What Countries Border Romania (Romania’s Neighbors)

romanias neighbors

There are plenty of reasons why you may be interested in which countries border Romania and in finding out more details about the culture, history or political system of Romania’s Neighbors. So I have prepared a quick & short guide about Romania’s neighbors. Five countries border Romania: Ukraine to the north, Moldova to the northeast, … Read more

Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Romania

best things to see in Romania during the summer

If you’re planning to visit Romania during the summer, this is the article you should read for the best summer holiday destinations in the country. You have a huge palette of possibilities here. No matter if you want to soak up the sun at the beach, go up the mountains, visit a city or a … Read more

Top Things to Do & See in Timisoara (in 2021)

things to do in timisoara

The new title of 2023’s European Capital of Culture that Timisoara is going to honor might have you wondering what would be the best things to do in Timisoara if you decide to visit before or during that time. What makes this city so special that it’s gained the title of European Cultural Capital? Well, … Read more

Top Things to See and Do in Iasi, Romania

top things to do in iasi

Iasi is a city loaded with history, beautiful architecture, nature and greenery. It doesn’t matter if you are here for one day or for one week, you will definitely find many interesting things to do and see. And today I am here to share with you the top things to do and see in Iasi, … Read more

Top 10 Things to Do and See in Sibiu, Romania

top things to do in sibiu romania

Sibiu is one of the best-known cities in Romania, not only for its mesmerizing and history-packed attractions, but also because it is the largest and wealthiest city build by the Saxons (German settlers) in the 12th century. And today we’re talking about the best things to do and see in Sibiu this year. Hermannstadt’s (as … Read more

Top Things to See and Do in Constanta, Romania

Best things to do in Constanta

Constanta, historically known as Tomis, is the largest port on the Black Sea coast and a popular destination for summer holidays. Pleasant temperatures, combined with the refreshing breeze of the sea, draw vacation-goers and tourists from all over the world. While visiting this historical coastal town, you will most likely fall in love with its … Read more

14 Best Things to See and Do in Cluj Napoca in 2021

top things to do in cluj napoca

Cluj-Napoca, the Heart of Transylvania, or the Heart of Ardeal. This is how the town is best known in Romania. It is one of the four best academic centers in Romania, as well as an important business center. But besides these and many other interesting facts, the place is also one of the most beloved … Read more

Touring the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest: Complete Guide

Palace of Parliament

The mammoth building – Palace of Parliament in Bucharest – is one of the must see attractions in the city. However, I had never visited the place until 2017 – and I did realize that I had missed out. But today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Palace of Parliament! Regular … Read more