20 Reasons Why You Should Never EVER Visit Romania

Girls from the village of Iernut (Flickr)

In the past, we’ve talked about the good and the bad, the cheap cost of living and everything in between, but today it’s time to make things clear: you should never visit Romania. There, I said it and in order to prove my point, I will list below the 20 most important reasons why you should never come here. Really, check them all out and you’ll be horrified. It’s a nightmare!

It’s true, there might be even more than 20 reasons why you should never come here – way more, actually – but I think that these will be enough for you to help you cut it off your “to visit” or “to retire/move to” list. So let’s get it started!

1. It’s a poor country with mostly rural life

Source: Transilvania Cam

2. The girls are some of the ugliest in the world

Girls from the village of Iernut (Flickr)
Girls from the village of Iernut (Flickr)

3. The boys look like peasants from the past, too

reasons to never visit romania 03

4. You’ve got nothing to see

Balea lake by Rober Sarkozi
Balea lake by Rober Sarkozi

5. Just barren land

Marisel Village / Flickr
Marisel Village / Flickr

6. Roads in Romania are horrible

Transfagarasan by Cristi B
Transfagarasan by Cristi B

7. The food is meh

reasons to never visit romania 07

8. Dracula’s castle is overrated

Dracula's Castle / BranCastle.ro
Dracula’s Castle / CastelulBran.ro

9. They don’t have other castles

Pelisor Castle / Flickr
Pelisor Castle / Flickr

10. The small villages are horrible

Fundata village / Flickr
Fundata village / Flickr

11. The seaside is a complete mess

Olimp beach / Flickr
Olimp beach / Flickr

12. Romanian architecture is old and ugly

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

13. There’s no culture there

Romanian Athenaeum / Wikipedia
Romanian Athenaeum / Wikipedia

14. Danube’s Delta is overrated

Danube's Delta by Almost
Danube’s Delta by Almost

15. Nature is boring in Romania

Submerged village / Flickr
Submerged village / Flickr

16. Man-made sculptures are unimpressive

Decebal's Statue in Orsova / Wikipedia
Decebal’s Statue in Orsova / Wikipedia

17. Romania is actually pretty boring!

Fratelli club, Romania
Fratelli club, Romania

18. Just horrible religious buildings

Voronet monastery / Flickr
Voronet monastery / Flickr

19. Nothing to see!

Bigar Waterfall / Flickr
Bigar Waterfall / Flickr

20. You have no reason to ever visit Romania

Retezat mountains / Flickr
Retezat mountains / Flickr

I’m sure this completely changes your mind in case you were considering to come here and visit or retire.

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  1. This list is terrible!!! Romania sucks!!! I will never, ever think of visiting it. πŸ™‚ . In fact, l think l will make a trip there very soon just to tell you how horrible it is! So meh!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . Great post!

  2. Calin: You’re too funny! You had me until I saw the pictures.
    Is #12 the old casino in Constanta (sorry I don’t have the correct spelling)?

  3. That did it! I’m convinced….trip is off! πŸ˜‰ There are so many places and things to see around Romania that I don’t even know where to start once we figure out enough about our initial town. One thing I know is that there is a lot around Drobeta that I must see. I want to see the statue, the bridge, the baths, the sunken town, etc. If the weather there was more to my mountain liking then I would be moving there. Thanks for another great article C!

    • Decebal’s statue is really close to Drobeta, Keith and Bigar Waterfall is close(ish) too. To be honest, I never personally saw the Bigar waterfall and I’ve heard that it’s not as impressive as the photos – all are artsy and nice – but there’s certainly a lot to see in the country. I’m sure you’ll have the time for it once you get here!

  4. Perfect Article I believe this is the most backwards looking place on Earth .. I must not come there to just wander around and see nothing but goats

  5. Well, well, well! Romania has moved up to 37th in the World Bank “Doing Business” rankings. Congratulations! Last year Romania was 48th and the year before, 72nd! This is a lightning assent in my opinion. What is happening there on the ground? Not only does Romania have “nothing to see,” it is also a terrible place to do business, right, Calin?

