Beer & Food Prices in Bucharest and Romania (2024 Update)

  • Bucharest prices and Romania food prices in general are going up.
  • Food prices have gone up to 50% compared to last year
  • Prices for eating out or going out for a drink, also up to 50% higher
  • Check out the article for price examples for various food items, drinks and more

With food being one of the main expenses a person or family has on a monthly basis – and even more so for those traveling – I have decided to share today the food prices in Romania, as well as the price of beer & eating out in Bucharest & Romania.

Each year, I also update the article regarding the cost of living in the Romania – so make sure to check that out as well, as it paints a clearer picture of how much you should budget for a long term stay in the country.

But if you’re here for the shorter term, taking a more in-depth look at food prices here, as well as the price of beer (and wine, why not?) helps a lot.

Even though Romania remains one of the cheapest countries in Europe, I was surprised to find out that in some cases, food items can be just as expensive as they are in Spain, or even Germany and other Western countries.

Despite this, overall, the total cost of your shopping basket will be lower than in other parts of Europe, as there are still plenty of items that are VERY cheap.

Inflation have driven food & beer prices through the roof

We’re closing in on two years of really high inflation (the years of 2022 & 2023), with 2024 showing signs of slowing down – but not as much as we’d like to.

The sky-high inflation in Romania (which reached double-digits for a few months), resulted in food being up to 50% more expensive than last year, sometimes double or triple compared to two years ago.

You still have cheaper options available, but usually, this means that you have to go for a supermarket’s brand and stay away from the fancier stuff.

Food prices in Romania in 2024

food prices in romania

Please keep in mind that the prices listed below can be considered on the lower to average end: you might find products that are a bit cheaper, but there are definitely more expensive options.

The estimates I am using below are based on my own experience shopping at Carrefour supermarkets, which is one of the largest hypermarket brands in Romania.

It’s not the cheapest (like Lidl or Kaufland), but not the most expensive, like Mega Image, smaller Profi shops or other small stores.

The numbers below should be enough to give you at least a general idea regarding the food prices in Romania and Bucharest, as well as living proof that good beer is really cheap here.

Please Note: Prices in Romania are in Lei (the national currency) but I have exchanged that in Euros (at the rate of 5.00 Lei for 1 Euro) to keep things easier to follow.

Now let’s put the long intro aside and let’s check out the prices in Romania (and Bucharest) this year.

Basic grocery prices in Romania

Chicken thighs – 1 Kilo – 6 Euros
Chicken breast, skinless – 1 kilo – 6.50 Euros
Whole Chicken – 1 kg – €3.00
Pork leg, boneless – 1 kg – €5.20
Pork meat (minced) – 1 kg – €5.00

Note: I find it really strange to see that pork is now cheaper than chicken. Not sure if that will last, but at least in early 2024, this is the strange situation that I saw in stores.

Beef Sirloin – 1kg – €10.50
Salami, 1 bar (300 grams) – €5.50
Turkey Ham (sliced, 150 grams) – €1.80
Bacon (sliced, 150 grams) – €2.00
Sausages, 1kg – €5.00

Mackerel (600g, frozen) – €5.50
Salmon (150g, smoked) – €4.50
Tuna (canned) – €2.20
Carp (fresh) – €4.50

Romanian butter
I think butter has more than tripled in price in the past few years

Milk, low fat, 1 liter – 1 Euro
Cottage cheese, 1 can (180 grams) – €0.95
Butter, 1 bar (200 grams) – €2.00
White Cheese, 1 kilo – €7.50
Cheddar 1 kilo – €7.90
Eggs, 10-pack – €2.50

Sunflower oil (1 liter): 2.00 Euros
Olive oil (1 liter): €12.00 (Extravirgin)
White Vinegar (1 liter): €0.70

Bread, 1 loaf – 1.00 Euros
Bread, sliced, 500 grams – 1.5 Euros
Corn Flakes, Plain, 500 grams bag – €1.25
Nestle Chocolate Cornflakes (425g bag): €2.30
Muesli & Chocolate, 500 grams box – €4.50
Coffee, 1 bag of 500 grams (good coffee) – €4.20
Sugar, 1 kilo – €1.15
Brown sugar, 500 grams – €2.00

Spaghetti, 500 grams, Romanian brand – 0.85 Euros
White rice, 1 kilo – 1.25 Euros
White beans (dried), 1kg – €2.20
Can of beans – €1.00
Can of sweet corn – €1.00
White flour (1kg bag) – €0.85

Tomatoes, 1 kilo – €1-50 – €7 (depending on the season)
Potatoes, 1 kilo – €0.75
Mushrooms, 1 kilo – €3.50
Onions, 1 kilo – €1.00
Apples, 1 kilo – €1.00
Oranges, 1 kilo – €1.20
Bananas, 1 kilo – €1.4
Avocado (1 piece) – €1.00

NOTE: The prices for vegetables and fruits are usually higher during the off-season and lower otherwise and you can sometimes find cheaper options in local farmer markets (although that’s not always the case!)

