Buying an Apartment in Romania: We’re Doing It!

If you’re a regular reader here at Romania Experience, you know that Wife Romanian, Baby Romanian and I live together with my mother in her house. Although that’s not very uncommon here in Romania, I always felt the need to go away. One reason for that was this past winter when I realized that heating … Read more

Renting Is Cheaper than Owning a House

Things can get pretty crazy when you start adding the numbers and actually look at your expenses. That’s what I was shocked to find out over the weekend when I took a look at the numbers of our housing bills over the winter (which seems to be over now in Romania as we’re getting to … Read more

Cost of Living in Romania & Bucharest in 2014

A new year has started and it’s time to look at the prices in Romania and see how they changed compared to last year. Overall, there has been an increase in the price of gas, which resulted in an increase of mostly everything else so the cost of living in Romania in 2014 (as well … Read more

Married & Living with My Mom: We’ll Keep Doing This!

If you follow Romania Experience, you know that one of the biggest issues right now for me is related to our house. My wife, my newborn and I are living together with my mother and grandmother, we share the kitchen and small front yard. And since houses in Romania are cheap and nice, we did … Read more

Blogging Income Report & Spending (August 2013)

It’s time for the first article in what will hopefully become a series here at Romania Experience: an income report and spending review, all in one place. Since this blog is as much about personal finance and being smart with your money as it is about living in Romania, I think that mixing my online … Read more