Best Areas & Neighborhoods to Live in Iasi

where to live in Iasi romania

Located in the Moldavia region of the country, Iasi is a great city to live in although it is, surprisingly, going under the radar most of the times. But you have it all around here: from a busy nightlife scene … Read more

Best Areas & Neighborhoods to Live in Sibiu

Best Areas and Neighborhoods to Live in Sibiu Romania

Sibiu is one of the most important cities in Romania, both as a touristic destination, but also an important academic and economic location. But where to live in Sibiu? Which are the best areas and neighborhoods in the city? This … Read more

Is Romania a Third-World Country?

Is Romania a third world country

Most people know very little about Romania and many still believe that Romania is a third-world country, which is definitely not the case. For many foreigners, Romania and Transylvania are the same thing: a place where vampires live, Dracula is … Read more