Therme, Bucharest Impressions (Plus Tickets, How to Get There & more)

I’ve been blown away by my recent visit to Therme, Bucharest and today I am here to share everything you need to know about this amazing attraction in Romania’s capital.

Therme is a luxurious and expansive wellness and relaxation complex located just outside of Bucharest.

And after my last visit here, together with my family, I can safely say that it is by far one of the nicest and most amazing complexes in Europe. Yes!

So let’s jump straight in, check out plenty of photos I took during my visit at Therme in Bucharest, so you know everything about this amazing, must-visit place in Bucharest.

Important things to know about Therme in Bucharest

Therme Regular Outdoors Pool Overview
View from the outdoors pool (with access from the indoors one) in the Galaxy Area. Just look at all those palm trees inside!

This is the somewhat “boring” part, so I will keep it to a minimum. But these are important things that you should know prior to your visit.

The most important thing about Therme is that it’s a lot more than a waterpark or a water spa.

Therme Water Play Area for Kids
Outdoor kids water play area (one of the options available)

It’s basically a massive indoor tropical paradise, complete with palm trees, and exotic plants, masterfully mixed in with heated pools, water slides, and restaurants.

It was built to be an oasis for relaxation and I kid you not when I say that I found it much better than the beach or any other water park that I’ve seen in Europe (and I’ve visited the main ones in Budapest, Prague or Valencia to name the main ones).

Therme Bucharest Large Slide
Water slides galore at Therme Bucharest

Various thermal pools, invigorating hydrotherapy sessions, massages, saunas, water slides, AMAZING food, and a huge space to explore, with different themes (we have a sandy area outside, an Asian-themed one, and much more). These are some of the main things that make Therme awesome.

Therme Asian Oasis
Myself, enjoying a bit of the Asian-themed outdoors area

So, if you had any doubts before, trust me when I say this: you MUST visit Therme when in Bucharest. It’s absolutely amazing!

Make sure to click here for your “skip the line” ticket to Therme The Palm – which is what adults traveling without children should book.

Therme, Bucharest: The Palm, Galaxy & Elysium

One of the things that I found pretty strange at first (but which made sense later on) was the fact that there are three different types of tickets that you can purchase for Therme, each offering access to a smaller or larger part of the complex.

Therme Galaxy

Therme Bucharest Outdoor pool
Again, the main outdoors pool at Therme Galaxy

This is the “basic” package, which will probably be just enough for most people and the only option for those visiting with small children.

However, this gives you access to most of the complex, including all the water slides (16 of them, of various degrees of intensity), outdoor and indoor pools, kid’s play areas, a pool bar, hydromassage beds, and a lot more.

Since we visited with our son, we spent here 95% of our time. If we were to visit this area only, we would’ve been just as pleased.

Therme Kids Slide
One of the tamer, kids-friendly slides and our son enjoying it

So, unless you really find the offerings of the next two areas too impressive to say no to, the Galaxy ticket will most likely be enough.

IMPORTANT: We visited in late August, during the winter when the weather was a bit cloudy and it even rained a bit. Therefore, the Galaxy area was pretty crowded.

Therme Indoor Pool Bar
The Indoor Pool bar was one of my favorite places to spend time at. Ahem!

Visit during the weekdays if you want less crowds (you can also see on Therme’s official website how crowded they expect each area to be).

Therme Saunas
Some of the saunas available from the Galaxy Area
Therme Massage Chairs
Plenty of water massage chairs available too (extra cost).

Therme: The Palm

Therme The Palm Indoor Pool
The Palm indoor pool. More relaxed and way less crowded.

If you get this ticket, you get access to the adults-only area of Therme, which gives you some extra goodies like more pools (both outdoor and indoor), additional outdoor areas, restaurants, therapies, and more mineral water pools.

Note: It’s not really adults only, but you have to be over 14 to be allowed to buy a ticket here and enter the area.

Therme Bucharest The Palm Outdoors
The outdoors pool at The Palm was very popular, also with a pool bar.

But the most important thing is that this area is more relaxing. Without the noise from kids, with relaxing music in the background, and without any water slides, this is where you can definitely relax and recharge.

I definitely recommend this to those visiting without children. The slides are just a couple of minutes away anyway, and the serenity of the place (as well as the fact that it is way less crowded) makes it a nice bonus.

Since we traveled with our son, we only visited the area briefly, but I would absolutely choose this if I were to visit without children.

Therme: Elysium

Therme Bucharest Mineral Waters
Various mineral pools for ultimate relaxation

This gives you access to the entire area and is, in my opinion, overkill for most people.

