What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Oradea? [Answered]

If you’re planning to move to Oradea – or even just visit for a lengthier period of time – knowing which are the best areas and neighborhoods to set up base in is really important.

And today, I am here to help you by sharing the best areas to live in Oradea. I’ll give you multiple options, so that you can choose based on your needs.

Oradea is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, and one of those places where most of the neighborhoods tell their own stories and have their own unique vibe.

A clean, modern and lovely place frequently compared to Vienna, Oradea has plenty of neighborhoods to choose from.

Top Oradea Neighborhoods

No need to feel overwhelmed though as I am here to share with you the best areas and neighborhoods to live in Oradea, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each, in order to help you make the best choice.

Note: All map screenshots via Google Maps.

1. Olosig

Olosig Oradea

If you’ve read my other articles, you probably noticed that I usually place the center of every town at the top of each top of best neighborhoods and this applies to Oradea also.

This is the best area / neighborhood in Oradea, especially for those who want to be close to the old town area and the liveliest places in the city. It’s also close to some of the most important attractions of the city, including the fortress of Oradea and the Nymphaea Aquapark.

We could go further ahead and divide it into two main areas: the Southern part, close to the Crisul Repede river with old buildings and the old town area with plenty of shops and restaurants and cafes nearby.

Also, the Northern Part close to the parks and a bit less crowded, but still within walking distance to the most important places in the city.

2. Orasul Nou

orasul nou Oradea

In a similar manner to Budapest, with amazing neighborhoods on either bank of the Danube river, Oradea has two amazing neighborhoods on each side of the Crisul Repede river – and Orasul Nou is my second top top.

Translated as “the new city,” this area is also central and lively and great to live in. Honestly, if you don’t really have to be close to a specific part of the city, just choose either the Orasul Nou or Olosig.

You’ll have the best restaurants and cafes in Oradea just minutes away, as well as access to plenty of parks, shops and various other attractions, including the river itself.

If you’re here to study, the University is close too. In other words, this is a perfect neighborhood for everybody who wants to live in Oradea, no matter how long or what for.

The slightly higher prices are the only disadvantage of this neighborhood – as it is to be expected in central areas everywhere.

But I think they are compensated by the beauty of the area, especially for those apartments that have a view to the Crisul Repede River, as Orasul Nou neighborhood is situated along this river.

Pro Tip: Look for a place to live in the Western side of this neighborhood, close to the main Bulevardul Decebal. Plenty of modern, new buildings there – and you’re close to one of the city’s largest shopping centers too!

3. Universitatii

Universitatii neighborhood Oradea

Aptly named so (University) based on the fact that it’s… well… where you have Oradea’s University located, this is the place to be if you’re looking for lower prices and especially if you’re studying here.

A big plus is that the zoo is also situated in this neighborhood, so whenever you feel exhausted you can have a quick escapade and see some wildlife, clearing your mind and re-connecting with nature to fill your energy reserves and get back on track.

The biggest problem could be the fact that it’s mostly houses available in this area, with very few apartment buildings.

4. Santandrei

santandrei neighborhood Oradea

Santandrei is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Oradea, and the interest for houses in this area has significantly increased during the last years.

The main reason is represented by the affordable prices for houses, which are so low that they can be compared to central apartment prices.

It’s a residential area, perfect for families and young couples due to the silence and high level of safety.

Permanently connected to the town, this residential area is modern and peaceful, a perfect choice if proximity to the center of the town isn’t a must for you because you have a car or simply want a peaceful place.

If you dream to live in a house, this is your chance to make your dream come true for the lowest rates!

You will be well outside the city here, but the area keeps growing and growing, now offering plenty of shops, schools and various other goodies so you won’t really feel the need to get into the city. At least not very often.

5. Nicolae Grigorescu

Nicolae Grigorescu Neighborhood Oradea

The last one from the series of neighborhoods that I recommend for the safety, quiet atmosphere and low rates for houses is Nicolae Grigorescu district.

If you want to live in a house, both in a silent area and somehow well connected to the city, this is the winner.

The neighborhood has been massively developed and improved during the last years, and today many are looking for a home in the zone.

Grigorescu is also the best from the three house districts (Santandrei and Oncea are the other two), because it’s the closest to the entire city.

Far enough to offer the silence and peace away from the agitation of the center, but close enough so that it takes only a few minutes by car to get there or to the University, zoo and other important points.

6. Nufarul

Nufarul Neighborhood Oradea

If you want to live in Oradea and one of the reasons that determined you to make this choice was the proximity to Baile Felix, Nufarul is your neighborhood.

If you’re moving to Oradea for the opportunity for frequent weekend escapades to the swimming pools and thermal water treatments, but also want to live in a quiet area, then Nufarul may be the best choice for your stay in Oradea.

And that is because the neighborhood is located in the south of the city and it’s the closest neighborhood to Baile Felix.

The natural reservation of water lilies is also the source from where the name of the district Nufarul (which means water lily) originated.

Additionally, it takes only few tens of minutes to get there from Nufarul, while you are also connected to the entire town.

Shops and supermarkets are in the immediate proximity, whereas the district is a very clean and beautiful one.

7. Dimitrie Cantemir

Dimitrie Cantemir Neighborhood Oradea

Located to the north of Nufarul neighborhood, Dimitrie Cantemir is even closer and more connected to the heart of Oradea.

It’s a small district, with plenty of blocks of flats, and one of the top choices of people who want to move to Oradea to live there.

The main reason why Dimitrie Cantemir is amongst the best neighborhoods to live in the city is the the proximity to all points of touristic attraction or local interest in Oradea.

To these, there are added the safety and cleanliness of the area and, of course, the numerous offers and wide variety of apartments that you can choose from.

The main disadvantage of this neighborhood is the small number of green areas and parks.

It’s mainly buildings that you’ll see during your walks on the streets of this district. If you’re looking for parks, squares and shops, Olosig and Rogerius would probably be better choices for your interest.

8. Rogerius

Rogerius Neighborhood Romania

This one is a go-to choice for both cases, whether you want to move to Oradea and live here for a long while, or you want to visit Oradea and need a nice stay for a few days.

In the first case, Rogerius is a great choice because it’s close to the center of the town, it’s safe and clean, there are green areas and shops, and it’s one of the best developed districts in town.

In the second case, Rogerius is a perfect option while visiting Oradea because there are plenty of hotels where you can choose to stay, and the train station is also located in the east point of this district.

If you travel by train, proximity to the train station will certainly be a major interest for you, while the proximity to all the other touristic attractions in town will also represent important advantages.

Final words

You have plenty of amazing neighborhoods to live in Oradea, but I believe that you should stick to my top 2 choices which would probably be the best for 90% of the people living in Oradea.

In the end, you can choose any neighborhood from Oradea if proximity to certain areas isn’t a priority for you.

If safety is your only concern, know that Oradea is considered, according to some complex studies, the safest city in Romania.

As a result, any neighborhood you’ll want to live in will represent a successful choice. Safety should be your last worry in Oradea.

These being said, I hope that my top of the best neighborhoods to live in Oradea helped you get to know the town a little better and find some new things from the stories of each neighborhood.

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