Best Neighborhoods to Live in Brasov

Brasov is a city that has grown tremendously over the past several years, with new constructions in most areas of the city.

Today, considering these (and many more aspects), we’re going to learn about the best neighborhoods and areas to live in Brasov.

Since Brasov is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Romania, but also one that expats love, you must stay in the best areas of the city and this article will help you achieve that.

The best areas in Brasov are The Old Town, Blumana or the New Center especially if you’re traveling for a shorter time, with Valea Cetatii and Noua rounding up the top 5 and perfect especially for those who move to Brasov.

But we’ll get a bit more in depth below and see why of the neighborhoods I’m recommending below are great choices for living in – either shorter or longer term.

1. Old Town (City Center)

Old Town Brasov

I always include the city centers in the top recommendations of any guides written for best places to live in any city; and that is because staying in the center is always a good idea, especially for active people, who love being in the middle of everything.

Living in the center of the town means being permanently connected to all the events taking place in the city, but also being in a great location, close to some of the most important places to see and do.

The same applies to Brasov, where I also recommend the Old Town as one of the best neighborhoods to stay in, whether you’re a tourist or plan on living here for a longer period of time.

You will be up to date with all festivals, concerts, fairs or manifestations organized in Brasov, all year round.

Plus, living in the center offers you the proximity to most of the touristic attractions of Brasov, which you will be able to visit anytime.

Nonetheless, the Old Town is famous for the variety of cafes and restaurants you can find there, so you will have the best coffee or traditional food at only few steps away from your home.

2. Blumana

Blumana Neighborhood Brasov

This one is very close to the Old Town, so practically you are still in the heart of the Brasov, but not paying the same premium costs for being there (although, truth be told, don’t expect prices to be very low!)

The major advantage of staying in Blumana is the proximity to Tampa Hill and the beautiful sights from apartments or houses in the area: you get stunning views of this iconic hill, beautiful both during the summer and the winter.

So, if you’re a nature lover and would prefer some inspiring views when you look out the window, check out apartments with this feature from Blumana.

Furthermore, Blumana is a great choice as, just like the Old Town, it is connected to all areas of the town and to the center itself, so that you can feel the pulse of Brasov all year round.

Plus, there are schools around so that your children can get to their classes in less than 10 minutes – if you’re moving with family and planning on schooling your kids in Brasov.

3. Centrul Nou (New Center)

New Center Brasov

I firstly recommended the Old Town – the historical center of the town – as a go-to option for your stay in Brasov.

But for more practical reasons, such as proximity to your office, Centrul Nou can often be an even better alternative.

The New Center neighborhood will have you extremely close to AFI Brasov, to the County Hospital and plenty of supermarkets.

At the same time, you won’t be too far from the heart of the city either. Old Town and Blumana neighborhoods are only few minutes away, so that you can easily get there as well.

I would say Centrul Nou is a perfect example of a neighborhood combining work with relaxation, keeping you connected to both the commercial and the social extremes of Brasov.

4. Valea Cetatii

valea cetatii neighborhood brasov

This neighborhood was recommended by our reader and Brasov expat Jim – somehow, I managed to forget about it when I first wrote this article. But now it’s all good!

Situated on the right side of the Tampa Hill, the Valea Cetatii is a premium neighborhood in Brasov, and one that comes with tons of charm and especially large spaces (there’s a huge pedestrian area which is where I recommend you to try and find a place to live).

With a mixture of older and newer buildings in the area, schools and parks and shopping places, as well as a few really good restaurants, Valea Cetatii is a great choice for those who want to be close to the city center, have great views of the nearby mountains and Tampa hill, but also enjoy a bit more privacy and silence.

5. Noua

Noua Neighborhood Brasov

For a long time, Noua was one of the “bad” neighborhoods in Brasov – located on the outskirts of the city, it was undeveloped and not nice.

However, things have changed and new buildings have been built, and plenty of options are in the area. As long as you don’t need to be close to the city center, this is a peaceful area with lots of natural beauty.

The neighborhood is few steps away from the Zoo, Noua Park and Noua Lake, where you can enjoy the fresh air and spend some time in nature.

Also, certain parts of the neighborhood (and the nearby Darste which is now the one you will hear more often as the name of the area) have 24/7 security and gated-like communities for extra safety. Not that it’s needed, in my opinion.

