BEST Hotels in Mamaia, Romania for a Perfect Summer 2024 Holiday

Mamaia is considered the pearl of Romania’s Black Sea resorts and today I’m here to help you find the best hotel in Mamaia for an unforgettable summer 2024 holiday.

If you’re in a rush and only want to know what my top choice is, then definitely look at Hotel Opera in Mamaia (Click here to check prices and see more). This is my favorite!

hotel opera mamaia top recommendation

As you can imagine from that one photo above, the hotel looks amazing and IS amazing.

Great price/quality ratio, an amazing location that’s right near the beach… it’s perfect and my all-time favorite.

But there are other options as well, from more budget-friendly options to true luxury destinations. While Mamaia is usually a bit more expensive than other resorts, it’s still relatively cheap compared to other destinations in Europe.

So without further ado, let’s check out the best hotels in Mamaia this year – make sure to check the prices for all, as they might come with great early booking offers!

Hotel Milano Blue – Best Budget

View from the hotel. Definitely not a 3-star view!

The only 3-star hotel on this list, Milano Blue really deserves its spot here. The location of this hotel is perfect, right on the beach, with spectacular views over the Black Sea.

I personally like the fact that it’s in the Southern part of Mamaia, which puts you closer to nearby Constanta, the main waterpark in the area, as well as lots of pubs and restaurants.

The hotel itself is small and charming, but the rooms are still decently sized and in really good condition.

Not all of them offer sea views, so make sure to ask for this specifically in order to enhance your experience there.

It also doesn’t have a pool, but the beach is just across the street, so that shouldn’t be a problem for most. I personally like having a pool – but those in Romania are usually not heated, so the sea remains a great alternative.

What I like the most about this hotel is that, even though it’s rated at 3-stars, it has really nice staff and an amazing price/quality ratio. As a result, I consider Hotel Milano Blue as the best choice for a budget holiday in Mamaia.

So if you don’t mind not having a pool and having a slightly smaller room (compared to the 4-star hotels), then this one is definitely the best choice for you and the best 3-star hotel in Mamaia, in my opinion.

Click here to check it out now.

Hotel Opera – Top Choice

This is the hotel that I recommended first in the intro – so my top choice in Mamaia (hopefully yours too).

There are plenty of things I like about Hotel Opera – one hotel with tradition in the area – and very few (if any) cons.

It’s built right on the beach, with a nice, albeit small, private pool, but also a private beach and spectacular views of the Black Sea.

It has an amazing, modern design and the quality is visible in all areas of the resort, from the sunbeds to the cleanliness of the place, to the care given to each guest and polite staff. Really nice.

This is one of the fancier hotels in Mamaia (read: a bit more expensive), but for all the right reasons: the rooms are huge and nicely decorated, everything is in great shape and the design of the rooms is really modern and fresh. And the fact that it’s right there on the beach is a huge bonus in my books.

This is one of the highest-rated hotels in Mamaia, so you know for sure that you’re going to the right place if you choose this one for your stay. You won’t be disappointed!

You can book your stay right now by clicking here.

Vega Hotel – 5-star Excellence

07 hotel vega
vega hotel room
vega hotel restaurant view
vega hotel at night

Time for some five-star treatment for those looking for an extra nice place to spend their stay in Mamaia, Romania.

While this hotel is definitely not for the budget-minded, it is one where the staff does everything to keep you happy, entertained, and satisfied. Amazing service, amazing rooms, and great location.

Their private beach – situated right near the hotel is also amazing, filled with huts and a fully equipped beach bar.

However, I personally love the pools and the outdoor space – you can still hear the sea from the pool, but not get sand all over!

The rooms are spacious, bright, and beautiful. Not all have a sea view, so make sure to ask for one because otherwise, you’re missing a fabulous view that really makes each day more pleasant.

Honestly, now, those views are basically everything you need when you’re near the sea. Simply spectacular!

You can book your stay right now by clicking here.

Arena Regia Hotel & Spa – Lovely All-Inclusive

Arena Regia Hotel overview
Arena Regia Hotel indoor pool
Arena Regia Hotel room

This is one of my all-time favorite hotels in Romania, not only Mamaia. A huge resort actually, Arena Regia Hotel & Spa delivers unique architecture, top-quality services, and pleasant surprises every step of the way.

It’s a huge resort that can be just a stone’s throw away from the beach or several minutes away. Therefore, make sure to choose the sea view & buildings closer to the beach when booking.

But even if you don’t get to be close to the beach, the hotel’s Spa area is highly appreciated by all guests, so it’s a win and delightful stay no matter where you book your room.

The arena itself has been turned into an amazing open-air restaurant, you have an infinity pool and a Roman-themed interior pool, beautifully decorated rooms and all the reasons to be excited if you pick it as your destination.

You also get a private beach, two nice restaurants, and a bar… plus a lot more to be happy with. Safe and nice, it is, as I said, one of my top choices in the country.

It’s a great choice for families with kids, who will surely enjoy the all-inclusive treatment and the plethora of activities throughout the day. It does get crowded and it’s pretty expensive by my standards, but it’s definitely worth looking at.

Click here to check it out and book it.

