The Best Areas / Neighborhoods to Live in Constanta

If you are planning to move to Constanta, you are surely wondering about the best neighborhoods or areas in the city to live in.

I’ve been living in Constanta for 9 months now and after exploring the city, I am ready to share a bit of insider knowledge.

The best place to live in Constanta is in the Tomis neighborhood, closely followed by the Old Town area. These two places are centrally located and close to everything of interest, from beaches to shops, restaurants, parks and schools.

I have already shared the best things to do in Constanta in a previous article, but now we’re going to focus more on living in the area longer term.

Now, let’s get straight to the point of today’s article, and check out the best areas / neighborhoods to live in Constanta.

Note: I will also share, for each of the recommended areas, a Google Maps screenshot so that you know exactly what I’m talking about.

1. Tomis / Old Town

tomis neighborhood constanta

Living in the heart of the city is always a good idea, in my opinion. Sure, it’s usually more crowded and noisier than other places, but it’s also close to… everything.

And this is exactly the case of these two areas that I am grouping together, since it’s really difficult to do it otherwise.

If you choose the old town area in Constanta, you will always be minutes away from nice pubs and restaurants, as well as various attractions.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be really close to the beach (maybe sea views as well, depending on what you find).

The Modern beach is one of the most popular in the areas, and it’s close to the city center.

You’ll also have the Tomis Mall nearby, as well as parks, charming old buildings and… everything you can wish for, in all honesty (maybe not so much parking spaces, but this is always a problem in the city)

2. Tomis 2

tomis 2 constanta

If you still want to be close to the city center, but also supermarkets and other attractions, then this is the area where you will find a bit more silence and slightly better prices.

This is the area that we’re living in since moving here to Constanta and I am really pleased with the choice we have made.

We’re generally walking to wherever we have to go instead of having to take the car (which is still needed for the larger supermarkets).

3. Faleza Nord

faleza nord constanta map

This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Constanta, due to its proximity to the beach.

Waterfront properties tend to be more expensive, but they are preferred by those who are looking to wake up each morning and head straight to the beach.

On the other hand, apartments located in residential buildings offer impressive views, sometimes of both the lake and the sea.

City Park Mall is located in the area, as well as the Dolphinarium and plenty of other smaller shops and restaurants.

Newly built residential buildings are often soundproofed, so you do not have to worry about noise being an issue. And this is a big in Constanta, which is a really noisy city.

As a bonus, you’re just a stone’s throw away from Mamaia, Romania’s top summer resort.

4. Tomis III

tomis 3 constanta map

Tomis III is a quiet neighborhood, with properties offered at affordable prices. A major point of attraction is the proximity to Mamaia, as well as one of the biggest Malls in the city.

It’s also close to the Dolphinarium, large parks, the lake and plenty of shops, schools and restaurants.

The properties here are especially sought by couples and families, as there are various opportunities for going out and good schools nearby. Prices are also a bit lower than in central Constanta.

It’s a lively area that’s more in the city than others, and being close to everything is always a bonus, even though it does get crowded especially during the summer.

5. Boreal & Tomis Plus

boreal tomis plus constanta

For those of you looking for a more suburban type of living, these two neighborhoods are a great choice. New buildings (usually on the luxury side) make it an attractive place for those who want more space, at the cost of being away from the city.

In this exclusivist neighborhood, one can enjoy a wide range of facilities, including green spaces, proximal access to shopping centers and educational institutions, playgrounds, private parking, restaurants, etc.

The only problem is that it is away from the city center and basically outside of Constanta, but it’s up for you to decide if that’s indeed a Con or not.

6. Coiciu

coiciu constanta map

One of the oldest neighborhoods of Constanta, Coiciu offers attractive opportunities especially for those who are looking to live in a house, as opposed to an apartment.

Since you’re getting mostly houses in the area, the neighborhood is not excessively noisy and it’s slightly easier to find a parking spot here.

Located between the House of Culture and the Navy Institute, it was named after one of the best mayors the town ever had.

While it’s not as lively as the previous recommendations, with just a few restaurants and shops nearby, you’re still within walking distance to easy shopping and eating out. But at least you get more silence here.

How to choose the best area in Constanta for you?

Ideally, you should visit before making a move here. I always say that you can’t go wrong choosing the central areas and this is definitely the case of Constanta.

Except for the large supermarkets, which are on the outskirts of the city, everything important is centrally located. So unless you have a job / school in a different area, opt for any of the top 3 recommendations above.

A great choice to see local listings here is Storia – the country’s top website on the matter.

While many properties are presented with a generous number of photos, and even virtual tours, it is for the best to visit the property in person. This way, you will get to see how it really looks like, and determine whether it might be the right choice for you or not.

If you’re new to Romania, I recommend doing it through an agency – they do require a commission, but you will have a contract in place and it will be more secure this way.

Constanta does get crowded during the summer season and it can get noisy – there are festivals happening at the beach, there are tourists everywhere… so make sure you know all the Pros and Cons about living in Constanta before making your choice!

Final words

In conclusion, Constanta has a lot to offer, starting with its location on the Black Sea Coast and proximity to popular resorts, such as Mamaia.

As you have seen mentioned above, the top neighborhoods in Constanta include the Old Town area, Tomis 2 and Faleza Nord, with a few other options available if you don’t need to be in the heart of the city or close to the beach.

I hope that this article is helpful – and if you have additional questions or comments to make, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments section below.

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