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30 Reasons to Visit Romania (with Amazing Photos)


Romania is a beautiful country. Some Romanians joke by adding an extra statement to the previous one: “too bad it’s inhabited by Romanians”.

But jokes aside, there are some really amazing places you could see if you decide to visit Romania and below I have for you 30 reasons to visit Romania – all of them illustrated with photos that prove that indeed you have a lot of eye candy waiting for you here.

And the truth is that these 30 reasons are just the first on a list that can go on and on and on because Romania has a lot to offer, from beautiful, raw nature (a reason why I usually refer to the country as Rawmania) to impressive castles and monasteries, charming villages, incredible mountains and drop dead beautiful cities. And a lot more.

Every country has its beautiful and less beautiful areas and many other factors come into play when finding or deciding upon these amazing places, but all in all, I am sure you will be impressed with the top 30 photos of Romania that I have selected below and I’m also sure that they will help you fall in love with this amazing country if you haven’t done so already.

You have all the reasons to be impressed, so enjoy these images and reasons to visit Romania which will hopefully help you decide that it’s really the right time to finally take a trip here (in case you still had some doubts):

Biertan Village

Photo source: here
Photo source: here

The Transfagarasan Road

Bigar Waterfall

I wrote an in-depth article about my visit to the Bigar Waterfall – make sure to check it out as well for an in-depth look at this great place on earth!

The Moss Swamp

Photo here
Photo here

Bucegi Mountains

Photo source: here
Photo source: here

Ceahlau Mountain

Image source here
Image source here

Dracula’s Castle (Bran)

Decebal’s Statue

Source here
Source here

The Corvin Castle

Rural Maramures

Photo source here
Photo source here

Retezat National Park

Image source here
Image source here

Holbav Village

The Beauty of Brasov

The Merry Cemetery in Sapanta

The charming Medieval Town of Sighisoara

Image source here
Image source here

Lower Moeciu

Photo here
Photo here

Enjoying the sunrise at Magura

Enjoying your morning near a village

Photo source here
Photo source here

The Danube Delta

Image here
Image here

The Romanian Sphinx

Jiu Valley

Photo here
Photo here


Peles Castle

Lake Colibita

Photo source
Photo source

Bucegi Mountains, again

Transalpina Road

Fairy Castle in Porumbacu de Sus

Voronet Monastery

Turda Salt Mine

Bolboci Lake, Bucegi

The good news? These are not the only amazing places and stunning views in Romania. There’s a bit of everything for everybody – but if you enjoyed these particular images, don’t forget to share them! Because everybody could use some reasons to visit this beautiful country!

If you like this and want to revisit the article, don’t hesitate to pin it for later using the image below (or any of the above):

I wrote some more in-depth articles about some of these (or other) attractions that make Romania such an amazing place to visit, so continue by reading a bit about the Peles Castle, the impressive Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, raw nature at Vanturatoarea Waterfall… just a few more things to keep the dream going!


  1. Calin and Wife Romanian: You two are too funny;-) Postcard pretty pictures–all! Calin, where are the pictures of your hometown, Drobeta-Turnu Severin–do you ever just say “DTS”? In an older post you mentioned your city and Piatra Neamt were the two greenest cities in Romania. Did you mean green as in lots of green grass, vegetation, flora, fauna, or green as in very ecologically oriented–recycling, solar and wind power use, composting, recycling, etc?
    So, have you taken the Dacia on a drive on the The Transfagarasan Road? (I get dizzy just looking at it;-)
    After your train trips in May, it will interesting to hear your thoughts on the different train services you will be using. The train services in the USA–once some of the greatest, have sadly fallen on hard times becoming just one–AMTRAK. Basically, they become the victim of the airplane and the car. Still, one hopes once high speed rail in California is up and running, other areas of the country will see its benefits.
    Very lovely pictures which surely should attract even the armchair traveler to hop on over to Romania.

    • Hello Teil,

      Never been on the Transfagarasan Road, but everybody who traveled there says that it’s absolutely breathtaking and apparently simply stopping by the side of the road to admire the view is a must 🙂

      In Romania, using the initials is not such a big thing, so we call our city Severin (although the rest of the country refers to it as Drobeta :D). And it is, together with Piatra Neamt, green as in loots of parks and vegetation. Unfortunately, Romanian is not big on the eco-thing and I have no idea which would be the best city in this area. But it certainly is not Bucharest 🙂

  2. These are all stunning pictures! Wow!!! They defy my imagination even. For sure, l am going to visit within the next year hopefully. Dracula ‘s castle looks super awesome! Thanks for posting these… 🙂

  3. Wow, some great photos! My wife and I are in Budapest for the next two months but plan in spending some time in Romania next. We’re slow travellers and will most likely use Brasov as a base. But we look forward to seeing a lot of the countryside, some of the nature looks stunning.
    Expect to see more of us on the blog 🙂
    Frank (bbqboy)


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