Best Neighborhoods to Live in Timisoara [2022 Update]

Your job, your studies or simply a short vacation to escape your daily routine can determine your decision to search for the best neighborhoods to live in Timisoara.

But if you don’t know the town well, this choice can become overwhelming as there are over 25 neighborhoods to choose from. I am here to help you make the right choice, though!

According to the reason of your stay in Timisoara, which is one of Romania’s largest cities with important cultural, business and academic centers, the top choice might vary.

This is why I’ve decided to present you the best 9 neighborhoods in the city so that you can choose the one that is just right for your needs and expectations.

There are a lot of things to do and see in the city – but we’ve talked about them already!

But firstly, let’s clarify an essential aspect here: your safety and comfort. Because no matter the reason why you’re leaving somewhere, these two come first all the time.

downtown Timisoara Romania
Timisoara’s city center is mind blowing!

Safety first: generally speaking, Romania and especially large cities such as Timisoara, are safe all around. There aren’t infamous districts that should be avoided due to safety issues and no such things you have to worry about.

As for comfort, it’s important that you have pharmacies and shops around, as well as proximity to means of transport that can get you where you need to be. From this perspective as well, no concern needed.

There are plenty of mini-markets, pharmacies, institutions and shops in all districts from Timisoara, so no matter where you live you’ll certainly be close to a place that can assure your basic needs.

If you want to get a bit more in depth with your options, make sure to check out my previous article listing the best restaurants in Timisoara.

So to sum it up, when I’m talking about best neighborhoods to live in Timisoara, I am strictly referring to the best place for you according to your own interests.

If you are a student, most probably your main interest will be the proximity to the University Campus or to the best cafes and bars in town. And therefore a neighborhood that will offer you this may be the best choice for you.

The same applies for tourists who’d probably prefer proximity to the center, or to business people for whom probably the best place to live will be one close to the business center or to their company.

Let’s start then. Check out the 9 areas that I consider the best neighborhoods to live in Timisoara!

1. Cetate

Cetate Neighborhood Timisoara

This probably applies to any city, and especially for tourists who come to stay in Timisoara for a few days. Living in the center of the town will have you close to the most important touristic attractions, restaurants and activities.

Practically, you’ll be in the heart of the city. In Timisoara, this central neighborhood is called Cetate.

The only case in which I don’t recommend you live in Cetate neighborhood is if you’re in Timisoara for work. You’ll need a quieter area so you can focus on your activity.

The center can be a bit noisy during fairs or festivals, celebrations or concerts, especially if your room is not well isolated.

But otherwise, if you’re coming to visit Timisoara, Cetate neighborhood is the perfect choice!

You’ll be close to all main Squares of the town, Bega River, Opera, Philharmonic, Metropolitan Cathedral, Central Park, Botanical Park, practically most of the things that a tourist is interested in seeing!

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2. Circumvalatiunii

Circumvalatiunii Neighborhood Timisoara

The next best neighborhood to live in Timisoara after Cetate is Circumvalatiunii. Although it’s not exactly in the center of the city, this is another important central neighborhood, in the immediate proximity of the Botanical Park, center and Iulius Town.

It is a quite neighborhood, with plenty of supermarkets and green areas, and a great choice because quite many businesses have their offices in this district.

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3. Olimpia-Stadion

Olimpia Stadion Neighborhood Timisoara

Olimpia-Stadion offers proximity to the County Emergency Clinical Hospital, a fast-food chain, the Stadium, luxuriant gyms and office buildings. It is one of the best-developed neighborhoods in town and a great choice for a place to live.

It’s also a great alternative for students, because it’s close enough to the main Universities.

4. Complexul Studentesc aka Complex

Complex Neighborhood Timisoara

Even though there are few other districts that offer proximity to the University Campus, Complexul Studentesc is by far the best choice for students.

Not only that it’s the closest neighborhood to the campus of The University of West, including the Faculty of Law and The Faculty of Economy and Business Administration.

But it also includes some of the restaurants, pubs, bars and shops with the cheapest prices in town. Most of the boarding schools are also situated in Complexul Studentesc.

There is always a young vibe surrounding the area, and it is also close to Children’s Park, Roses Park, swimming pools and gyms.

5. Fabric

Fabric Neighborhood Timisoara

This is the second best neighborhood to live for students, but also great for families.

Although it’s not in the heart of the University campus, it’s still close to the main Universities and Faculties of Timisoara. The big advantage in Fabric is the fact that it’s a lot quieter and peaceful.