So, if you’re coming with family, looking for a quiet place, and don’t need to be close to the noisy center, Noua may be your best option in Brasov.

Plus, there is the proximity to the other towns in Brasov County and on the Prahova Valley.

Or, more exactly, the latter is the advantage of being close to other mountain resorts such as Sinaia, Busteni or Timisu de Jos which are some of the best winter holiday destinations in Romania.

6. Brasovechi (Old Brasov)

Brasovechi Neighborhood Brasov

Just as its name suggests in Romania, Brasovechi is the oldest neighborhood of the town (it actually means “Old Brasov”).

They believe that it’s also the first place that was inhabited in historical times, before Brasov was the big town that we see today.

The neighborhood is a great choice, no matter the purpose of your stay; this is also what brought it to the top of my recommendations.

It’s not exactly in the city center, so it doesn’t hold the noise and agitation that you’d normally find in the center of a touristic city, but it’s also not far from it or from the main attractions of Brasov.

At the same time, there are plenty of supermarkets, attractions and green spaces around, as well as a University and restaurants, so it is perfect no matter if you’ve come to work, to visit or to study.

It’s a neighborhood with a nice old vibe, with beautiful buildings and a special feeling that you will simply love.

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7. Scheii Brasovului (Prund-Schei Neighborhood)

Prund Schei Neighborhood Brasov

The third and last of the three oldest neighborhoods in Brasov (Scheii, Blumana, Brasovechi), Scheii Brasovului, or Prund-Schei, as it’s called today, is another feasible option for your stay in town.

Just like Blumana, it is in the very proximity of the city center, keeping you connected to the heartbeat of Brasov but for a slightly lower cost than being in the heart of the city.

What’s special about Scheii Brasovului, anyway, is the general aspect, which is a lot more rural and picturesque than the rest of the town.

It still keeps that medieval vibe from legendary times, with generally small houses, narrow streets and gardens towards the mountains.

It is a beautiful, quiet and inspiring area to live in, also thanks to the proximity to Tampa Hill.

This also means that there’s not much to do around in terms of entertainment: there are few if any cafes and restaurants and even the number of shops in the area is very limited. In other words, this is a very residential place, but a nice one indeed.

8. Garii Neighborhood

Garii Neighborhood Brasov

This is a tricky one. Garii neighborhood can be both the best and one of the worst neighborhoods for you, depending on your stay purpose and period.

More exactly, if you’re a tourist traveling by train and only in town for few days, then Garii neighborhood is a perfect choice.

The train station is only few steps away, and so is the bus station that will connect you with all the other areas of the town.

If you’re here for a long stay, on the other hand, you might want to check out all the other neighborhoods I recommended, except this one.

Because it can be a little noisy, and unless you travel a lot by train and, consequently, need to be close to the train station, there is no need to sacrifice your silence, rest or inner peace.

Plus, truth be told, there aren’t many attractions or things to do in this area.

9. Astra

Astra Neighborhood Brasov

Last but not least, Astra neighborhood is situated to the east of the Old Town, in the immediate proximity.

It takes less than 10 minutes by bus and less than a 30-minute walk to get from Astra to the center, but the atmosphere is completely different.

Astra is a neighborhood of houses and families, a neighborhood of silence and calm, and you will still find everything that you need around.

Markets, supermarkets and a mini-mall – Magnolia Shopping Center – are all situated here, making it an amazing choice for everyone eager to stay in a safe, clean and quiet place, still having the possibility to immediately get to any other part of the town.


As I said, there are plenty of other neighborhoods in Brasov, some more interesting than others when it comes to living here.

Which brings us to some well known neighborhoods in the city, like Tractorul, Bartolomeu, Craiter and Traian.

While they have grown tremendously over the years – and you can read a nice comment down below about Tractorul from our reader Jim, who is an expat in Brasov for years now – I still prefer the ones above, mainly because of their proximity to the city center and the higher number of options around.

Generally speaking, these four neighborhoods are just as safe and clean as others. In fact, the only reason why they not really topping my list is that there is nothing really interesting going on there.

Just lots of buildings with apartments to live in. They were built for the working class in Brasov, when it was still an industrial area, and there are little to no touristic attractions here nor lots of places to spend your free time (like pubs or restaurants).

