A Romanian’s Quest to Improve His Net Worth to Western Standards

I never thought about the concept of putting a net worth over a person’s head. Not until today (aka the day I started this blog) when I stumbled upon somebody’s blog, a place where they were reporting on their quest to increase this given net worth.

Finances, stats, frugal living, saving money and many, many other things were there, as well as reports and personal posts and I was intrigued: that person had a net worth of nearly $700,000. I wanted to know my worth.

It was $6,500. I am sure that my calculations were a bit off as I didn’t have all the exact data, but the numbers remain – around 7,000 dollars is the net worth of an used car, not an almost 30 years old guy who considers himself as one who’s doing pretty decent in life.

Of course, in my case, there are a lot of different things to consider, the most important being that I currently live in Romania instead of the US. Here, the AVERAGE wage a person earns per month is around $500.

There are many people earning and living off 300 USD (and even less). So my net worth is not as low here as it would be in the US, but it’s still extremely low. So I’ve decided to do something about it – increase my value as much as possible, increase the funds I have at disposal, have some emergency funds and start thinking about the future.

This means that I have to plan ahead, I have to set budgets, I have to learn, I have to evolve and I have to change. And this blog will follow my story – hopefully a successful one, one that will inspire others to do the same and to improve their net worth.

Learn how to do it and actually save for money – this great depression we’re still going through is a sign that anything can happen at any time and it’s a good thing to have a plan B. Some emergency money. Some plans for when it hits the fan – it’s better to be prepared and nothing bad to happen than otherwise.

And this is what I am trying to do starting today and I am sure that my ride will be not only difficult for me, but also interesting to follow. Because I am so new at this that I will surely hit a ton of stumbling blocks along the way – but hopefully they won’t stop me completely.

And no, I won’t focus only on my financial trip in the world of becoming a man with a net worth of at least $1 million. It’s Romania Experience after all, here, and for everybody who isn’t living here it will surely be fascinating to learn more about this country, which is not always as bad as Eastern European countries make you think they are – or the media or all the bad news you hear about it.

After all, there are not many countries where you can live with $1,000 per month in a house near the sea. And have a good life too!

So yes, hopefully this mix of my own adventure with the potential adventure for you will be extremely pleasant. So here it is for a great blog – Romania Experience! My first article and hopefully just one of many (and more useful) ones!

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2 thoughts on “A Romanian’s Quest to Improve His Net Worth to Western Standards”

  1. No worries C! You will get there and in time you will be way above the rest. I don’t think much about net worth honestly. If I can have incomes streams that are bringing me money every month then I am ok. The number should great but I like the cash in hand and things I know I can turn into cash as a moments notice. Imagine someone moving from here to there and only needing about 1.5k per month and would be doing better then most. It just depends on how you look at things. Great goals though and good luck building this site up like the one you sold recently!!


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