Splendid Hotel, Mamaia

hotel splendid room
hotel splendid indoor pool

Although it doesn’t really say much when you look at it from the outside, this hotel is indeed… Splendid! I still haven’t met anybody who stayed here and wasn’t impressed with… everything.

The only problem that I have with this hotel is that it lacks an outdoor pool. They do offer an indoor one, which is really nice indeed, but I prefer an outdoor pool during the summer.

But at least the beach is close and if somehow the weather is bad, you can still enjoy a nice swim.

The hotel itself has been recently renovated and improved and looks even better than before, but the quality of the services and the food remains the same.

The rooms are much better now with updated furniture and a more extravagant style, with modern appliances and amazing views: either towards the sea or the nearby lake Siutghiol.

But I believe that the photos above speak for themselves, so I will stop here and invite you to check it out now.

To book your stay or to find out more, click here.

Onal Boutique Hotelier

Onal Boutique Hotelier

A newcomer on my list for this year, Hotel Onal Boutique Hotelier is, as the name suggests, a boutique hotel offering high quality at decent prices.

Located in the central region of the Mamaia resort, the hotel is close to all the main attractions – as well as the best beaches the resort has to offer.

The quality is top notch everywhere – from the friendliness of the staff, to the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms.

The biggest disadvantage of this hotel is that it doesn’t have a private pool – nor does it offer a private beach area. There are plenty nearby that you can enjoy either free or at around 10 Euros / person for a lounger with umbrella.

None of its rooms offer an actual sea view, despite the fact that it’s just a few hundred meters from the beach.

I personally prefer a sea view room – but if this is not a deal breaker for you, the quality of this hotel really makes up for the disadvantages. So at least check it out.

Click here to see prices for your dates.

Nayino Resort Hotel

Situated in the Mamaia Nord part of the resort – which is the new & coming party scene, this hotel is great and offers a unique experience to all travelers.

The hotel has a beautiful pool and a nice, colorful design, being also perfect for families. They have a private beach as well if you prefer the sand, and the food is absolutely amazing there. Truly delicious!

Smaller and homier, Nayino offers decently sized rooms that are clean and in good condition.

The staff there is very friendly and they also organize all sorts of nice events to keep the guests happy and entertained. A really good place to be – relaxing, calm, and beautiful.

If you like what you see and read, why not find out more? Click here to book your stay at Nayino or to find out more.

How to Choose the Best Hotel in Mamaia?

Now that you know which are the best hotels in Mamaia, let me offer you a few extra tips regarding what to book and what to expect.

First of all, five-star hotels will offer, obviously, the best experience, but you might still be a little bit disappointed if you compare them to similarly-ranked hotels in other parts of the world.

I personally consider them horribly overpriced and only an option if money is not an issue for you.

However, you have the highest chance to find highly trained personnel here that speaks great English and treats you nicely. (But don’t be surprised if you don’t).

The biggest problem in Romanian hotels – as well as restaurants and regular shops – is customer service. Everybody complains about it, so be prepared for some potentially not-amazing experiences wherever you go.

Three-star hotels are very tricky here as it’s like a coin toss: you can get something really good for the money, or something really bad. They are really cheap, but you don’t want a failed or ruined holiday because you chose the wrong hotel.

That’s why I personally recommend going to a four-star hotel in Mamaia (or anywhere else in Romania).

Romania- Best Hotels in Mamaia

This is the best option, still keeping prices in check and also offering the highest possible quality of services and better rooms, staff, and everything else.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to go with the recommendations of somebody who has actually been there (so look at the general reviews for a hotel) and don’t choose it just based on the photos since those can be pretty misleading.

What is the best time to visit Mamaia?

The best time of the year for visiting Mamaia is between July 10th and the end of August.

During this time, the weather will be perfect, the water will be warmer each day and you’ll have the best chances of getting the most out of your vacation.

The only downside is that this is when peak season is (for the right reasons), so expect higher prices and larger crowds.

If you want to get the most out of the beaches and the Black Sea (as well as Mamaia itself), you shouldn’t visit before the 1st of June. This is when the season – and the summer – officially starts.

However, if you plan to visit in June, expect the weather to be colder – and the temperature of the water to be low too. We only managed to dip our toes in the water even in mid-June, although there were a few brave ones swimming.

Finally, another good choice would be early September. For the 1st to mid-September, not only that you are off-season (which means lower prices and fewer crowds), but you can still get great weather and the water is still warm.

The previous few years were incredibly sunny and nice in September (with very few rainy days), so those who chose to visit during this time had a great time.

But remember that it’s officially the Fall season, so the weather can go crazy cold and especially rainy.

And if you’re in Mamaia, maybe you’re planning a trip to Danube’s Delta too – make sure to read my article about the best time of the year to visit it.

Wrapping up

So, these would be my recommendations when it comes to the best Mamaia hotels. From the high quality budget option Hotel Milano, to my favorite – Hotel Opera, there are plenty of choices.

There are other good ones too, as well as some less inspired ones, but I am sure that if you go with any of my top picks above, you will have an amazing holiday in Romania!

You are, in the end, close to the best beach in Romania – and in this country’s highest-rated resort.

If you have additional questions about Mamaia, don’t hesitate to let me know by sharing your comments below.

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