Romania’s Celebration of Love: Dragobete

Dragobete in Romania

Key takeaways Did you know that Romanians have their own “Valentine’s Day?” We do, and it is called Dragobete – a unique, special celebration of love and spring renewal, celebrated each year on February 24th. I briefly touched on the … Read more

The Most Dangerous City in Romania Is…

most dangerous city in Romania

I keep telling you that Romania is a very safe country to live in, but even so, there must be a “most dangerous city” here, right? I decided to take a look at the statistics and see what experts have … Read more

Does Everybody Steal in Romania?

thief under a mask

Many Romanians will tell you this: all Romanians steal. This is not the best opinion that a nation can have about itself, but it is, up to a point, the unfortunate reality. No, not all Romanians steal, Romanians are not … Read more