Help Me Keep Romania Experience Alive

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Blogging has been my job since 2008. Not once since I started my uncommon career have I stared at a blank page for as long as I did before being able to finally start writing here. Asking for help is … Read more

My Full, Practical Guide to Transylvania

guide to Transylvania

It’s time to finally cover – and do it exhaustively – the Transylvania region in Romania. In this full, practical guide this popular region, you’ll learn: Transylvania is this magical land in Central Romania and probably the most famous part … Read more

Untold 2024: Lineup Plans and Schedule

untold festival lineup and schedule

I am updating this article with the latest news about the upcoming Untold 2024 festival which will take place in Cluj Napoca, on August 8 to August 11. I initially wrote this article offering details about the Untold Festival 2023, … Read more