Some products (like bananas) which are not locally grown have a similar price year-long, but you can always expect some impressive discounts or higher prices, depending on the time of shopping.

Price of Beer in Romania (and other drinks)

beer price in Romania

Have in mind that the prices below are for purchases from a supermarket, not bar or restaurant prices! (We’ll talk about those as well – read on to find them).

Beer, 1 bottle, 2 liter – 3.00 Euros
Local beer (500ml can, cheap) – 0.75 Euros
Heineken beer, six-pack – €5.50
Craft beer (330ml bottle) – €2.00 and above
Cheap Romanian Wine, 750ml bottle – 4.00 Euros
Better Romanian Wine, 750ml bottle – 8.00 Euros and above
1 bottle of Coca Cola, 2.5 liter – €2.30
1 jug of water, 5 liter – 1.00 Euro

If you’re wondering how much is a beer in Romania, it’s around €2.15 for a good, local beer in a restaurant, and as cheap as €3.00 for a 2-liter bottle bought from a supermarket. (More on this below).

Now let’s check out some fast food prices and bakery food costs!

Hamburger – 2.50 Euros
Shaorma (this beast here) – 4.50 Euros
Big Mac – 2.10 Euros
Happy Meal – 2.25 Euros
One Pizza (Quatro Formaggi) – €5.50
Pretzel – €0.30
Merdenea (cheese pastry) – €0.80
Apple Strudel – €0.80

Restaurant food & drinks costs in Romania

Prices in restaurants vary a lot and sky’s the limit. However, here are some of the average prices you can expect if you don’t visit the fanciest places around, but not the cheapest, self-service type of restaurants either.

We’re talking about places where you would feel good, eat good and not overpay. Have in mind that these costs have risen A LOT in 2022 and 2023, and they don’t seem to be ready to stop in 2024.

Breakfast (scrambled eggs and coffee) – 4.00 Euros
Daily menu (Soup, Main course and dessert, sometimes drink included) – €8.00
Full Lunch, lower priced restaurant (soup, main course, dessert and one beer) – €15.00
Full Lunch, more expensive restaurant – €25.00
Dinner – similar to the lunch costs

Bottle of beer (500ml) – Starting at 2.15 Euros
Soda – €2.00
Bottle of wine – Starting at 15 Euros
Glass of wine – Starting at 4 Euros
Coffee / Cappuccino – €3.00 Euros

Check out my list of the best restaurants in Constanta, or the best ones in Sinaia to get a clearer idea of what to expect when eating at more touristy places here (and how much you’ll spend).

If you want to get a bit more in depth, check out my articles about the best coffee in Constanta, best pizza in the city or take a look at the best restaurants in Bucharest.

Many people who work prefer, for example, to grab a pretzel as their breakfast and that’s as low as 0.30 Euros, so there are definitely a lot of options for you out there when it comes to eating.

The Romanian culture is generally aimed at optimizing costs, so if you choose to live like a Romanian, you can do so on the cheap.

Usually, bread, pastries, vegetables and local fruits are way cheaper than in most parts in Europe based on my research.

Cold cuts, all sorts of meats, including fish and seafood are similarly priced and sometimes more expensive than other parts of Europe. And, of course, beer is always cheap and tasty!

Food prices in restaurants and fast food joints are also lower compared to most of Europe as you can see above, but it’s not a rule that you will pay less.

I mean, for 10 Euros you can have a daily menu in many European countries… but in Romania, you can have it for half the price in some cases.

And the more time you spend here, the better you will get at keeping the costs low. After all, Romania is a country where you can still live a decent life on 1,000 Euros per month!

Food and Beer Prices Pinterest Pin
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Check out my video sharing a grocery shopping trip in Romania!

If you prefer watching Youtube videos, we did a quick shopping haul video to show you what you can buy for 50 Euros in Romania. (Please have in mind that the video was shot in 2020 and most things are more expensive now)

We didn’t go to the best shop possible and didn’t really need a lot then, so it doesn’t paint the best picture, but it’s still a useful video:


The prices for food in Romania have been creeping up over the past years. Some of them have even doubled, pushed up by the inflation, but also the increase of salaries in the country and other factors.

Still, despite the higher costs for food and alcohol, Romanian remains a really cheap country overall and you will end spending on the same food a lot less than you would in the more expensive countries – US, UK, Canada, Australia, but also Germany, France and so on.

Even more, as you learn about your shop and the discounts they offer (usually through their dedicated mobile apps), you can plan ahead a little bit and save more money when grocery shopping here.

In stores like Lidl or Kaufland, for example, you will find some of the cheapest products in Romania but without losing much (if anything) in terms of quality.

Now, if you’re planning to travel for a short time here, make sure to also check out my previous guide on how much to budget for a trip to Romania. It will sure help you, especially if the money is tight.

Are there any other specific foods that you’d like to know the prices for? Let me know by sharing your comments bellow and feel free to share all your thoughts with me.

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