Besides, Fabric is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Timisoara. It is the historical center of the town, and there are plenty of historical buildings with beautiful architecture to be admired. An amazing choice especially for those passionate about different styles of architecture.

6. Dacia

Dacia Neighborhood Timisoara

If your new job in Timisoara is somewhere in Iulius Town, or around the office buildings around the central area, Dacia might be a great choice. Prices for stays in this neighborhood are relatively low, but it’s a quiet and clean district.

The main advantage, if you stay in Dacia, is the immediate proximity to Iulius Town and to the center. It’s also close to the Botanical Park and plenty of supermarkets.

7. Calea Aradului

Calea Aradului Neighborhood Timisoara

Now this is probably the best neighborhood for you, if you’re in Timisoara with work. Calea Aradului is the closest district to the industrial zone of the town, but still remaining quite.

For example, if you’ll travel often with business, then you’ll need to be close to the airport. Calea Aradului is on the way, the closest neighborhood you can find that offers both proximity to the airport and silence for concentration.

At the same time, it is on the way towards the industrial area of the town, which is constantly growing and developing. More and more fabrics and office buildings are being built in this area, so it’s the best choice if you’re going to work there.

The best, because it keeps you close to your workplace, but it’s also still connected to the town. Calea Aradului is very close to Euro Shopping Center and Iulius Town.

8. Calea Sagului

Calea Sagului Neighborhood Timisoara

In the other side of the town, opposite to Calea Aradului, there’s the neighborhood called Calea Sagului. This is a quiter area of the town, which I recommend if you’re coming to live in Timisoara with your family.

There are plenty of schools, churches, social places and green areas around, as well as gyms, restaurants and shopping centers. In fact, the second mall in town, Shopping City, which is almost as large as Iulius Mall, is situated in Calea Sagului.

Blocks of flats are very tall in this neighborhood, but despite the high number of locals, the area is very clean and well organized.

Certainly a great choice if you’re in Timisoara long-term. The neighborhood is connected to all other areas from Timisoara, by both bus and tram.

9. Giroc

Giroc Neighborhood Timisoara

And finally, we’re getting to the last neighborhood where I strongly recommend to live in Timisoara, especially if you count on your car for transportation.

Giroc is in fact one of the newest neighborhoods that were added to Timisoara. Before being a district of the town, it was a small locality close to Timisoara.

But a lot has been invested in this area during the last decade, and today it’s one of the most beautiful, organized, clean and quiet residential areas of the city. There are schools, cafeterias, restaurants, churches and green areas.

There are mainly houses in this area, so it’s a perfect choice if you prefer the silence and intimacy of your own yard and of a somehow retired neighborhood, still connected to the town. But blocks of flats are also built and the neighborhood is still growing and evolving.

The only slight disadvantage of living in Giroc is that it’s not that close to the city center; even though, by car, it takes less than 15 minutes to get there.

But I strongly recommend that you consider living in Giroc if you prefer a quiet area where people live mainly in houses with their families.


As I already said, Timisoara is a very large town. And there are over 25 neighborhoods that you can choose from to live here.

For example, some other great choices would be Steaua or Soarelui – there you have two bonus recommendations!

But from my experience in town, I’m telling you that living in one of the areas I recommended in this guide will best keep you connected to the heartbeat and young vibe of Timisoara. Read more about what it’s like to live in this city.

But leaving apart the best choice for you according to your own interests and preference, Timisoara is a beautiful city, with clean, safe districts, lots of green spaces everywhere and many exciting things to do in most of its areas.

So no matter what you’ll end up choosing, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

All in all, I hope that all the information and recommendations I provided will be helpful in making the best decision for your stay in Timisoara!

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3 thoughts on “Best Neighborhoods to Live in Timisoara [2022 Update]”

  1. Cetate again it is for me. It would nice to be right in the center of things. I don’t think you can go wrong though. Hopefully things will turn around soon and we can all go exploring. Great post. Love the crispness of the blog.

  2. Best neighborhoods to Live in Timisoara from my point of view are:

    1. Tipografilor – near to the city center , Iulius Mall and also great schools in the area ( the area is not busy and is quiet)
    2. Soarelui – second in place because is far of the city center, but it has pros like: a lot of parking places, parks and the area is very airy, lots of supermarkets, pharmacies, good schools.
    3. Cetate – mentioned in the post.
    4. Favorit area


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