    • To be honest, I don’t know that much about the business side, but I know that the government has been doing its best to encourage new businesses. Apparently, they’re doing something right πŸ™‚

    • ”Well, well, well! Romania has moved up to 37th in the World Bank β€œDoing Business” rankings. Congratulations! Last year Romania was 48th and the year before, 72nd!”
      This sentence sounds a bit not appropriate if I may, I wonder what is someone’s reflection to someone’s evolution as we all grow end evolve with the right to do so as a human, child, professional etc.
      Do Get Up Romaina and Shine !

  6. Dear Colin,
    I am with you all the way, unfortunately this is so horrible and scary for such things to be seen. However , I am down to earth and Am ganna challenge and convince myself to take a short trip to visit those ugly places. πŸ™‚

    Just keep on sending us such horrible and ugly things please.

    Wishing you all the best from Jordan.

  7. Thank u so much for making this list — I first visited Romania 10 years ago and have traveled all over the country…. I come back once or twice each year just to try and find 1 good reason to come back again. So far no luck, but I will keep coming back just to find 1 good thing about Romania and will post when I do πŸ™‚

  8. Thinking I may have to move to Romania in the next year or 2…. the quest to find something good in Romania will need to be a full time search πŸ™‚

  9. Romania Have so many things to visit : The Statue of Decebalus in Orsova is Europe’s largest rock sculpture,Romania has the best preserved Delta in Europe,Romania boasts the world’s largest administrative building,Romania has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Romanian inventors have changed the world,Romania has one of the happiest cemeteries on Earth,The only gold museum in Europe is found in Romania.And more

    • OMG!

      Where this people are coming from?

      If Romania is not good than go to NY, they are doing loundry in public places, stay in small apartments, all dirty…

      Restaurants….they say are good….very dirty…they prepare the food in basements, kitchens are next to the toilets.
      I was disgusted to eat in great Manhattan places.

      This is America!!!

      Go to Romania tu see how clean restaurants, people’s houses, etc

      It smels like dog poo in NY and rats

      • Hello sir,USA is more developed than Romania in terms of all aspects,remember that,only population is huge in America,so it looks little dirty.

  10. It is a horrible country to live in. Most people are not trustworthy. While not all are bad, the good one are a small minority. It is because of this small minority of honest and hardworking people that Romania still exists as a country. However the vast majority of Romanians can be labeled as trash. Useless forms of life consuming resources and space. Don’t visit Romania!

    • So, are you trash too, Iancu Stelian?

      You should be! This is how you talk abouy your country?

      OMG! I visited US Are you kiding me?

      I saw more trash, crime, trash, that i saw in all my life in Romani

  11. MY FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT!. its HOME to me. considering i was born there but live in the STATES now. I CAN MAKE pretty much everything that i ate as a child however the food in the STATES is NOT as fresh as in ROMANIA. but still works.

  12. OMG! Romania ia not good! Go to NYC!!!

    You can see a few people that look like romanians…

    Go out of NY and see how romanian willl never be!

    White trash with no education, fat as hell

    This is a romanian tourist in an amazing America!

  13. You are so blind. The pictures in here are beautiful and none of the places you told us about are overrated. I am a beautiful Romanian girl who you’d just wish to be with. Stop being frustrated about countries you’ve never ever seen and try to do something good about yours

    • I think somebody didn’t really get this article πŸ™‚

      I am also born and raised in Romania and I have created this blog to help people better understand this country and its beauties. Of course, maybe the irony was not that obvious for some, but trust me that most people actually get the tone of this article, the irony and the fact that it’s all about the good things Romania has to offer.

  14. Why are you even talking so badly about your country . Is very rude to do that . I never disliked Romania or Ireland .Both of them are my countries.

    • An and Alex and everybody else… please open your eyes and carefully look at the article. Don’t just read the title and assume things, because this is the recipe for disaster and probably the reason why the world is upside down right now. Take 2 minutes out of your lives and go through the article (look at the photos too) and maybe a light bulb will turn on, just like in the cartoons.

  15. To be honest the Romanian coastline is really a complete mess and extremely depressing except maybe the old Casino pier in Constanta. Just a fact which most Romanians probably know hence the Bulgarian coast is always overcrowded of them.

  16. I love in romania . I know , It’s UGLY ! The people there are jerks , and nature is dying there . . . Traditional food is disgusting if it is not cooked by a professionist and the “Decebal” statue + Dracula’s castle sucks . Decebal is that man sculpture . Delta is cool (ignoring the trash)


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