Where to Eat in Timisoara: Best Restaurants in the City

Timisoara has plenty of great restaurants to try out during your stay: from traditional Romanian food to amazing international cuisine and delicious pizza, you’ve got it all here.

And today I am here to share my own take in regards to the best restaurants in Timisoara. I always enjoy eating here and, even though there are probably a few others that serve great food, you can’t go wrong by choosing the ones below.

We’ve already covered where to stay in Timisoara and what are the best things to do here (among other things), so let’s get to the truly delicious part of our trip and find out where to eat in Timisoara.

Warning: don’t read this on an empty stomach, unless you are already in Timisoara, getting ready to find a great spot to eat.

Best Traditional Food Restaurants in Timisoara

Tourists in Timisoara should start by sampling some of the best traditional Romanian foods and the recommendations below will surely give you the best that the country (and city) has to offer.

Nora Restaurant

While this is mostly appreciated for the generous portions of grilled minced meat rolls (the famous “mici”, or “mititei”), Nora Restaurant is also one of the best restaurants in the city with traditional food.

restaurant nora mititei

They have new offers every day, plus fresh grill, tasty traditional soups and very generous platters with various ingredients from the Romanian traditional cuisine.

A great thing about this restaurant is the fact that it’s visited mostly by locals – so not as touristy, resulting in a more authentic experience and some really amazing prices.

It’s also a bit farther away from the city center – towards the outskirts of Timisoara, so you will most likely need a car (taxi or Uber) to get there. But trust me – it’s worth it. The food is delicious and their garden is just as good!

restaurant nora table

You can find Nora Restaurant in Timisoara on Google Maps or check their official Facebook page for more details.

Beraria 700

beraria 700 beans

Just as its name says, “Beraria 700” Restaurant is situated in 700 Square (Piata 700), and it is one of the oldest, most popular, rustic and active restaurants of the city.

Most of the tourists gather here, because it’s situated in the old fortress of Timisoara that once stood there, and live concerts with local artists are organized here during most of the weekend evenings.

While the atmosphere is extremely relaxed at Beraria 700, the generous menu is also filled with unique, delicious dishes.

Those include traditional platters, freshly grilled meat (as they have their own outdoor grill) and the famous beer of the house, a tradition kept with passion since 1761. Difficult to beat this offer, really!

beraria 700 traditional platter

Check out the location of Beraria 700 on Google Maps here or visit their Facebook page for more photos and details.


miorita feast
You can really enjoy a traditional Romanian feast here

It’s been a few years since I last ate here, I have to admit that, but I have no reasons to believe that the food isn’t just as good now as it was back then.

Miorita is a charming restaurant in Timisoara that takes the traditional Romanian food to a whole new level, from the rustic decor to the amazing food served there.

You get huge portions of delicious food and the menus are also translated in English. The prices are decent here (on the lower side, I would say, for such a touristy place) and the service is spot on.

restaurant Miorita traditional food

A great place to go for lunch or dinner – and make sure to have your phone fully charged because you will take a lot of photos here!

Miorita is located in the heart of the city, and I have marked it here on Google Maps. You can also check it out on Facebook for more info.

Best Pizza Places in Timisoara

You don’t always have to eat at a traditional restaurant. Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry or just craving for pizza, that’s exactly what you should get. And fortunately Timisoara has a lot to offer in this area as well.

The truth is that most places recommended above can also prepare a delicious pizza, but if you want to know my favorites, check them out below!

La Pizza Napoletana

This is my favorite pizza place in the city, but they only open after 5PM (you should double check in case things change). On weekends, they open starting 12PM though.

La Pizza Napoletana
Pistachio Mortadella pizza, one of my favorites

What I like about their pizzas is that they have that homemade feeling. Not a perfectly round shape, not arranged to be completely symmetrical, yet amazingly delicious.

Great thin crust and high quality ingredients will always keep you satisfied. Plus you get that unique taste from the stone oven with real wood (or maybe coal? I have no idea, but it’s delicious).

They offer a huge variety of pizzas and they like to experiment a lot with their offer, so it’s impossible not to find something you’ll love. Then be curious about a different offer and try it, then a new one and so on. Oh, life is hard!

La Pizza Napoletana pizza

I have marked the location of La Pizza Napoletana here, and you can check their Facebook page for more mouthwatering pictures.

3 Gatti

3 gatti Timisoara

This is a new-ish pizza place in the city (or maybe I just discovered it late), but it has some amazingly delicious pizzas on offer. All of them are cooked in a wooden stove, which makes the entire thing taste even better.

They don’t have plenty of choices on the menu, but all are delicious. I also enjoy their sandwiches – are absolutely amazing, especially the omelette/egg one. Perfect – just check it out below:

best sandwich at 3 Gatti

So if you want to enjoy solid pizza, this is one of the best places to go, and it’s also close to the city center.

Check them out on Google Maps here, or take a look on their Facebook page for more details.

Pizza Benitto

This one probably has the best offer you’ll ever find in Timisoara. Because for less than $15 you can get two large pizzas of your choice, two soda cans of your choice and two extra sauces because people in Romania love to add extra sauce on their pizzas.

pizza benitto pizza

And you get nice value for the money, with delicious pizzas that will keep you full and happy.