Summing it all up, Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania and Romania, for both locals and tourists, and living here from 2-3 months to a few years or even a lifetime can hardly get boring, given the multitude of activities you can do, from testing local food to exploring the main attractions and discovering the surrounding mountains and nature.

No matter where you’ll choose to live in Brasov, you will most likely be satisfied with your choice because this touristic town is safe, clean and friendly in most of its areas.

The only variables here are your own preferences and interests, lifestyle and budget, and I considered and mentioned all these aspects through the list of best 9 neighborhoods to live in Brasov that I provided above.

And now make sure to end this on a very happy note and check out my previous article about the best bars and pubs in Brasov.

Hoping that my recommendations inspired or helped you make the best decision for you and/or your family, I wish you have a great stay in this town and enjoy the most out of what Brasov can show and offer you!

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4 thoughts on “Best Neighborhoods to Live in Brasov”

  1. As one of your resident expat Brasovenii, I have a few random comments. First, this piece is pretty accurate. I’d like to add, though, that coming here as a visitor or to move more permanently are two different beasts. If you are a visitor, stay in the Old Town, Scheii, or Blumana. That’s it. Nowhere else. This is why you’re coming here, so make the best of it.

    If one wishes to be a long-term resident, the choices noted here are quite fine – I’m especially fond of Noua, which has a very relaxed feel plus the park with a small lake which is very enjoyable, and Astra, an established neighborhood with a plethora of trees.

    An area you didn’t mention is Racadau (Valle Cetatii). Built upon the ruins of a Dacian fortress in the 1980s by the communists, it was conceived to be a “modern workers paradise.” Today it is considered rather “up-scale,” and with a new outburst in growth it is a very desirable area.

    So, you may be asking yourself, “Jim, where have you chosen to live?” Four years in Brasov, I first lived in Bartolomeu in an ever-growing apartment complex called Avantgarden. This place is very modern, but little of interest near-by, at least without taking a 20-minute bus ride to the Old Town.

    For our permanent residence, though, we chose Tractorul, a community discouraged in the article above. However, while much of this area is filled with remnants of a factory city, it has rapidly become one of Brasov’s “places to be.” New growth of modern apartments surrounding the Coresi Shopping Resort (it’s a mall, folks) has lured many young families. Only a few short years ago this area was nothing more than the husks of Brasov’s industrial buildings.

    Now, much of the eponymous old tractor factory has become a trendy business park with the former aircraft factory hanger, dating back to 1925, undergoing transformation into an entertainment/concert facility. There are also plans to turn the former bearing factory into a large city park, but we’ll see regarding how plans go, for in Romania there are many, many plans. As for safety in Tractorul, I’ve never had concern, well, aside from an occasional bear warning on my phone.

    • Excellent stuff, Jim! Thanks for tuning in. It’s always great to have up to date information from people who spent a few years there.

      Romania is indeed expanding and growing and I saw, throughout the country, neighborhoods that went from meh to amazing in just a few years.

  2. Helpful article, long awaited by expats wishing to move to Brasov.

    To me, old town, or Centru Vechi is a lot larger than in the red box above & contains all of Sfatului, Black Church etc & officially starts from Poarta Schei & Maternity hospital, and from White Tower in the west to the foot of Tampa in the east, within which lies Blumana as a sub area, at least to me.

    Officially, according to old maps, Blumana starts around the theater area, star market etc & goes out towards Cetate, even though on Google maps it puts it as being on Hirsher.

    For example, most local people would describe Castelului, Bălcescu, Strada Poarta Schei, Str Postăvarul etc as the entre of centru vechi. I spent 7 happy years in that area and still keep my office there since 2007.

    What you describe as Valea Cetatii, I used to call Racadau and I agree with Jim, it’s a great place to live.

    In fact is is famous for the cleanest air in Brasov by far, due to the forest. We used to get a lot of requests to find apts there. Another very popular request was anywhere around Ceasul Rău / Transilvania University.

    • Thank you for your comment, Damian. As far as the neighborhoods/regions go, I think nothing beats a local’s perspective. Thanks for shedding some light in regards to the areas around the city, I will look into updating the maps in the article with more accurate ones.


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