Romanian Food Fair: Celebrating Harvest Day (in Drobeta Turnu Severin)

After moving in our new apartment (yup, we’ve moved!) we realized that we’re right near the area where the yearly food fair is being held in my city, a food fair celebrating harvest day. There is music, mulled wine and food. A lot of food. And noise, since we can see the whole thing from the window of our apartment, but since it’s a celebration that only lasts for one weekend, we’re taking it. And fortunately Baby Romanian doesn’t complain either – on the contrary, he seems to really dig our traditional music.

So, since my health doesn’t allow me to try out all the goodies on offer in our Autumn food fair, I took my camera instead and shot some photos to share with you. I didn’t go all the way to the front where the stage where the traditional music was being played because it was way too crowded and the music too loud for Baby Romanian, but next year I’ll get some ear plugs and go all the way.

Still, I managed to take some photos that will give you a short glimpse of the Romanian food fair and the goodies on offer there. I should note that I live in a pretty small city so the whole fair is not one of epic proportions – like those held in the larger cities. Still, it’s nice: the smell of the grilled meats, the smell of smoke, the mulled wine… Enjoy!

romanian food fest 1

romanian food fest 119
If you are a fan of pork and grilled food, this is the place for you!
romanian food fest 18
Fancy eating an entire pig?
romanian food fest 2
Hand made leather slippers and boots for the winter
romanian food fest 3
Clay pots for tasty cooking (although I am not sure these were Romanian-made, ha!)
romanian food fest 10
Delicious sweets for a perfect sugar rush
romanian food fest 13
All sorts of over priced honey products
romanian food fest 12
Smoked pork meat. The smell was incredible!
romanian food fest 11
The large pot could easily fit two people inside. They were preparing beans inside, and in the small pot – lamb stew.
romanian food fest 17
About $1 per 100 grams of these foods (and prices here are a bit high by Romanian standards)
romanian food fest 14
Freshly squeezed grape juice. Delicious!
romanian food fest 8
More sweets? Homemade candies, halva (made of sesame and/or sunflower seeds), chocolate and other delights.
romanian food fest 6
Boiled corn, grilled corn and in the back you can see the rolled sweet dough called KΓΌrtΕ‘skalΓ‘cs (a Hungarian recipe)
romanian food fest 5
Romanian themed souvenirs
romanian food fest 7
Holy icons, they say: about $3 (2.3 Euros) each
romanian food fest 15
Home made pies: sour cherry, apple, sweet cheese and pumpkin pies.
romanian food fest 4
And even more food
romanian food fest 9
A place where they made the most delicious pancakes. They are huge and thin – completely different from the American ones – filled with any of the goodies to the right and rolled into a delicious desert.
Yup, there were fruits and vegetables here too!
Yup, there were fruits and vegetables here too!

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11 thoughts on “Romanian Food Fair: Celebrating Harvest Day (in Drobeta Turnu Severin)”

  1. Oh my God C, these pictures are making my mouth water. We are just about to have dinner. Now l’m sure l will overeat! I think l could eat the whole pots of lamb stew and the beans by! Oh yeah, and those pancakes as well. So happy to hear that you guys moved in, bet you’re relieved. Congratulations again. πŸ™‚

    • I too check your food posts on an empty stomach, so I really know the feeling πŸ™‚ The lamb stew looked delicious indeed, even though I didn’t actually taste it πŸ˜› And yes, finally moving feels amazing!

  2. Hey Calin: Great pix! You must have a masochistic streak in you to get within 1 meter of those very appetizing food arrays;-) (Or maybe, you stuffed yourself with healthy goodies before attending–ha, ha!)
    So, do some or most of the displayers have businesses or restaurants where they ply their wares on a daily basis? So much talent there!!!
    Great that you’ve moved in to your new abode. Can’t wait to see pix of your remodeled home. I bet Wife Romanian is glad it’s all done, too!
    So, are you grooming “Toddler Romanian” (no longer a “Baby” since he now toddles instead of crawls for the most part, eh?) to be a mini hip-hop artist? Start him early in some sort of music lessons: piano, violin, etc. I missed out on those;-(
    I know you are a real expert when it comes to the Web. Do you have any suggestions for me to get rid of those annoying (NOT just on your site!) pop-ups? The worst is the “Media Player Update.” You know the one that says “This content requires Media Player 12.7. Would you like to install it now?” Yes/No Aaargh, those pop-ups truly are a royal pain! FWI: You’ve got (or I’ve got) a pair of these bookending the beginning of this blog entry:-(
    Blame it on the Russian hackers–ha, ha!
    Thanks again for sharing a bit of your city;-)
    ~Teil (USA)

    • Hello Teil,

      It was indeed difficult, but the photos had to be taken πŸ™‚ Most of the displayers are not from my city, they came from all over the country with their goods, but I still believe that they have a business in their city. There were a few locals, and they definitely have businesses.

      Right now Toddler Romanian is fascinated by throwing things on the ground, so we’ll have to wait a bit more before we think about music lessons. And definitely not hip hop music, I don’t want him to swear πŸ™‚

      Regarding the ads, that is most likely a virus. There are no pop-ups here on this blog, nor a pair of ads at the beginning of the entry. If you have it on sites like Wikipedia or Youtube too, it’s surely a virus. If you could e-mail me a screenshot of a webpage with such ads or pop-ups, I might be able to help, so when you have time shoot me an e-mail!

    • Hi Calin:
      Thanks for your reply! Yes, Toddler Romanian will be entering the “terrible twos” before you know it. He’ll be a handful–dropping things is just the beginning;-) (I grew up with four younger brothers, so I know the score;-) (Of course in the day, I was a holy terror, too;-) But he’s worth it–right? Yeah, hip-hop can get a little X-rated;-)
      Really looking forward to your next blog entry. I am sure you’ll keep us all guessing;-)
      So, I’ve tried to download pop-up blockers, but I HATE to have to PAY for them–I am el grande cheapo! I do have Advanced SystemCare 7.4 Pro which I actually paid for thinking it would take care of things–ha, ha!
      I am not able to do the screen shot–don’t have the savvy. But I did get this from the properties after right-clicking the jpg:
      So I guess my issue is with Thankfully, I am not quite silly enough to actually hit the “yes” tab for installation;-)
      Stay well,
      ~Teil (USA)

  3. Looks fun (minus the pork!). We have similar food fairs where I live in the Midwest. The kids love to go but we always end up eating something overpriced and not that great. Last time it was a $8 thing of nachos.


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