How to Say Happy Easter in Romanian (and other Easter Greetings)

Easter is coming soon, so you might be wondering how to say Happy Easter in the Romanian language to impress friends and colleagues.

Or maybe you’re interested in other Easter greetings that you can use to impress your loved one, friends or co-workers. Or maybe you’re just curious.

It doesn’t really matter why you want to learn how to say Happy Easter in Romanian – I am here to teach you that, as well as other greetings related to the Easter celebrations here.

I already talked about traditional Easter foods a bit in a previous article, so make sure you check that out as well, especially if it’s your first time celebrating it in Romania.

Now, let’s get to the Romanian language lessons! Here are the Easter greetings you need to know:

Happy Easter: Paște fericit!

If you want to keep things a bit more generic, you could use the traditional Happy Holidays – Sarbatori fericite!

But this one is usually used more as a Christmas Greeting than one suitable for Easter. (Note: if you want to prepare in advance, learn how to say Merry Christmas in Romanian here)

So it’s best to stick to Paște fericit! This is how Romanians say “Happy Easter here”.

Other Easter greetings you should know in the Romanian language

easter greetings in Romanian

The truth is that we don’t really have a lot of them and Paste fericit! (to which you reply the same) should be enough for most.

But there is also the habit to greet people with a special greeting during the Easter Celebrations.

This is valid especially for the first 2-3 days of Easter, although some could use them even weeks afterwards.

Here are the additional Easter greetings you should know:

Hristos a Înviat! (Christ has risen)

The greeting above is usually used instead of the traditional “Hello” when you first meet a person after Easter. Afterwards, there’s no need to greet the same person with “Hristos a inviat” but you can do it anyway – it’s not wrong if you do.

Also, when you are greeted as above, you must answer:

Adevarat a Înviat! (Indeed He has risen)

We don’t have egg hunting in Romania, or anything like that, although we do have the tradition of knocking painted eggs (usually in red). This is when you will also use the expressions above.

One person will hold an egg facing upwards, while the other will knock on it. The broken egg is considered the loser. This is obviously a very fun activity for kids.

When knocking eggs, the person that hits has to say Hristos a Înviat! and the other has to reply Adevarat a Înviat! Only then the eggs can be knocked and the winner decided.

And these would be all the greetings that we have for Easter in Romania. Not a lot of them, fortunately, so very easy to learn and replicate.

When do Romanians celebrate Easter?

Easter painted eggs

Most Romanians are orthodox, which means that most celebrate the Orthodox Easter. This means that most days off, promotions and festivities are held during the Orthodox Easter times.

Supermarkets and restaurants are starting to look for those who celebrate the Catholic Easter (which is usually before the Orthodox one), but the best deals, discounts and most of the celebrations happen on the Orthodox Easter.

I am not sure if that has changed recently (I guess it didn’t), but students would receive days off only during the Orthodox Easter, no matter what their religion is – and the same goes with the days off from work.

And this would be all for Easter greetings in the Romanian language. An easy lesson today. But if you want to learn how to say other things related to Easter in the Romanian language, let me know and I will gladly help!

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  1. I don’t speak Romanian, but now I know why my friend always sends everyone “Hristos a Inviat” this time of year.
    After 15 years I will have the proper response.


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