This Is the Fairy Tale Clay Castle in Porumbacu de Sus, Romania

Romania has a lot of unique attractions to offer and I am happy to write about one of the most recently built ones – the fairy tale clay castle in Porumbacu de Sus, a unique structure that you probably haven’t heard of until now. But we’re going to right the wrongs today, as this is a truly spectacular place that must be on your “to see” list when you get to Romania.

Commonly known as the “Fairy Tale Clay Castle” here in Romania, it has a much better official name, in my opinion: The Fairy Valley Clay Castle (Castelul Valea Zanelor). Now, that really paints a better picture of what to expect, right? If not, you can check out the photo below to see what I mean:

This Fairy Tale castle built near Porumbacu de Sus, a village situated 40 kilometers West of Sibiu, in a beautiful area: raw nature, beautiful mountains and amazing green grass everywhere you look. And then you have the castle itself, which delivers true eye candy. Here is the place on Google Maps, in case you want to know it’s exact location:

Things to know about the Clay Castle in Romania

As the name suggests, the Fairy Valley Clay Castle is built entirely from natural materials, mostly clay, but also stone and straws. And, despite it’s complete impressiveness, it’s built by a family of two who decided to put their corporate life behind and risk it all by investing in this castle situated in an area that nobody had really heard of before – Porumbacu de Sus.

I think that the story behind it makes it even more impressive – especially when looking at the results. It proves that a bit of imagination and a lot of hard work can take you a long way. And you don’t necessarily need an army of people to build something truly amazing…

This unique Romanian clay castle was born in 2014, but it took a few years for it to become fully operational and as amazing as it is today. I know that there were plans to allow guests to sleep over night (or over multiple nights) which would’ve been absolutely amazing, but is seems that it has been pushed back for a while (hopefully not cancelled – it would be just too amazing to be able to sleep in such an amazing place).

But you can still visit it and experience a day of awesomeness here. The Fairy Tale Clay Castle has an entirely organic restaurant (where even the plates are eatable!) which offers vegetarian options as well. You will eat in the Garden of the Fairies (the castle’s garden) overlooking the amazing buildings and enjoying the nature.

Fun fact: everything that you will see built within the Fairy Tale Clay Castle in Romania is created by hand! Every chair, every table… everything is unique and manually crafted. I don’t think that there are many places in the world that can offer this!

On the premises, you have the castle itself and the amazing garden of the fairies, but also free parking and an amazing playground for kids. The hosts offer various entertainment packages and activities for kids as well for a complete experience that the entire family will enjoy.

There is also a souvenir shop with lots of amazing, handmade souvenirs and goodies. Not only that you will bring back home some of the magic of this castle, but you will also get to support the amazing people that turned their dream into reality.

But images speak much better than words do, so take a few moments to enjoy the clay castle (with more to come):

How much does it cost to visit the Fairy Tale Clay Castle in Romania?

You will be surprised to hear that the entrance fee is extremely low: just 5 lei per person (a tiny bit over 1 Euro) with no discounts for kids (the price is extremely low anyway).. Make sure to bring cash as you can only play with cash (at the moment of writing). Working hours: 10:30 – 17:30.

For this price, you get free parking and access to everything that the castle has to offer and includes unlimited photos. You don’t have to book in advance – but it wouldn’t hurt to call before getting there, especially during the warmer months, as this castle is becoming more and more popular – for all the right reasons, as you can see for yourself!

You can find out more about this beautiful place on their official website or the Facebook page.

Here are some more photos of this truly amazing place:

Amazing, organic food with awesome views. You can’t ask for more!

If you’re looking for even more impressive and unique places to see in Romania, I’ve already talked about the Color Forest near Targu Jiu, the renowned Bigar Waterfall, but also other attractions in the country. And I promise to share even more in the future!

What do you think about the Fairy Vallet Castle in Romania? Is this a place you’d like to visit or, even better, spend a few nights in when they finally start operating as a hotel?

(source of the photos: Facebook & the Castle’s official website)

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10 thoughts on “This Is the Fairy Tale Clay Castle in Porumbacu de Sus, Romania”

  1. I would love to visit this fairytale castle. Looking at the pictures, I picture Goldilocks and Hansel and Gretel. It looks like a kiddie delight. I certainly wouldn’t mind spending a night or two, and yep..take lots of photos 🙂 .

    • Indeed! And even more amazing is that the whole thing has been created and mostly built by just two people. This proves that if you really want something, you can surely make it happen!

  2. It reminds me a little of the creations of the Austrian architect Hundertwasser. I think that type of building with mud and straw is called “cob building” or a “cob house.” It allows for some very fanciful designs. I wonder how it will hold up in those harsh Romanian winters.

    • Now that you mention it, it does have a bit of the Hudertwasser feeling. A bit of extra color and a lot more green and they would indeed have something even better looking!

      The castle itself is in the works for years now and it has seen its fair share of winters. Although I don’t really know how it is inside, I remember reading that they have heating solved. And the rooms are probably small and easy to heat – just like most rooms in Romanian villages where most houses are built from similar materials.

  3. Hi Calin:
    Add a little color, and this could be the setting for a Smurfs film;-)
    I prefer the classic Romanian castles–where Dracula and Frankenstein visited roamed–ha, ha!
    The real Romanian castles always remind me of the ones in the Christopher Lee, Hammer Horror, Dracula feature films of the 60s.
    You mentioned this place has a souvenir shop. Of course this begs the question why the real Romanian castles don’t. (At least that is my understanding.) They are moneymakers. Just a thought…
    Hey–off topic but…scary!
    Do the Dacias have airbags, and other safety devices to mitigate this? Traffic policing must be lax, or it’s just the way thing are. I’ve read that it’s a real free-for-all outside of the cities. Still pedestrians are considered sacrosanct–thankfully!;-)
    Also, this was a bummer:
    Hopefully, this isn’t common! Nice Romanian folks trying to help him makes me feel better, though. I guess a little to much alcohol made the two yobs beat up this poor, older man. Still no excuse!
    Thanks for this article on an unknown place to visit. Won’t belong before AirBnB gets their hooks into this place.
    ~Teil (USA)

    • It is indeed strange that Romanians don’t know how to sell their souvenirs. Hopefully things will change when the competition increases and they are forced to.

      I read the scary stuff about accidents too and I wasn’t really surprised. Driving is horrible anywhere in Romania, big city or not. The police are usually doing their job but it’s actually the fines and measures taken against those that break the law that are so low that people are not afraid of them. This is indeed one of the major concerns and it doesn’t have to do anything with the brand of the cars, as you see more foreign brands instead of Dacias nowadays. And the Dacia cars are indeed equipped with airbags and all (or most) modern gadgets to prevent accidents and casualties. The problem are those who drive the cars 🙂

  4. What a wonderful and different place. I’ve never actually heard of this area and the price to see it sounds super cheap too.

    Do you know of any other attractions near it? Although it looks like a beautiful stay, visiting for one building alone is hard to justify when you’re travelling from overseas :D.

    • Well, traveling across the ocean for this Clay Castle alone might not be worth it, indeed 🙂 Fortunately, Sibiu is very close, with Brasov and Curtea de Arges nearby. So if you have a car to drive around, you would indeed have some other important things to see nearby.

  5. This looks like a Thomas Kinkaide painting come to life! I’d love to see some snow covered photos from the winter (just photos – I like to stay indoors where it’s warm in the winter! LOL)


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