arrival

Another thing that kept me extremely busy and with the stress levels somewhere on the moon (as if the preterm birth wasn’t enough!) was me selling my major money maker – a website with an average of 680,000 visitors per month and a peak month of March of 2 million visitors.

In other words, a pretty huge website that required completing a ton of forms, signing contracts and working almost a month exclusively with the new owners to make the transaction smooth and sound.

Of course, this also brought us some nice money in the bank, but I will talk more about the sale and how I managed to build such a successful site in future articles if people seem interested about this.

So now, I’m a dad and I’m back to blogging! Getting that big site off my back means I now have a lot more time for my smaller projects – like this blog, but also means that my earnings have now dropped to under $1,000 per month and I have to work hard to get back on track.

And since there’s nothing you can’t do without some hard work, I’m very confident that the future will be great!

About this blog, here is what you should expect in the future:

1. Regular posts about increasing your net worth in Romania, interesting things about Romania (maybe I will convince some of my readers move here?) and what really means living the “Romanian experience.”

2. A blog re-design (basically I am running on the default WordPress theme so far and I don’t like it) and some interesting features to come.

3. Some new topics, including blogging advice and discussions and my (and probably everyone’s) dream of becoming a Digital Nomad.

Here is for a great future, folks!

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9 thoughts on “I Am a Dad Now & Back to Blogging”

    • Thanks, Joe! Right now both me and wifey are mesmerized by the little fellow… especially he’s so cute and silent… but there are signs of his personality already and some screams that scare us :))

  1. First off congratulations! My wife and I are just now starting to plan on having children and the idea while still somewhat scary to us is also exciting. I’m also curious about your sale and the website you sold especially with that kind of traffic. Wouldn’t it have been more lucrative to keep it in the long run or was it just a huge time sucker?

    • Thanks! It was a well thought decision – we first wanted to make sure that we have (or at least believe that we have) the financial strength to support a baby, because they really are expensive, these little fellows 🙂

      I have also received some e-mails regarding the sale and I am currently working on an article on that matter!

  2. Hey, haven’t seen you around for a while. Congrats on baby! He is adorable. Our baby came 2 weeks early…but also in dramatic fashion as the hospital told us to go home because it was time yet. So we ended up having the baby at home: http://www.livingrichcheaply.com/2013/07/14/the-baby-arrived-in-dramatic-fashion/
    So how are you doing with sleep?? My son was good the first few days but now it’s like he has night and day mixed up. He’s up most of the night.

    • Regarding the sleep, I am doing pretty OK… since I am the one working in the house, we have agreed that I get to save most of my nights and that only my wife has to stay with him (she’s sleeping in his room) since she has to feed him anyways. But he started to have some tummy pain and cries a lot so I’m not doing that good either. Last night for example, from 2 to 3 AM I was up, holding and comforting him 🙂

      • Mine was July 7th. We only have one bedroom so the baby is in our room. My wife does take care of him most nights since I have to go to work, but sometimes when he is up for longer than usually I try to jump in to help. Sometimes I think he’s asleep and I slowly and gently put him down, but he wakes up and wants to be held!


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