Their pizzas aren’t the thinnest you have ever tried – nor the largest – but they are cheap and taste great so that’s all that matters in the end.

You can also order their pizzas (or other food items from the menu) if the location – which is a bit away from the city center isn’t drawing you in.

pizza benitto diavola

You can find the exact location of this pizza place marked on Google Maps or you can check their Facebook page for the menu and more photos.

Other great unique restaurants in Timisoara

Now, let’s check out some various other restaurants that I absolutely love – and which I think you should try too.

From restaurants with amazing views, to those serving absolutely amazing traditional food (or just a fabulous breakfast), these are my top choices in the city:

Neața Omelette Bistro

Specialized in breakfast only, they have some of the most delicious things you could eat – from hearty, delicious omelets to various sandwiches to pancakes.

Peanut Butter Sandwich
Peanut Butter Sandwich – This one I shared with my son. I had half, because he couldn’t finish it. My win.

We just stumbled upon it randomly while exploring the central area of the city and, for the duration of our stay, we ate there each day. No regrets, not even for the extra calories.

The portions are huge (their omelets are made from 3 eggs, for example), so you can easily share a meal. I didn’t, haha.

But honestly now – you must give this one a try. Upon checking more details, it seems that they’re now open all day so if that’s the case, you won’t have to just get breakfast there. But whatever you do, make sure to try them out!

bacon maple syrup eggs

I’ve marked them on Google Maps here and you can also check their Facebook page here.

Little Hanoi

If you love Vietnamese or Asian food in general, Little Hanoi is a beautiful place close to the Botanical Garden where you can enjoy great Asian dishes (including noodles, caramelized fruits or spring rolls).

little hanoi pho soup

Again, I’ll give them some bonus points for the interior design, where colorful fly lanterns are suspended from the ceiling, creating a Chinese festival-like atmosphere and filling the room with a warm light.

There is actually a second Little Hanoi near the Victoriei Square, so you can definitely choose the location that suits you best.

They’re not as cheap as you would expect your regular Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant to be, but they’re not very expensive either and they do serve delicious food.

little hanoi dish

I marked the one near the Botanical Gardens on Google Maps and you can check it out on Facebook as well.

Fenice Palas Timisoara

Last but not least, Fenice Palas Mediterranean & Lebanese is located in Iulius Town and it is one of the most exquisite and luxuriant restaurants in Timisoara.

fenice palas meat dish

Fenice is the largest specific restaurant in the region, created by Italian, Romanian and Turkish designers, arranged over four floors and serving an exotic menu with Mediterranean flavors and spices from the Middle East.

I absolutely love Lebanese food and I have it as often as possible and even though I usually prefer the smaller, family-run types of restaurants for that perfect authentic flavor (and general feel of the place) I can’t deny the fact that dining out at Fenice Palas is a really good experience.

fenice palas meat dish

Just as with the other spots to eat in Timisoara, I’ve marked this one on Google Maps for easy access. You can also check it out on Facebook for more details.

Sky Restaurant

Located in the 700 Square area, Sky Restaurant will offer you some of the most unique views in the city – if not the most.

sky restaurant timisoara

A bit more expensive than your regular restaurant, this 6th floor, rooftop restaurant pairs the amazing views with delicious, exquisite dishes that impress with design and taste.

I recommend you go there at sunset, because you’ll definitely get that uplifting memory of a colorful sky with the sun going down, just as the restaurant itself promises, that will also make your tastes vibrate in joy from the amazing flavors they serve.

This is also a great place for a date – one of the most romantic spots in the city.

sky restaurant timisoara dessert

You can get its exact location on Google Maps and you can always find out more about it on its official Facebook Page.

Craft Rooftop

Known for the great view of the entire Victoria Square, Craft Rooftop is situated in the center of Timisoara and is a great place to enjoy any type of exquisite food with a great view.

craft rooftop bar with a view in timisoara

If you’re a beer lover, then this is exactly your place! Craft Rooftop produce their own artisanal beer in various colors and flavors, so choose your favorite before testing as many as possible, of course!

And, if you won’t get a place at a table from the rooftop, no worries. The interior of the restaurant is also stunning.

The ceiling is all dark, designed to create the impression of the sky at night, filled with stars and galaxies. A magical place with a unique atmosphere, one that is truly worth visiting.

craft rooftop dessert

I marked its exact location on Google Maps, but you can also visit its Facebook Page for all the extra details and photos.

Riviere Brasserie

This one is located on the bank of the Bega River, and it’s a restaurant that you don’t want to miss if you’re in Timisoara.

riviere brasserie soup

Not only the view is unique when the sun reflects through the water, creating a vibrating atmosphere filled with light and inner peace, but also their menu!

They serve some great dishes and coffees, but I strongly recommend that you taste their cream soups. They are very creative and flavored, with generous portion sizes and affordable prices.

riviere brasserie pasta

As with the previous restaurants, I’ve marked it on Google Maps for easy access, but you can also check their Facebook page for more details.


A lot of food and amazingly mouth-watering photos, right? This was definitely not the easiest article I had to write, even though I started it on a full stomach. Now I’m hungry!

The good thing is that if you are already in Timisoara and already drooling, you can pick any of the top restaurants recommended above and enjoy.

If not in the city yet – not a problem! At least you know where to eat in Timisoara once you get here!

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