However, if you’re looking for the ultimate Therme experience, with the best relaxation options, this is the one you should choose.

Elysium access gives you extra access to extra treatment and massage rooms, as well as an additional lounge and a restaurant with nice views.

Therme indoor slides
More indoor slides (from the Galaxy area)

I have to admit that, even though we bought a ticket with Elysium access, we didn’t really visit anything there and I am not 100% sure that the massage therapies are free of charge or cost extra. We simply didn’t have time for this (unfortunately).

So, all in all, I recommend most people to choose the Galaxy package at Therme if visiting with kids. The Palm is a better choice for adults who want to relax more, but traveling without kids, as they are not allowed in this area.

Book your skip the line ticket to Therme The Palm (with transfer to and from the place).

The Food at Therme Bucharest

Therme Bucharest Sand Area
No food photos, but another shot of the sandy area at Therme

While I surprisingly forgot to take any photos of the amazing food served at Therme (or the restaurants themselves), I feel that I have to write just a bit about it.

That is because Therme offers amazing food. Unlike what you’d normally expect from a waterpark (bland, overpriced, fast-food type offers), Therme has a few restaurants where you get food cooked by actual chefs.

As a result, the food looks good, tastes amazing and is on par (if not above) to what you’d expect to get from a regular – or even facy-er-ish (yup, allow me to use this word) restaurant in the city.

Each area offers access to one extra restaurant, but they all serve basically the same food (at least they did so when I visited). Soups, traditional Romanian food, international cuisine and amazing deserts: all of these are available at Therme.

You also have a few bars and cafes offering all sorts of drinks, cocktails and such. I really enjoyed spending 30 minutes at the pool bar, sipping up a mocktail and dreaming that I’m actually in Bali.

How to Get to Therme

Therme Bucharest Outdoors Area The Palm
Therme, Bucharest also offers a sand-area for those who miss the seaside.

One of the biggest downsides of Therme is that it’s a bit outside of Bucharest, so you will need to get there by car or using the city’s public transport.

Being located a bit above Otopeni (where the airport is), expect to spend 30-60 minutes getting there, depending on where you depart from.

If you leave from the city center, expect to spend around 30 minutes in a taxi / Uber.

If you use the public transport, line 442 is the only one getting to Therme. You can check out its stations and schedule here.

When it comes to getting to Therme, if you don’t plan to drive yourself there (I don’t recommend that – there’s plenty of amazing cocktails and drinks to enjoy there), taking a taxi / Uber is the best option in my opinion.

Or you can book a ticket with transfer included from and to your location, and not worry about this.

Therme Bucharest: Tickets Info

Therme Bucharest The Palm
Therme, The Palm: Outdoors Pool

There are plenty of options when it comes to getting your ticket to Therme in Bucharest – you can check all the options on the attraction’s official website. But I will cover the most important options below:

Note (prices vary based on season, so take the ones below as examples only):

  • Galaxy full day access: ~20 Eur for 1 adult
  • The Palm Full day access: ~28 Eur/adult
  • Elysium full day: ~33 Eur/adult

Kids under 3 can visit for free. There are also various discounts for kids, seniors or students, as well as family passes, yearly passes and so on.

Final words: Therme, Bucharest is AMAZING!

Therme Bucharest Outdoors Area
Outdoors decorations at Therme.

With plenty of heated pools, an amazing design, great food and amazing service, Therme Bucharest was a pleasantly surprising experience for me when I visited in late August.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody interested in visiting it, and I definitely hope to be able to visit again.

HINT: When we visited, we received, upon departure, a coupon, giving us basically a 2-for-1 ticket for a future visit. So definitely worth coming back!

Therme The Palm Pool
Therme The Palm Pool: Can’t wait to return!

In total, we spent around 55 Euros/person (with the tickets included), but we did get plenty of drinks, coffee, one main meal and dessert. This amount also includes the Uber fare (which was around 30 Euros to and from, for the three of us).

I’m not sure if I would consider this expensive or not, because we had a great deal of fun and came back happy and relaxed. This is priceless, in my opinion.

If you still have questions about Therme, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below and I will happily answer them.

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  1. Looks and sounds like fun! The Therme was very well attended despite the West European prices! It has been raining a lot here in Japan. This morning at 5:30 am I actually put on my swimsuit to go outside and wash the car in the rain! We’ll see how good it turns out…

    • You made me start my day laughing! The weather is acting up here as well, but if Therme was closer (and more affordable) I would not mind escaping there more often :).


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